135/366 Introducing Jak the school councillor

My eldest son Jak was elected today as a member of his school council. He was on the council last year and he has really enjoyed his time doing it so this year it meant even more for him to defend his seat. The school elections was held in school last Thursday, where he read out his speech in front of his class. Not only did he write down all of his points on why he wanted to stay on the council but he also prepared a PowerPoint presentation and made 30 badges to give out to all of the children in his class. He has been worried all weekend that he wouldn’t be re-elected but today he came out of school to announce that he is on the council again. I am so proud of him, this has taught him that if he wants something badly then he has to work hard for it. He really enjoys attending the meetings and putting his points across, he has many ideas that he wants to propose to the school governors and I am glad he takes it all seriously.



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