160/366 The boys and a huge Whales Jaw bone

It was pouring down with rain today and the wind was kicking up, we couldn’t go to the park otherwise we may have been blow away or drenched by the downpour. So we decided to visit the local museum, the Valence House is the only surviving manor house in Dagenham. It dates back to the medieval times and is still partially surrounded by a moat. It is now the home to galleries telling the story of Barking and Dagenham and it’s people throughout the ages. It has the 4000 year old Dagenham Idol on display, family portraits of the Fanshawe family, information on Barking’s fishing fleet and Ford’s workplace. You can find out about the ruins of the Barking Abbey and see all types of archeology that has been found in the borough.

The boys particularly like looking at a huge Jaw bone said to be from the lower Jaw of a Bowhead Whale.


The boys love visiting the museum and looking and reading about the history of the area that they live in. Jak is currently working on a project in school where he has to write about what it was like in the 1950’s and the museum has helped him out loads especially with photograph’s of the queens coronation.


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