109/366 A drawing by a 9 month old baby

Teach them young, they say.
Well is 9 months young enough to teach your baby how to draw!
I showed Oliver how to hold a pencil today and placed some paper in front of him, he held the pencil properly and spent ages concentrating putting pencil to paper. He’s not done this the once today, oh no he’s gone back to the pencil and drew on a piece of paper about 4 times.


He makes me feel so proud especially after hurting his hands the other week.

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    1. I have had trouble with my middle son, getting him to hold the pencil properly and he is so used to using an ipad and his finger, i just dont want to make the same mistake again so i am encouraging the baby to draw now and the bonus is he actually enjoys doing it. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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