142/366 Baby first step

It’s Oliver 10 month day today! Yes another 2 months and he will be 1 years old, note to self: I must start to plan for his birthday party.
Oliver has been cruising around the furniture for the past month or so and has gradually becoming stronger on his legs, they are much more sturdy looking and no longer as bandy as they did before. We have been encouraging to walk from one item of furniture to the next and hold only one of his hands when walking with him, this has helped with him getting his balance.
Tonight he was walking around the room moving from the sofa to the high chair to the table to the sofa then on to the tv and back again. He had done the same circuit about 6 times when he must have forgotten he was no longer holding on or maybe it was him becoming more Confident in himself but he took a couple of steps. He knew what he had done as he had the most proudest look on his little face, he knew that mummy and daddy would be clapping him. His look was quite a cheeky one, a “I know I’m clever” one. He took pleasure in what he had just done and was loving the praise that he was getting.

I never got a photo of the steps because things like that always never happen when you have a camera in your hand, but I did take a photo of his cute chubby little legs, standing up leaning against his upside down toy tub.



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