#366 Daddy’s finishes the London Triathlon

Daddy entered the London Triathlon today held at the Excel Centre in the Docklands. His wave started at 1:15 starting off with a 1500m swim in the treacherous weather in the Royal Victoria Dock then on to a 40km bike ride finishing off with a 10km run.
The boys and I stood outside in the pouring rain to cheer Daddy on as he exited the water on his way to the transition area to find and mount his bicycle. After waiting for 30 minutes and seeing Daddy we went back inside to dry off and hopefully catch a glimpse of him on his bike. It was hard work looking for him amongst the thousands of competitors but we did find him on the run route and luckily enough it was the first of the four laps so we found a good spot to wait by the railings and cheered him on with the boys waving there Sport Active blow up hands around shouting Daddy. You should have seen the look on Daddy’s face when he saw his boys cheering him on, he was really pleased that they was there and the boys were proud of their Daddy.
Daddy finished his first ever London Triathlon in about 2 hours and 10 minutes we don’t have an exact time as his timings haven’t been logged for some reason which Daddy isn’t very happy about as he trained bloody hard for this event.
I tried to get some pictures of him during the event but it was so wet outside that the camera just slipped in my hands but I did get a couple of him running although the quality of the shot are out of focus you can still work out that it’s Daddy.

Here he is on his way through the finish line (thank you to the lady that allowed me to push through the crowd to get the picture)



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