111/366 My baby’s drawing

My baby’s drawing or scribble, call it what you want but I can’t help
But be proud of how much he likes to pick up a pencil and put it to paper and everywhere else like the table, sofa and floor lol.
I love how his little fingers hold onto the pencil and he will even move the pencil from his left hand to his right one if he wants to draw.
Hhhmmmmm I wonder if he’s too young to teach how to write…….. Lol



0 thoughts on “111/366 My baby’s drawing

  1. Have to say, your little artist’s a lot more into his drawing than my 15 month old. He prefers paints and sticking tissue scraps to gluey paper/glitter stuff.

    1. That sounds liked other boy, he’s only happy to do art if it involves getting messy, he’s happy enough to just put a load of glue on a piece of paper instead of drawing. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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