28/365 sickness

Sickness has been in the mumofthreeboys household for the past few days and today saw us all off work and school due to it. The bug seems to have latched on to us and doesn’t want to leave.
It’s been hard and tiring looking after sick children whilst being ill myself and haven’t been able to give them the tender loving care that they have needed from me in fact Jak has spent the day running around after me constantly asking me if I am ok and if I need a bowl, bless my boy!

Oliver has been too scared to eat anything today and I have tried my hardest to get some fluid down him but whatever went in just came out, he rolled around on the floor for about 5 minutes moaning and eventually fell asleep.


Although he is sick he looks so cute laying there!


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  1. Poor little guy! I read your “about” at the bottom of your post and it said Oliver is 4 months and I though “WOW, he’s big!!” lol I’m guessing he’s a bit older now… šŸ˜‰
    We’re struggling with sick stuff too and I’m the last to get it, I think. I ended up with a sore throat today, which always the start of something. šŸ™

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