21 Month Milestones

Where has the time gone? In three months time i am going to have a 2 year old!


Oliver understands what the potty is for and whenever he isn’t wearing a nappy he will look for his potty and use it, then once he has finished he will applaud himself saying ‘Well done’ and then he will bring it to me to empty.

He has begun to take off his own clothes, undressing himself when he is feeling hot, the socks have always come off as soon as he has entered the house but now he takes off his cardigan or coat himself. He knows how to pull down his trousers as well but needs help with his tops, he will put his arms up into the air if he wants a t-shirt or jumper to be taken off.

He loves to play football and is actually showing good ball skills, he walks/runs along with the ball dribbling it and keeping it under control. He knows what direction to kick it, if asked to bring the ball back he will turn with it and kick it back towards me. We have many footballs in the garden due to his big brother playing football so Oliver will often line all the balls up in a row and run along kicking one at a time shouting ‘Goal Goal’

Oliver knows where most of his body parts are, he can name them and point to them. Face, teeth, mouth, tongue, eyes, ears, nose, head , hair, feet, toes, hands, belly, bottom, back, knees and legs. he loves doing this with his big brothers but can often poke them in the eye when pointing to their eyes oops!

Oliver knows where his high chair is and when he is hungry he will climb into it and say ‘Eat!’

He understands what tidy up time is and knows where most of his toys are kept, I tell him that he can only play with another toy if the previous one is put away so he will place the toy back into the box that he comes in.

He likes to try new foods and is always intrigued by what i am eating. He eats olives and loves pasta bake, his favourite fruit is blueberries and really enjoys eating houmous on breadsticks.

He enjoys drawing and will spend ages scribbling away creating a masterpiece, If i draw a picture he will scribble over it showing signs of following lines ready to colour in.

Oliver is a sorter and is always sorting cars and blocks into colours and sizes. He will line up his cars going from big to small.

He has begun to show signs of counting, moving the fruit from the bowl onto the table saying 1 2 3 and 5, he also counts backwards from 3 when going down a slide or when he is ready to run in a race with his big brothers.

He is always shouting for his eldest brother Jak, most of the time it’s because he wants him to play with him and he will often shout for both of his brothers if i ask him to shout them downstairs for dinner.

Oliver has a little piano that plays nursery rhymes, tunes and says numbers and letters, he loves to listen to Pop goes the Weasel and dances around the floor to the tunes. He loves to swing his hips away to the eastenders tune too.

He has always been happy to play by himself with a ball but now he likes to throw the ball and play catch, he has a very strong powerful throw on him! Which he is using to not only throw balls but also toys, not good!

He is beginning to throw a lot more tantrums mostly because he doesn’t get his own way, he doesn’t like to have anything with him when he is in his buggy so everything will get thrown out. I have been trying to ignore him when he does throw himself on the floor and scream but it is very hard to do but i know it is the best way to deal with it, also taking him away from the problem helps too.

Oliver loves to help with the household chores, often helping me emptying the washing machine or filling it up, he likes to follow me with his little hoover when i am vacuuming and he will also dust the sides down when he picks up a duster.

I have so many more things to look forward to with Oliver, see you all next month with his 22 month old milestones 🙂



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