36/366 falling in the snow baby

Todays photo is of Joseph.
I took Joseph out into the snow early evening, he just kept staring at it with his mouth agape.
I sat him on the trampoline which was thick with snow, he sat for a few minutes until I took a photo and the flash made him jump and he fell backwards onto the snow.



3 thoughts on “36/366 falling in the snow baby

  1. Poor Joseph making him jump like that, haha
    LL loved it today on her sledge in the front garden with her cousin, will blog about it soon have some lovely photos! x

    1. Did I say Joseph! Oh dear meant to say Oliver lol, I’m always getting their names mixed up. Daddy took them sledging while I did an asda shop 🙁 just had a snowball fight with them though. Can’t wait to read your blog post, I’m sure it will be funny and a great read x

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