135/366 Mobile users just get younger and younger

Oliver has a new toy, it’s not one that cost me a Small fortune, it’s not one that has flashing lights and music, it’s not the newest toy advertised on children’s T.V.
Oliver has his own MOBILE phone, it’s not on contract so their won’t be any
Monthly payments coming out of my bank, in fact it doesn’t even work (ssshh don’t tell him that though). He walks around the house holding it in his hands and touching the buttons as if he is texting or if anything like his mummy, blogging.
Why does Oliver have his own phone? It’s not so he can keep me informed on what part of the house he is ransacking and it’s not because he wants to keep in contact with all of his baby friends. It’s because he screams and reaches out to me when he sees me on
my phone so I gave him an old phone to keep him quiet and he loves it and he does make me giggle when he places it behind his head mimicking me when I place the phone to my ear.

Here is Oliver with his new mobile phone



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