366 birthday boy

It was jak’s birthday today, he is 10 years old. A whole ten years has gone by, it’s going too quickly for my liking.
He’s growing up to be such a handsome, clever, caring and kind boy. To day he opened his presents up and took his time instead of rushing in and ripping away at the layers of wrapping paper like he used to and I noticed how his presents have started to become more grown up now, not a toy in sight!
He loves to receive clothes for his birthday so this year I bought him a baseball cap, a baseball jacket and a lovely smart shirt, he was so happy with them that he put them on as soon as he unwrapped them.

He doesn’t want a party his year as he has now hit double figures instead he has asked for me to take him to a sushi bar where he could try all the different types of fish, rice and vegetable dishes. We still bought him a cake as your never too old for a birthday cake in our house, we lit the candles and sang happy birthday to him first thing in the morning and we all ate cake for breakfast 🙂



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