130/366 School Journey Safety

Our walk to school and back isn’t easy, it’s hard to stop the boys from running off and to keep them close to me especially as we have to cross a busy road.
One safety rule I tell my four year old is to never walk roadside, he is told to walk as far away as possible to the kerb.
Another rule is always to keep an eye out for cars reversing out of driveways. We live in Greater London and it’s very busy with cars and traffic and with so many cars coming and going from their driveways it can be very dangerous for little children. Joseph is always reminded when we leave our house to be aware of cars driving on the pavement.
Another thing I tell him is to hold onto
the buggy, i love how he likes to keep his little hand close to mine, it’s so cute.
I took a photo today of him holding onto the buggy on the way home from school.



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