253/366 bouncy bouncy

Joseph goes to gymnastics every week he belongs to a Club but Daddy also likes to take him to East London Gym where they run a parent and toddler session on a Sunday morning. It’s not been open over the summer holidays so today was the first day back and we all went along.
At 13 months old Oliver loved it, he ran around and I didn’t have to worry too much about him hurting himself too much as everything is soft and made of foam.
He loved the trampoline and even tried his best to bounce on it but found it quite hard and kept falling onto his bottom so instead he ran around and up an down on it.


I have many photos taken of Oliver on his first day at the gym they will follow shortly in a post 🙂


3 thoughts on “253/366 bouncy bouncy

  1. I’d love to join him on there. These places make me turn in to a big kid. Loved gym classes when I was younger.

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