116/366 Hello Mr Tooth

Woo Hoo! We have a tooth or maybe two.
Oliver had me awake from 1-5 am last night, he had a temperature and was very whiney. I spent 4 hours on the sofa in the living room being pushed, pulled, poked, smacked, punched and kicked all the while he was screaming in my ear, I didn’t mind though as I knew he was in pain. I gave him some calpol and some teething powder, he eventually gave in and fell asleep in my arms on the sofa. I covered us in my dressing gown and a blanket and that’s where we slept until Daddy came down at 7:00 to leave for work.
Oliver woke at 7:45 with a big smile, the cheeky so and so, I checked his gums and there it was a little White mark where the tooth was cutting through.
So after 3 months of teething, red cheeks, temperatures, mouthing and dribbling he now has something to show for it. I have been trying to take a photo of his gums all day but he keeps hiding it with his Tongue and just now, after drinking his bottle and he is all sleepy, I managed to take a cheeky sleepy smile picture of him and you can just make out the little tooth that has caused so much trouble.


I wonder if tonight will be a peaceful one or will I be spending the night on the sofa again?


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