Healthy Hot Chocolate for Winter Days

There is nothing quite like a nice, steaming cup of hot chocolate on a winters day to warm up your bones. The luxurious taste and feel of drinking hot chocolate that then warms your whole body is exquisite! It is thick, silky and rich tasting!

I think what makes a cup of hot chocolate so satisfying is that there are so many health benefits from drinking it. Skip those store-bought hot chocolate packs, and make your own cup of cocoa using real cacao powder; the higher the cacao content and less processed the cocoa, the greater the antioxidants.

This hot chocolate is thick, creamy and so satisfying. It gives you that warm glow and because of the ingredients used it fills you up too!


  • Handful of raw cashew nuts
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbsp cacao nibs
  • 1 heaped tbsp oats
  • 1 heaped tbsp cacao powder
  • Coconut milk


Blitz the cashew nuts and cacao nibs in a blender with a little of the coconut milk until it forms a paste like texture.

Add in the rest of the ingredients.

Heat the coconut milk and then add it into the blender (there is no guidance on the milk, just use what you feel is right for you. I like my hot chocolate thick so i didn’t use too much)

Blitz until combined and creamy

You can add more milk if it is too thick or more oats/banana if you need it to be thicker.

To give the hot chocolate that extra winter taste add in some cinnamon and top with some squirty cream.

Enjoy šŸ™‚




21/365 Snow Shower

The snow that lays on our ground at the moment is very fine, powdery and light and when picked up to make into a ball it doesn’t seem to be packing well together.

Jak threw a hand full of snow into the air today and it just fell back down showing him in the flakes



SnOw Much Fun!

Take 3 boys….

Add a bit of snow…

Throw in a country park with a big hill…..

What do you get?

Sledging down a hill, snow ball fights, snow angelsĀ and beautiful scenery.

20130120-090015.jpg 20130120-090025.jpg 20130120-090031.jpg

We wrapped up warm with our layers and got into the car to drive to a country park (one that we go to every time it snows) With our gloves, scarves and hats on and the hand warmers ready in our pockets we was ready to explore the snow.

It was Oliver’s first time to walk on the snow, he was amazed with the white stuff and just wouldn’t stop looking down toĀ the ground. He just walked around in circles and screamed when i picked him up! He loved sitting in the sledge and being pulled about, I have never seen him sit so still.

JakĀ learnt how to steer the sledge and went the furthest down the hill.

After sledging for 45 minutes we decided to take a walk down to the bottom of the big hill to look at the lake, there was some beautiful scenes and we even got to see the deers roaming around in the snow.

The boys had loads of fun in the snow, that much that they didn’t want to come home!

Have you been enjoying the snow?

What have you been up to in the great big outdoors?
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