128/366 Fun Day Out #countrykids

The boys and I hopped onto the tube today for a trip to the wonderful hustle and bustle of the city, London.
We got off at Tower Hill and had a stroll in the rain around St Katherines Dock, the boys loved looking at all of the big luxurious yachts.
Next we boarded the boat hopper next to the tower of London for a trip down the Thames, it was raining but it didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. We got off at Waterloo and embarked on a journey on the big wheel, The London Eye. The views were remarkable even though it was a grey and miserable day. After about 15 minutes, our ride was over, we walked along the Southbank taking a peek in the OXO tower and looking at a friend of ours work in the Skylark 2 Gallery and then we headed to the tube station ready to go home. When we got off at our station the boys wanted to go to the park, I was really tired but how could I say no to their little cute angelic faces. Not sure where they get their energy from, they ran around the trees, climbing and swinging from the branches looking for a place they could call their Den.
Don’t know about them but I’m cream crackered!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


4 thoughts on “128/366 Fun Day Out #countrykids

  1. My sister lives walking distance of the Tower of London, so we like to do all those same attractions when we go up to visit. They love it but like yours still crave the freedom of park space or the like afterwards. I find London quite exhausting but do enjoy a visit. Thank you for linking up.

  2. The dock is one of my fave places in London. Tucked away and so unusual to find something like that in the heart of the city. Debating how easy/enjoyable it would be to take CK for the weekend. Maybe next year when can walk for longer and take in more things.

    1. CK would love it! Especially Peter pan playground in Hyde park, you have to bring him to London, I absolutely adore this city, we can meet up with the kiddies x

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