157/366 Having A Splashing Time in the Sink

When Oliver was younger i used to give him quick washes in the bathroom sink but now he has outgrown it and doesn’t quite fit in anymore without having a tap poking in him or he just pulls the plug and the water disappears.

Well today he had to have a wash in the kitchen sink as he thought it would be funny and exciting to play in mud in the garden, it was much easier to place him the sink than carry him through the house to the bathroom upstairs. He actually really enjoyed him self and cried when i took him out.


7 thoughts on “157/366 Having A Splashing Time in the Sink

  1. I remember Mum bathing us in the sink when we were little, I did it alot with Maisie when I was pregnant because I found it hard to bend down! She used to love it! He is so gorgeous xx

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