How to make Sensory Balloons

Introduce new textures to your child with these quick and simple sensory balloons.

Squeeze, Squash, Squish, Swoosh and squeal with delight as you explore the different textures within your hands. It’s a great way for children to touch and feel new textures without the mess. We found them very therapeutic. Even the eldest child wanted to play with them.

You will need:DSC_4319_opt

  • Strong latex balloons
  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Cotton wool
  • Cooked rice
  • Funnel



Mix some cornflour with water until you have a gloopy consistency. Using a funnel to pour the mixture into balloon. Tie.


This has a soft gloopy feel, Feels like water when you squash it but when your fingertips meet you can feel a solid.

Cotton wool

Open up the balloon neck by prising it apart with your fingers. Push in the cotton wool until filled. Tie


This has a firmer feeling to it. Not malleable. You can’t really squash it.


Mix some flour with water to make a dough, add in some olive oil. Combine together and then spoon into the balloon. Tie


By far the best stress release sensory balloon. You can squash it and squish it. It rolls and stretches.

Cooked rice

Cook some rice. Allow to cool. Prising the balloon neck apart, spoon in the rice until full. Tie


Feels soft and squishy. When squashed you can feel the grain.

There are so many other ingredients that can be used to explore different textures

Lentils, Hair gel, Flour, oats, pasta shapes, beans, mash potato and custard are a few that i can think of.

Why not give it a go and experiment with different textures. What was your favourite?


Dear 3 year old

I love you dearly, and not a second goes by where I don’t think how lucky I am to be your Mummy.


You really know how to push my patience to the end of the line, to the point where I could literally pull my own hair out and scream at the top of my lungs. Every time you throw a tantrum/hissy fit in public you know Mummy can’t do much about it. There is no step to sit you on for 3 minutes silence nor can I take away your tablet as punishment as we don’t have it with us.

You know that if you hang on my arm as we are walking, that I will just have to pull you along! You will bounce away on your little feet and try your hardest to wriggle your tiny little fingers out of my grip as I try to hold your hand as we walk. But I will not give in, no matter how many times you fall on the floor on purpose, or if you tell me that my grip is hurting you.  You see, my dearest little boy, you are only 3 and If I let you walk along on your own it could be dangerous. Yet, you don’t understand danger just yet as you are so young. Your answer to everything at the moment is Why?

You know how to wind Mummy up by rolling around on the train floor, even though I have asked you nicely to sit still on the seat. As you roll over other people’s feet, I see your cheeky little face looking at me with that twinkle in your eye. I apologise to the passengers. But they just look at me rolling their eyes. I know what they’re thinking, obviously I can not control my child. And I can’t! I’ve tried to hug you to stop, I’ve tried to take your mind away from misbehaving on purpose by playing games with you, but you are bored and tired and at 3 years old you find it hard to control your feelings. I find the best thing to do is to ignore you. This seems to work as you get up and come and sit next to me. Another thing you do on the train is to stand up on the seat and shout. I’ve noticed that you don’t do this when it’s just you and I on our own, so I know it’s just to get my attention away from your siblings.

Why do you have to hold in your urine until the point that you wet yourself? I have asked you a number of times if you want to go to the toilet but you just say ‘No’. I know what the sign is now, you see I can see you knocking your knees together. I know why you can’t sit still. It drives me mad. I feel like I am stuck on a roundabout, going round and round. I’m sick of washing four lots of clothes and bedding every day. You know what you are doing, as you wouldn’t laugh at me when you tell me that you have had an accident.

Why do you have to hit out at me when I tell you off for doing something wrong, these melt downs can last up to 10 minutes and it’s hard work. It upsets me and you make me cry. Your only 3 but your kick can really hurt. It’s not just me that you hit, it’s your brothers too. They let you do it but I can see in their eyes that they have had enough. I know your tired. Why don’t you just tell me that you want to sleep, I will hold you in my arms and cradle you until your eyes close. I will hold you there until you’ve had a rest. But please, stop with the hitting and kicking. Close your eyes and give in.

Where does all your energy come from? You’re so little but you have an abundance of drive. I believe you could run the marathon and still have tons of energy left.

You make me feel like a failed mother. I struggle to control you and your temper. I guess I have failed.

I hug you every night to sleep. I kiss you every morning as you wake. I wipe away your tears when you are upset. I teach you new things every day. I try my best to be a good Mum.

You are not my first-born, you are my third! So I have been here before but just not like this. This type of behaviour is new to me.

NO matter how far you push me, I vow to be the Mummy that you need. I will always be here for you, but please meet me half way.

Love your tired out Mummy


A helping hand

There’s a knock at the door….

The youngest runs towards it pushing me out-of-the-way as we both make our way to answer the front door…..

He waits eagerly next to me, as i begin to turn the door handle….

He smiles up at me, jumping up and down with excitement…

He already knows who it is as we have been expecting the knock for the past hour….

He can’t wait!

I open the door….

“Hello, I have your food shopping”….

Yes, my son gets excited when the food delivery man knocks on the door as he loves to help take in the bags and put the food away.

He quickly pushes past me, stepping over the door frame to get to the crates that are stacked high with the food that I had ordered online a few days earlier. He clumsily grabs at the bags that he can reach and pulls them out of the crate to the floor and off he goes running with what he has picked up, into the kitchen. Dropping the bag in the middle of floor, he rapidly races back through the living room to the front door to take the next bag that the delivery drivers hands over to him.

The whole ‘taking in the bags’ takes a couple of minutes at the most, he is like a duracell battery operated bunny rabbit. Backwards and forwards he runs through the house, grabbing bags from the front door and taking them into the kitchen. There is no order in this process, he has one goal in mind and that is to pick up all of the bags from one placer and to take them to another. The kitchen is a mess!

As Mummy is signing for the shopping and we wave goodby to our delivery driver, he hurriedly makes his way into the kitchen for the next part of ‘Putting the shopping away’.

He certainly is very helpful!

Unlike his older siblings who have now made their excuses from helping us and disappeared away to their bedrooms upstairs, Oliver is more than eager to help out.


He unpacks all of the food out of the bags and into a heap on the floor in the middle of the kitchen.

DSC_1224_opt (2)

Once all of the food is out of the bags and looking like a complete mess all over the floor, he then starts to attempt to put the items away.

For days after our delivery has been taken in, I find food in places that you wouldn’t even expect to find them. I found some noodles in the pots and pans cupboard, tins of beans in the carrier bag storage bag and a bag of potatoes in the cupboard under the sink where cleaning items are kept. I forget half of the items that i have ordered as most items are not in the correct places.

My little one is definitely a very helpful, adorable little chap.

Do your children like to help out with chores around the home?










Why? Why? Why?……

This seems to be the favoured question that Oliver is using at the moment, He asks Why? to everything.

I am quite sure that he knows that is really starting to grate on me as he is saying more and more, he even walks away from me laughing after saying it. I can totally understand if he was just being curious and wanting to learn about new things and how they work but he answers with why to a lot of things like;

It’s dinner time…..Why?

Eat your breakfast…..Why?

Hold my hand……Why?

Pick up your toys…..Why?

It’s time for bed…..Why?

Play nicely with your big brother…..Why?

Stop fighting…..Why?

Come and have a wash…..Why?


This was one of the conversations we had the other day

Oliver: Mum, where are we going?

Me: I’m taking you to Liz’s house

Oliver: Why?

Me: Because Mummy has to go to work and you have to go to Liz’s house whilst I am there

Oliver: Why?

Me: Mummy works for an extra little bit of money

Oliver: Why?

Me: Because adults have to work so they can have money in the bank

Oliver: Why?

Me: Because I need to pay for all the clubs that you boys attend, holidays and our bills

Oliver: But Daddy works!

Me: Yes, but Mummy wants to work too!

Oliver: Why?

Me: Because Oliver, Just Because!

Most of the conversations go like this, where after a while i just answer with, Just Because!

Do you have similar conversations with your little ones?




The Pox have landed

Last Thursday afternoon I noticed a suspicious looking blistery spot on Oliver’s neck, after close inspection I noticed there was a few more around the ear. I kept a close eye on them for the next couple of hours and didn’t see anymore appear, My initial thought was Chicken Pox, but as with previous experience with my older two they didn’t start popping up quick and fast so I thought that maybe they were gnat bites. It wasn’t until about 4 hours later when he started to get a temperature and flushed cheeks that I knew it was the start of chicken pox.


Unlike the eldest two, he didn’t become covered from head to toe in spots with hours, it actually took 3 days for them all to appear. By monday morning he was still getting some spots appear on his scalp and with in the groin area.

Over the weekend he had a few very uncomfortable, disrupted nights of sleep. He was itching away and kept telling me that he didn’t feel very well. On the second night he had a fever and soaked through his pyjamas and bed sheets with sweat, he was clearly suffering.


I had tried the normal treatment, calamine lotion but he just screamed when i put it on him, maybe because it was cold or maybe because it stung him, I’m not sure but he was clearly not happy. I also gave him Piriton to help stop him from itching the spots, but he didn’t like the taste and just spat it back out.

We tried

  • Calamine Lotion – A mild antiseptic that dries up white on the skin
  • Virasoothe – Chicken pox relief cooling gel, I told him that this was magic water and that i would rub it onto his skin to make it better. I rubbed it between my hands first to warm it up a bit and he didn’t seem to mind until it went on one of his blistered spots and then he screamed and wriggled away from me
  • Nurofen to bring down his temperature
  • Aveeno Oil – A bath oil that has oatmeal and softening oils
  • Piriton Syrup – Gives fast relief to itchy rashes
  • Bicarbinate of Soda – Place 4 tbsp into bath water

We also tried a lot of fun stuff too, to make him feel like happy about getting spots all over his body

The boys stuck lots of little red dots on to their teddy bears, so that they had chicken pox too

Oliver with his spotty teddy
Oliver with his spotty teddy

Oliver painted his older brothers with watered down red paint, he dotted spots all over them. The boys didn’t mind doing this and actually thought it was very funny, but they did quickly run off into the bath to wash them off before they dried.


We put calamine onto our selves to show him that it didn’t sting and I also told him how brave he was.

It is day 6 of Oliver having chicken pox and he still has a few that have not been scabbed over and are still blistered (but they are beginning to scab), especially on his scalp (these are the ones that came out on Monday) I initially thought that his case of the pox wouldn’t be too bad as he didn’t have too many spots to starts with but as his spots took 4 days to all come out it has turned out to be a long time for him to suffer with being irritable and uncomfortable. He has become very clingy, ratty and very moany, all he wants is me to be with him (day and night)

Here’s hoping that he will be all clear by tomorrow 🙂


Little Mister Independent

Oliver is now 27 months old and becoming quite a little character, he knows what he wants and how to get it!

Ha has always been a child who likes to investigate items by himself rather than being shown what they are and what to do with them, from the moment he could hold his own bottle he never wanted anyone else to feed him to now when I place his dinner on the table he will not have anyone else feed him his food unless of coarse it is from someone else’s plate.

Oliver doesn’t want to be in the pram anymore and we have the fight every morning, you know the one where the child goes as stiff as a brick and will not bend there legs so you have to resort into trying to bend them yourself. Oliver watches his older brothers walk every morning to the childminders and he wants to be with them, which is fine in the summer but in the cold miserable winter weather it’s not ideal. Every morning he will pick up his lunch bag, that he takes to the childminder and he will say straight away ‘Oliver walk!’ and then he will go and sit on the bottom step near the front door waiting with his brothers to leave the house. If Oliver had his way he would walk everywhere!






Vitamin D Day 31 March 2013


Vitamin D Day to shine spotlight on vitamin D

 At the dawn of British summertime 2013, launches the UK’s first Vitamin D Day (31 March) to raise awareness about the importance of the vitamin for toddler development. I recently wrote about how we get our recommended dose of the sunshine vitamin Here

With a recent survey highlighting that the majority of UK mums (91%)  don’t know the recommended daily intake of vitamin D for toddlers, Vitamin D Day has been created to address misconceptions, and educate the nation’s parents, about the role of diet in providing the essential vitamin.

Health expert and ITV’s This Morning regular, Dr Chris Steele, who is backing Vitamin D Day, stressed the importance of dietary intake of vitamin D for toddlers. He said: “Many parents don’t know how much vitamin D is needed for the normal growth of toddler bones and teeth.

growing up

He added: “The low levels of vitamin D in toddler diets is a growing health concern and we need to ensure that our toddlers are getting the best from their diets. Presently, the average British toddler is only getting 27% of their recommended daily dietary vitamin D intake ii and the sun cannot be relied upon alone to fulfil a toddler’s vitamin D needs.”

Vitamin D Day aims to educate Brits on the food sources, like oily fish, liver and eggs, as well as foods and milks fortified with vitamin D, such as fortified breakfast cereals and Growing Up Milk, to help top-up vitamin D levels in our little ones’ diets.

To support Vitamin D Day has launched its new website which includes vitamin D rich recipes for toddlers and expert health advice and tips, as well as a vitamin D Q&A video with Dr Chris Steele.

Dr Chris Steele raises a beaker to support the UK's first Vitami


For more information on the importance Vitamin D and toddler nutrition, visit


CBeebies Sid Sloane ‘Sids Show’ Family Ticket Giveaway

Competition Closed
Winner @RedRoseMummy

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Oscar Stardust Productions Presents the Tour of


Join Sid from CBeebies Live On Stage

CBeebies longest-serving presenter Sid Sloane is due to make the jump from screen to stage this autumn, when he embarks on a nationwide tour of his brand-new, fun-filled show which promises to knock audiences’ socks off! Receiving its official Premiere in Brighton on 30 October, the extensive tour will encompass over 30 venues across England and Wales.

Follow Sid as he sets out on an heroic quest to find out where in the world his favourite socks and shoes have gone… share in with the fun as Sid adventures to the bottom of the ocean, through the depths of the jungle and floating into outer space. Meet an array of funny characters and discover plenty of surprises along the way! This interactive 55 minute long show is crammed with games, songs, poems and magic guaranteed to put a smile on little faces.

Written by Rachel Barnett and directed by Dominique Gerrard, SID’s SHOW is a LIVE family-friendly adventure (suitable for ages 3+).

This new live-show comes on the cusp of launching a new televised children’s series, ‘Let’s Play’, to be presented by Sid. The series inspires pre-schoolers to discover the world through creative role-play and dressing-up. Due to air on CBeebies later this year, ‘Let’s Play’ will be co-presented by newcomer Rebecca Keatley.

Sid Sloane

SID’s SHOW will tour well into 2013. For further information about the show visit:

Tour Dates/2012

3 November Skegness – The Embassy
10 November Redhill – Harlequin
2 December Winchester – Discovery centre


2 February Fareham – Ferneham hall
3 February Catford – The Broadway
9 February Truro – The hall for cornwall
11 February Cardiff – St David’s Hall
15 February Bolton – The Albert Halls
16 February Barrow-in-Furness – Forum
17 February Lytham-St Annes – Lowther Pavilion
18 February Clitheroe- The Grand
19 February Ellesmere Port- Civic hall
20 February Tamworth – Assembly rooms
21 February Worthing – The Pavilion
22 February Burgess Hill – The Martlets hall
24 February Stevenage – Gordon Craig
2 March Basildon – The Mirren Studio
10 March Basingstoke – The Anvil
17 March Camberley – Camberley theatre
23 March Bishops Stortford- Rhodes Arts
30 March Embassy ball’ (Bunns Leisure)
6 April Warrington – The Parr Hall
7 April Shrewsbury – Theatre Seven
13 April Grays – Thameside theatre
21 April Clacton – Westcliff Theatre
27 April Solihull – Arts complex
28 April Weston-s-Mare Playhouse
5 May Tunbridge Wells
29 June Lichfield- The Garrick theatre
30 June Burnley- The mechanics theatre

The show is ideal for families with children aged between 3 and 7 years old.

I have been given One family ticket to give away on the blog comprising of either: 2 Adults & 2 Children or 1 Adult & 3 Children to any of the single performance on the UK Tour as seen above.

To be in with a chance of winning the tickets please do the following:

  • Answer the following question and leave the answer in the comment box below

‘Where will Sid’s adventures take you?

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  • Competition terms:

    This competition is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland aged 18 years or over, except for those associated with the production company, their families or anyone else associated with this competition.

    You must do all of the above to be in with a chance of winning, please leave an email or twitter name so i can contact you if you are the winner.

    The competition will run for 2 weeks and will end on 3rd november at Midnight. The winner will be contacted the following day and your details will be passed on to the PR.

    The winner may be required to take part in publicity

    All prizes are non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives. The prize is subject to availablity.

    Events may occur that render the competition itself or the awarding of the prizes impossible due to reasons beyond the control of the Promoter, and accordingly the Promoter may at its absolute discretion vary or amend the promotion and the entrant agrees that no liability shall attach to the Promoter as a result thereof.

    Mumofthreeboys is responsible for the advertising and the adjudication of the competition, All other facilities connected with the provision of the prize are the responsibility of the Promoter.

    The winner will be drawn using Random Number Generator and my decision is final.

    Good Luck To you all 🙂


    My little star / Proud mummy moment

    Tonight sees my beautiful little Oliver star in his very first television advert and what and advert it is! It is non other than the Cow & Gate advert. I wrote about his experience in the casting and filming for it here

    It will air tonight on ITV2 at 7:30

    The Supergroup advert was created because as parents we love to see how our little ones grow into the little people that they are. The new campaign ‘Feed their personalities’ is about nurturing the little ones and feeding their personalities. A group of toddlers including my little Oliver were let loose in a recording studio to investigate instruments and equipment, my little one was in the studio itself as the director touching buttons and climbing on top of the controls. As each child begins to touch and play the instruments, the different sounds all come together to create a rendition of ‘Come On Eileen’ .

    The advert is funny, charming and in my opinion utter brilliance.

    Cow & Gate have done it again and created an advert that will pull at heart strings and have you bopping along to the little ones musical talent.

    Hope you all enjoy watching it and don’t forget to let me know what you think 🙂

    That’s my little star

    Picture taken from creativity-online website.

    Thank you for reading


    Funtime at gymnastics

    Joseph goes to gymnastics twice a week, one is a club that he attends at our local sports centre and the other is a parent and toddler class at East London Gymnasium which runs on a Sunday morning.
    The Sunday morning session has been closed over the summer holidays but we returned last weekend and this time Oliver went along too.
    Oliver is 13 months old and has been walking properly since he was 10 months old and since he took that first step at 8 months old there has been no stopping him. He doesn’t just walk he runs everywhere and climbing well! Don’t get me started on that one the boy must think he his spiderman as he seems to think he can climb vertical walls.
    Oliver has so much energy and is non stop on the move do Daddy thought that it would be a brilliant idea for Oliver to start going along with him and Joseph on the Sunday morning to the Gym so he could run off some steam and seeing as everything is made of foam there is no way of him acquiring any new bumps and bruises to the oh so many that he already has. The floor is all soft and squidgy and gives the children that extra spring in there steps in order for them to get a good leap off the floor, so if Oliver fell he probably would only bounce around anyway lol.
    Oliver loved it in there he immediately went off exploring all of the activities with a little cheeky grin plastered on his face

    I thought that he would like all of the huge foam shapes that was there, which the boys enjoy building little dens and houses with. Oliver wasn’t even overly joyed to play with his older brothers he was happy enough to go off on his own, one of the activities he really enjoyed doing was the trampoline. The trampoline isn’t raised from the floor so Oliver only had to walk onto it and bounce away on his own, although his preferred method of play on this apparatus was to run round and around.
    Next to the trampoline is a foam
    Pit that the children use to practice their flips into either using the horse or just diving into it, which Oliver did the latter.
    He was so tiny I couldn’t see him in there among all of the foam, he didn’t struggle or scream and actually found it quite funny.He was very confident to be on his own, I didn’t help him once, he just got on with everything himself.


    I like the freedom that Oliver had in the Gym and how he became very confident in his own actions, how he felt the need to no longer be reliant on me for help and how his playing was not only safe but also he was learning a lot from it too.


    Along with trampolines, foam pit, spring boards, balance beams and monkey bars there is also a small soft play area at the back with slides, climbing slopes and ladders all of different shapes for children to explore.


    Oliver is just like his big brother and loves to climb, he could have spent all day long in here especially climbing up
    The bumpy steps and even though he is only 72cm in length nothing was going to stop him from attempting to get to the top. He found a way of using his head (nose) to pull himself up and gripped his little toes against the plastic to get leverage and push him upwards.
    Onwards and upwards that’s my boys.

    Daddy even tried Oliver out on the balance bars and holding daddy’s hand for that little bit of support Oliver walked along one tiny foot in front of the other along the bar balancing away, he was like a pro, like it was something he does everyday, he even plucked up the courage to let go of Daddy’s hand and do it alone, he didn’t get far when he turned to daddy with his arms outright wanting Daddy to help him.

    Oliver had lots of fun at his day at the gymnastics gymnasium and I hope he has just as much enjoyment next week.

    What clubs do your children and do and what age were they when they started?

    Thank you for reading 🙂