10 Things I Tell Myself Everyday!

Some days i look at other mum’s down at the school, as i am walking along or while im out shopping and i see how glamorous and chic they are looking, I read their body language and i listen to them talking. Some days i think to myself ‘Why cant i be more like that, more feminine and girly! Why cant i look good in jeans like them! Why dont i put a bit of make up on now and then!’ They look happy and carefree so i tell my self the following

  1. It’s ok that i like to drink a pint of lager instead of two halves, forget being lady like!
  2. It’s ok that i have had the same hairstyle for oh so many years, just a few highlights every now and then changes it anyway!
  3. It’s ok that i sneakily eat a sweet or some chocolate without the children knowing, why shouldn’t i enjoy a sweet from time to time!
  4. It’s ok that i have just used the palm of my hands to straightened my hair down instead of using a brush because im running late in the morning for the school run, at least the boys look presentable
  5. It’s ok to want to have 5 minutes peace from the boys, i still love them but I’d go insane if i didn’t
  6. It’s ok that i buy all the fashion magazines full of glamour and chicness but im totally the opposite , a girl can dream, can’t she!
  7. It’s ok to like to wear leggings, after all they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down
  8. It’s ok to leave the house without wearing any makeup, i tell myself that the boys look good and that’s all that matters
  9. It’s ok that im not glamorous and i don’t look like ive just stepped out of a salon, my boys love me so who cares what i look like
  10. It’s ok that i don’t have a posh voice or that my clothes are inexpensive because i have three children that i spend all my time with and they seem to be happy with the mummy that have got

What do you tell yourself every day? Anything like what i say to myself?

I was given the fab idea by a certain lovely lady to make this into a Meme, My first ever one so hope you all dont mind if i tag you.

Here goes i tag the following bloggers to carry on my Meme….








Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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    1. We could drink pints of lager while having greasy unbrushed hair looking though fashion mags lol
      Why do you have to live so far away? We will have to meet up at Britmums, are you going? X

  6. You should tag people in this. It would make a brilliant meme. I’ve been nodding my head whilst reading it. Can I steal the idea for my blog? xx

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