108/366 Sleeping Baby / My Hero

My baby is my hero, he had his dressing re-changed today at the doctors and they said the wounds are healing well, so well infact that only the right hand had to be plastered up. I did look at the wound before the nurse placed a huge plaster over it and I must admit it doesn’t look pretty but it doesn’t look like it’s causing pain anymore. I have to keep moisturising his hands and wrists to limit the scaring and as the skin is still pealing it helps to heal them.
I was told today that they will probably scar but as he is so small as he grows the scar will only be small.
Since the accident happened, 9 days ago, he has regressed, he has become more clingy and shows some distress to strangers of which he never did before. He has begun to start to feed himself again and he seems to have lost a bit of his confidence, he was just starting to use his balance to stand on his own, he even took a step without any help but now he won’t let go of whatever he is holding onto and he is crying a lot more than normal. I spent most of last week using one hand as I had to hold him constantly, so it’s not been easy. I can not blame him, he has been injured and he is my hero and I will be there to nurse him back to his normal, smiley, confident, happy go lucky baby.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has left comments on my twitter, Facebook and blog regarding Oliver and wishing him well.



2 thoughts on “108/366 Sleeping Baby / My Hero

  1. I’m so pleased to hear that he’s on the mend. I’m sure it will take him time to get back to his normal bubbly self after such a scare. Lots of love and hugs to both of you x

    1. Cheers Hun, he is starting to become independent again and I’m sure by the end of the week he’ll be back to his normal self. As I am writing this he is blowing raspberries at me so he’s getting there lol x

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