29/366 On Top of the World

I’m cheating a bit with this photo as It wasn’t taken today!
While looking through the photo’s on my phone, I came across this fabulous photo of my eldest boy taken when he was 7 years old.
He is sitting on the post at the summit of Mount Snowdon. With the mountain being 3560 ft high we told him that at that moment in time he was probably the only 7 year old that was as high as he was, (without being in an aeroplane)
He was so proud of himself and wasn’t scared once, on the other hand, I was!
We like to visit Mount Snowdon once a year and the boys love being outside, the views are unbelievable. It gives them a great sense of self achievement for hiking for 6 hours and makes them feel like they are on top of the world, looking down at the amazing views and seeing how far/high they had gone.
We wrap them up warm with the right climbing boots and off they go.
It’s safe and a brilliant experience for young and old.



10 thoughts on “29/366 On Top of the World

  1. I actually have been tagged in a things to do before I’m 40 and climbing a Mountain was one of them – amazing how I’ve never done it but there is your 7 year old who has – you must be very proud.

    1. It’s never too late! Make sure you do it this year! You could even get the train up to the cafe at the top if you didn’t feel like hiking, or even better hike up / train it down x

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