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Since starting this blog last month My son has been really interested in what I have been writing about, he reads them every day.
So when he asked me if he could write one, I agreed, I mean this is what my blog is all about, my children, so why I thought why not.
Off he went and wrote the post “Friends an opinion of a 9 year old”.
Jak is a very clever little boy who is very thoughtful and caring, so I wasn’t really surprised with what I was reading. He loves writing and is always writing short stories or making lists of new games to play with his friends.
After uploading his post we was overwhelmed with comments that he received by some very lovely people. I would like to say thank you to everyone for reading his post and for leaving some amazingly nice comments. Jak has enjoyed reading them all, when he read them today he had the biggest grin ever. I may have to widen my door frames to fit his big head through now lol.
Because of the response that he got I have agreed to allow him to write some more

Here he is composing his next post


Watch this space!


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