Trendy Zara Toddler

I love clothes shopping whether it be for the boys or myself, there’s nothing quite like walking around a shop and purchasing a few items to perk up your mood.

Last week i ventured into Zara, not for myself mind, I was looking for a particular pair of leggins for my 2 year old. A couple of days before, I saw a picture pop up on my instagram timeline from a friend in the blogging circuit, she had bought some leggins and was sharing with everyone how cute they were, I instantly fell in love with them and knew i would have to go in search of them for Oliver.

I found the leggins that i was looking for quite quickly but I also found some more items of clothing to add to his wardrobe. Zara had a sale on, I didn’t go as mad as i thought i would as I knew I had to carry them home from London with me on the train, But I did buy him a lovely new outfit.

20140224-063725.jpg 20140224-063800.jpg

Printed Leggins £6.99
Moustache printed sweater £14.99

 The above items were not in the sale, but I did buy Oliver’s shoes which cost me £7.99, the boots are sandy colour, fur lined and absolutely gorgeous.

£7.99 in the sale

Oliver’s outfit in total cost me £29.97.

The leggins are really soft and the print is of a cactus, I did have to buy him 18-24 months as they looked like they would be more his size than the 2-3 but I think I would have been better getting him the 12-18 months size as they are still too big for him. Zara have more boys leggins in store with different patterns and colours, like the ones below which are next on my shopping list

Image 1 of ARROW-PRINT LEGGINGS from Zara

We also bought a Rock and Roll t-shirt in the sale for £2.99 and a pair of really adorable tweed checked shorts that come with braces for £5.99. I will share these with you on another post.

The clothes from Zara are really cute and quite different from the other high street stores, they just have that little edge to them.

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This is not a sponsored post, I have simply shared the items of clothes as i really like them.


Trendy L’asticot Toddler

Whilst recently scrolling through my home page on Instagram I came across some pictures of gorgeous items of childrens clothing that Jenny from Kyna Boutique had uploaded. She was sharing with us some new stock from L’asticot and I knew the moment that I saw them I just had to have them for Oliver.


One of the items was a L’asticot bodysuit with a penny farthing print on it and a yellow trim on the neck and legs. With spring on its way, yellow is the ideal colour to be buying and after the dreary long winter we have had this bodysuit was certainly going to be brightening up my little Oliver’s day.

I ordered the items and within no time at all they had arrived, they was beautifully wrapped in cream paper and tied together with a black satin ribbon, I instantly knew that I would be happy with my purchase. As soon as I got my hands on the clothes I knew that I had bought some quality clothes, they felt soft like velvet. The material was thick and stretchy but not that stretchy that it would lose its shape.


I couldn’t wait to try it on him and was pleasantly surprised to see that the bodysuit had a double position poppers which is a fabulous idea as the item gets to grow with your child resulting in it lasting longer.

20130305-220506.jpgThe body suit oozes excellence and is made from a superior quality of material with a stunning print of bikes on it.

As daddy is a keen cyclist and spends a majority of his time out on his racer I thought this would be lovely to show daddy how much Oliver supports daddy when he is competing in races.20130305-220517.jpg

I can’t wait until the weather warms up a bit and I get to show Oliver off wearing it, What do you think of it?

The body suit cost me £20 but worth every penny as it will double up as a t-shirt in the summer and with the extra poppers it will last longer too. If you like the look of this bodysuit, pop on over to Kyna Boutique and check out the rest of L’asticot new seasons stock.

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Trendy Heritage Toddler

It’s been a while since i published a trendy toddler post, I love sharing with you all what my little ones have been wearing. I have fallen behind in these post simply because of starting work and being given extra hours at work and running the family home that i just do not find the time to share with you all the pictures of what the little ones have been rocking. Today i received an email from Alex who blogs at Medicatedfollower, who hosts the trendy toddler link up every Tuesday reminding me of linking up a post today and as we are on the school holidays I have managed to find some time to post something out.

Just before christmas I bought some clothes from the Heritage Range as presents for the boys, I love this range with its tweed checks and chunky knit cardigans in mustard and brown colours they give the look of country style living.

20130219-123843.jpgThe trousers are soft tweed with elasticated knitted ankle cuffs and adjustable elasticated waistline with little pleats at the front waist near the belt hoops. The tweed colour is country green, blue, mustard and red. They are really comfortable and gorgeous looking and i believe make my handsome little chap a little trend setter.


20130219-123634.jpgAlong with the trousers i bought a knitted chunky cardigan in mustard colour with brown chunky buttons, the neckline is a cowl collar and he looks all snug and warm in it.

20130219-123758.jpgBoth items were bought from Next and i am quite upset to find when i returned after christmas to buy some more items in the range that are no longer stocking it and have changed their stock to spring clothes so I am hoping come autumn this year they will be bringing out the same again.

This post is linked to Medicatedfollowers Trendy Tuesday link up, if you would like to join up she is also hosting a competition this week for winning an Easybelt for your child.

Please support Medicated follower in her Trendy Tuseday linky as she hasn’t been receiving many link ups and I for one do not want this link to end, If you have a trend setting little one whatever the age please share with us what they have been wearing wether it be a short little post with a few pictures or a more detailed one.

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Trendy Hatley Toddler

Oliver has a gorgeous little all in one that i recently bought from EBay for him after reading Medicated Followers blog post about her purchases for her little boy.

The playsuit is from the designer Hatley and it cost me a remarkable 0.99p. It is in perfect condition and I am sure Oliver will get a lot of wear from it. It is bright red with blue cuffs and on the neck and with the logo of a cow on the front which says ‘Udderly Adorable’ underneath it.

The all in one has press studs on the inside of the leg which is ideal for easy access to his nappy.

It fits him perfectly and he is all cuddly in it. The material is nice and soft which is perfect for my little boy who is always on the go, he has lots of movement in it an dits isn’t restrictable at all.


What do you thing of my little trendy bargain 🙂

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Trendy H&M Toddler

What has your little one been rocking this week? (literally in Oliver’s case)

Today Oliver is wearing his check shirt with his brown trousers. I absolutely adore him in this outfit, the colour of the shirt bring out his gorgeous blue eyes

Both items are from my favourite high street store H&M, not only do they have a fabulous selction of clothes for my boys but they are affordable aswell. I find there clothes to be made to a high standard and fit really well. Oliver fits into their 6-9 month clothing range as he is only 74cm but i think it won’t be long until he will be able to fit into the next size up.

The shirt is blue, red and white check with a grandad collar, it has a denim blue choke on it and is slim fitting. The trousers have braces which i adore all of my boys in, not only do they look trendy and stylish but they keep their trousers up as they have such tiny waists lol. They are two tones brown and are like a soft denim.

I think the oufit has quite a country look to it, what do you think? Especially with Oliver sitting on his rocking horse 🙂

If you want to see some other trendy toddlers visit Medicated Follower blog especially to see Ethan in his Hatley coat and some more gorgeous clothes from Hatley

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Olivers wardrobe wishlist / Trendy Toddler

Whilst out shopping in Next the other day for a new winter coat for Oliver I found some gorgeous clothes that i would love to add to Oliver’s wardrobe. Inspired by Lovefrommummys post about Riley’s wardrobe I decided to do a wish list for me Oliver

I love the Hertage style that they have in store at the moment, with all the tweeds and thick knit jumpers with the little elbow pads on them, i gushed at the little waistcoats and couldnt resist starting off his new wardrobe with a little blazer, it is just the cutest item of clothing i have seen EVER! lol
I can’t wait to see little Oliver wearing it!

Heritage check blazer

Check out the other clothes that I am hoping to fill Oliver’s wardrobe with…


Top Left: Blue Fisherman Sweater £11, I love the brown patches on the elbow
Top Right: Signature Heritage Cuff Chinos £13
Bottom Left: All Over Embroidered Trousers £15, these just ooze a designer look to them
Bottom Right: Brown Cord Flat Cap £6, well there has to be a hat in with his new wardrobe and this one is really cute


Top Left: Cut About Heritage Waistcoat And Shirt Set £21, every boy needs a smart waistcoat 😉
Top Right: Signature Heritage Trousers and Braces £13, I absolutely adore these and love to see my boys on braces especially with their flat caps
Bottom Left: Heritage Toggle Coat £30, this coat is really thick and would keep your little ones warm in the winter, I like the two tone colours
Bottom Right: Cable Crew Sweater £11, I really like the thick knit jumpers on my boys they make them all snug and they look so cosy

Oliver is going to look like he’s stepped out of a salon the country

You could find all of the clothes in this post at under the boys section and Heritage
The prices are for a 9-12 month old but they do the same items for older children up to the age of 5 and they would cost you a couple of pound more.

What do you think of my choices?

This is not a sponsored post, all words are my own and I chose the clothes because I really do like them and believe them to be of good quality

I’m linking my post up with Trendy Toddler Tuesday (I know it’s Wednesday, sorry I’m late!) which is hosted by the lovely Ethan and Medicated Follower of Fashion


Trendy Toddler Tuesday TeamGB

I missed posting out my trendy toddler last week due to being on holiday, but we’re back now tired, exhausted and in the need for another week away to recoup after this one. I have many gorgeous pictures of the boys in some super stylish clobber but for this week I wanted to share with you all Oliver’s official TeamGB romper suit that I bought from Asda. It is slightly in the huge side for him and I did buy him a 6-9 month old but I think Oliver is small for his age, so although it bagged and gathered at the feet it didn’t effect him from running around in it and getting up to mischief. He did have a few miner slip ups on the dance floor but like chumba wumba said he gets knocked but he gets up again nothing is going to keep him down.
Now that Oliver walks every where I found it a struggle to get a decent photograph of him as he just doesn’t stand still so I apologise for the blurriness of the picture.


He wore this suit for the olympics opening night in the club house on the holiday site that we staying at, this was the only night that we stayed out beyond 10 o clock lol.
He loved walking around and getting all the cuddles from the girls and the aaaaws from the ladies he just looked at everyone and beamed his cutest smile.
I love it when Oliver is wearing White, although he is fair skinned and re
Ally blonde the colour suits him and really shows off his gorgeous bright big blue eyes, also I like as he is my last baby I like to put him in romper suits as they make him still look like a little baby and not too grown up. I think he is very cute and very Olympic stylish.

The sleepsuit cost me £8



Trendy toddler tuesday / River Island

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfolloweroffashion for hosting this fab linky whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile.

Whilst out shopping in the nearby shopping centre of Romford recently I noticed an advert in a shop window, a shop that in my younger days I used to shop in quite often. In the shop window was a picture of children and I thought to myself am I seeing right, my once favourite shop is now sticking children’s clothes, well I didn’t wait for myself to answer as I rushed through the doors of River Island to find out with my own eyes.
Yes yes yes! There in the middle of the store was rails of boys vests, t-shirts, shorts and jeans they even had hats! I know I’m a pretty stickler when it comes to buying the boys hats, they have loads and when I say loads I mean they have more hats than underwear. Anyway I don’t know when River Island started selling children’s clothes maybe it’s been for years, maybe it’s been for months but I don’t care as long as I know now this will be one of the shops that I will be stocking up the boys wardrobes with along with Next and H&M. I bought Joseph a couple of vests, both ribbed, one in orange and the other in grey and he looks so adorable in them, he wears the grey one for gymnastics as it quite figure hugging and they were a snap at £6 for the two. I then bought the boys matching shirts, I know! Their not twins and it is a bit much dressing them in the same clothes but they do look so cute together and I couldn’t resist.

The shirt is 100% cotton, short sleeved, lightweight and very summery. It’s light blue in colour and has a gorgeous embroidered palm tree down the right hand side of the front panel of the shirt. I love the detail and the feel of this shirt as it is very soft and both boys say they feel very comfortable wearing it. What I especially like is that it is press studded together at the front which makes it easier for Josephs little fingers to do up rather than fiddling about with buttons.
The shirt cost £12 and I love it! Joseph has teamed it up with his denim shorts which are from George at Asda and his favourite little trilby which is from H&M.

What do you think? Do you like his style? Why not join in with Trendy Toddler and link up your what your children have been rocking this week over at and keep your eyes peeled in the coming weekd as i will be sharing the linky on my site too. So what are you waiting for Link up your gorgeous little ones wearing their outfits.






Trendy Toddler Audition Style/Blazer and Trilby

I received a call last week from my son’s Modelling agency, they had got Joseph an audition for a commercial up London. I was told that he was to dress in his own unique style, so once I picked him up from school off we went up to his bedroom to sift through his wardrobe in search for an outfit that he wanted to wear, remembering that he had to be comfortable in what he was going to be wearing.

When my older boys attend auditions they have to enter the room on their own, this happens because they want to see if the children can be comfortable around other adults, children and cameras without having the support of their parents around, also children tend to take direction easier from strangers when their parent isn’t next to them. Auditions can be anything from a 5 minute chat with your child, to a much longer session where the child may be asked to read from a script or to go through some of the motions that will be required from them on the potential shoot. Making sure that Joseph was dressed comforatbly was important, i didnt want him to be fidgeting in the wrong fitting clothes or to get too hot as being infront of a camera and the lighting they use can get quite hot also i had no idea how long he would be in the casting room with the directors. I like Joseph to look smart and trendy not only in his clothes but with his hair too, as he has long wavy hair hair and unfortunately two cowslicks and crowns his hair has a mind of its own. I have to constantly keep brushing it and use lots of detangler.

Joseph chose to wear

  • Green Cotton Jeans which are a slimline leg and they have an adjustable waist, which is very important for him as he has a tiny waist. We Bought from H&M for £5.99
  • Grey Cotton Blazer with blue piping on the edges, two front little pockets, one button and a vent pleat opening on the back. This blazer is soft and doesn’t restrict any movement, the sleeves have polyester lining, which keeps him extra warm, whats great with this blazer is it can be worn under a coat in the cold weather or on its own. From H&M
  • Orange Fluroscent Polo Shirt, very bright and very bold, Just what Joseph is! Bought from Next for £10.00
  • Grey and Black Herringbone look Trilby Hat with a black satin trim. Joseph loves wearing hats and this one is his favourite at the moment Bought from H&M for £4.99

Black Velcro Canvas Shoes From Tesco for £5.00. These are great for Joseph to put on his self as at the moment he can not tie up his own shoe laces.

So what do you think of Joseph’s Style?

Do your children have their own style, do they like to choose their own clothes?

I’m linking my post up with VeryBusyMamaBlog go and check out her blog it’s fab and take a look at some other trendy toddler link ups whole your there

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


Trendy Toddler / Braces and Shorts

We have been on our holidays for the past week, so I have plenty of cute little photos of my boys in there trendy clothes or what they would call their party clothes.
The boys love to put on their best trendy clothes and go out down to the club house at the holiday park to strut their stuff on the dance floor. It’s a big part of the day for them as they like to enter the competitions and go up on the stage so looking their best is important.

For this weeks trendy toddler I thought I would share with you all what my 8 month old, Oliver has been rocking.


The orange T-Shirt is from H&M and cost £4.99
The denim shorts are also from H&M and cost £5.99. The best thing about these shorts are that they have braces, they are just the cutest thing ever. The shorts are three quarter in length with turn ups, they can be adjusted around the waist and the braces also can be changed in length on the back. The quality of the clothes are brilliant and have lots of detail on them.
Over the top of Oliver’s socks he is wearing some sock-ons, these things are amazing. I have used them since birth as Oliver has little skinny feet his socks always fell off leaving his feet very cold. I have them in dark blue, light blue and White and they cost me £4 from babycare shop.