23/365 I Spy Jak!

I’m cheating a bit today as my photograph is of a magazine article.

On the way home from school today we popped into our local newsagents for the paper, it was there that I noticed the front page of a TV magazine showing a picture of Chummy from Call the Midwife and the headlines “Shock Exit”, I skimmed through the pages to find the article and there looking back at me I noticed my son Jak.
He filmed this part back in the summer when he was filming as an extra for the Christmas special and because it wasn’t included in that show I thought that maybe it was cut out of the final viewing. It seems that it was for another series which is on this Sunday at 8pm.

His part was to sing a farewell song to Chummy (Miranda Hart) along with the other cubs as she was leaving for Work in Africa.

It was a complete surprise but a very pleasant one indeed and we can not wait to watch the show on Sunday to see him in it 🙂


He’s the boy at the top waving.


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