Run Daddy, Run!

The weekend just gone the whole family travelled down to Exeter to watch Daddy compete in the British Athletic League. Daddy goes out running everyday and trains to compete in running races, we don’t normally go and watch him as the boys have drama to attend or there is always something else on. But this time Daddy booked us all in to a hotel as it was my birthday too.

We drove down to Exeter on Friday after school, passing by Stonehenge on the way

DSC_0913 (1)_opt

Joseph was so happy to see the big stone creations as he had made a clay model himself this year for a school project.

After a 5 hour drive and a good hour of sitting in traffic, we arrived at our hotel. It was 10pm in the evening, so after a quick bite to eat we soon made our way to the room.

Jak still in his uniform
Jak still in his uniform

We all fell asleep pretty quickly, must have been the long drive down.

It was the morning of my birthday, Daddy and the boys went downstairs for breakfast before me, but when i got down their to join them i was greeted with this

My beautiful birthday cake
My beautiful birthday cake
Flowers for Mummy
Flowers for Mummy

After a slice of cake and cuddles all round, it was soon time for us to make our way to the Arena where the event was to be taking place. It was only a short drive away. We dropped off into Morrisons on the way to buy some food for a picnic as we was going to spending most of the day there. As soon as we arrived we pitched up our two-man tent on the hill, surrounding the athletics track. The perfect spot for the children to play safely and watch the races, we had a good view of the whole arena.

DSC_0919 (1)_opt

The boys done well! They pitched up all by themselves.

Daddy was racing in the 800m, 1500m and the 4x400m relay. We sat and watched the rest of the Havering team before Daddies race, until it was time for daddy to make it to the start for his first race, the 800m. Daddy wasn’t expecting to do well as he was up against some really good runners (plus some of them were youngsters compared to him) The gun went off and off they ran. It was close race, all of the runners sticking together.

PhotoGrid_1437022452993Daddy finished with a time of 1:57 in third place, impressive! But not for Daddy, he always wants to do better. Can you see the pain in Dads face?

There was a good hour and half in-between races, so we all sat down for a picnic on top of the hill and cheered everyone else on.

It was soon time for Dad to warm up for his next race, the 1500m. This is Dads best race.

After the first lap, Dad was in the chasing group, but he soon caught up. He made a breakaway on the last two hundred metres.



The boys were running along on the outside of the track, cheering their Dad on. He said he could hear them and it gave him extra energy to run faster as he wanted to make them proud of him. His time was 4:13

It wasn’t long before after finishing his last race that Dad had to race in the relay. Dad was starting it off with the first lap.


The baton was handed over smoothly


The team ran well! They came second overall, with 6 teams in the league. The next event is in a weeks time and it is the last in the season. The relay was the last race of the day. We packed up our tent and drove back to our hotel.

The hotel was beautiful and we had a stunning view of the Northernhay Gardens across the road


We spent the evening eating our dinner in the hotel restaurant, the boys were well behaved and we even treated them to ice cream, where on the other hand, I got a nice large glass of wine 🙂

We had a wonderful time in Exeter watching Daddy run, something that we don’t do that much considering the amount of races he is entered into.

Here’s wishing the team well in the next event.



A day of PBs at the City of London Mile


On the 14th June, the family travelled into central London to partake in a mile race. The race was sponsored by Amba Hotels and is in its second year. We attended the race last year and enjoyed it enough to enter again this year. One good thing about this running event is that it is absolutely free! All you have to do is register your details on-line and turn up on the day at your given start time.

I registered the whole family to run, Dad in the adult male race, Jak in the youth Mile and the two youngest boys and I in the family race. We was all sent our starts times in an email and was given the choice of collecting our bib numbers and chip a couple of days before the race. As Dad was racing in the first wave, we thought that we would just collect our bibs at the collection point in the runners village.

We arrived in good time. We had decided on driving into the City, as Dad works up there he knows on the best places to park. Dad’s race was starting at 10:30 and we got there at about 9:45. There was no queue in collecting out bib numbers, the volunteers were really helpful and very quick in finding our letters. Although the lady did say that it was huge help that I had written down all of our bib numbers, so she didn’t have to look for our names.

We found a quiet spot in a sheltered area, as the great british weather had decided to show up on the day too! Lucky for us it wasn’t a heavy down pour just a light spray, but it did rain for most of the morning.


The boys played chase whilst Daddy warmed up. It wasn’t long before Dad had to make his way to the start line.

The race was to start on Canon Street just in front of St Paul’s cathedral. The course passes by some iconic buildings, it’s flat but has some sharp turns in it. Starting at St Paul’s cathedral you head down to the Mansion House Station where you then swoop left to the Bank of England, turning left at Bank Station and heading up Moorgate then taking the first left up towards the Guildhall then a sharp left again to Cheapside and then it’s a slight incline up Cheapside to the finish line.

We was given some inflatable batons to cheer people on in the race. You had two so that you could bang them together and make a lot of noise.


The boys and I stood along Canon Street, just in front of the Festival Gardens and waited for Daddy to pass. We could hear the starting gun so we knew he would be running by pretty soon, in fact it was so soon that I missed him on the camera!


We walked through the One New Change (a shopping precinct) as Cheapside was through the other side. We waited along the railings until we saw Daddy in the distance, running up to the finish line. We cheered him on and watched him cross over the finish line in fourth, with a time of 4:29. Daddy was given his medal and we all went over to congratulate him. The boys were so proud of him and couldn’t wait to give him a cuddle. Once Daddy had caught his breath back and got changed into some dry clothes, we sat down and got ourselves ready for the Family Mile.


Daddy was running again with Joseph and I was going to run along with Oliver, but Jak was running in the Youth Mile race so he was going to watch us. We waited along New Change where a man with a megaphone called us all over so that we could head towards the start line. We was all running in the Family wave 1, so we was the first of many families to run the route that day. I believe there was 6 in total.



Oliver was so excited, as we waited with other runners at the start line, he didn’t talk much but did say that he was going to run the whole way. Everyone was talking to him and asking me how old he was, they couldn’t believe that a 3 year old would run a mile.

The gun went off and we was running along with  the crowd, I held onto Oliver’s little hand as it was quite busy and everyone was running so fast. We passed by St Paul’s cathedral and it wasn’t long before we saw Jak cheering us on. We gave him a little wave, the fast runners had sped off ahead so we was left with some space on the road. I let go of Oliver’s hand and let him run by himself.


I stayed close to him and constantly asked him if he was ok and if he wanted to carry on running, he just nodded his head and carried on. People were cheering him on and shouting ‘Come on Superman!’ I think it helped as each time he heard someone cheering him he had an urge of energy and his speed had a little burst in it. We had no idea where Daddy and Joseph were as they had gone off ahead at the start, they are much faster than us. Although Jak did get a photo if them near the finish line


As we turned the corner onto Cheapside and could see the finish line up ahead, Daddy and Joseph joined us for the last 200 hundred metres


We all held hands and ran together, we let go as we neared the finish and let Oliver cross over by himself.

Oliver finished with a time of 10:47 and Joseph in 7:47, smashing their times from last year by 3-5 minutes. We collected our medals and goody bags, which had water and sweets in for the children and an energy bar for the adults.

DSC_0554_opt DSC_0551_opt

We found a spot opposite the Amba Steel Band and watched the other milers run towards the finish line, we cheered everyone and even had a little dance to the music. The atmosphere was alive and fun.


After watching all of the family waves pass by, it was time for the Youth Mile. The future athletes. Jak made his way to the start and we waited eagerly at the finish line for him. We knew he wouldn’t be up with the first children to be crossing the line but was hoping he would make it in 6 minutes. We could see him as he steered the corner onto Cheapside, was he going to make it?


With his brothers cheering him on and his parents shouting out his name, Jak crossed over the line in 6:06. After collecting his medal he made his way over to us, he didn’t look happy! Jak had a tough month with quite a few late nights and no time to train due to his part in a theatre show and his acting in a film, so I had explained to him that he shouldn’t be upset and mad with himself for and to look at what he had achieved so far. He didn’t get the time that he wanted but he did have fun and enjoyed the day. After a little rest and a bite to eat, whilst we watched the Elite Athletes race, he was soon back to his smiling and cheery self.

We had a lovely family day at the City of London Mile, which is sponsored by Amba Hotels and can not wait until next year to enter. The city Mile for us, is about Family time and having fun. We danced to music, we got sore throats from cheering, we got tired legs from running, we raced with some lovely people and had a lovely enjoyable day. We came back with some lovely memories of our mile experience. The children have taken their medals into school to show all of their friends and teachers. The youngest wears his all of the time.

Thank you Amba Hotels for sponsoring such a lovely event! See you next year!



Nothing like a fun run

The weekend just passed, we visited a local country park fair where the boys took part in a children’s 1 mile fun run.

The sun was shining and we arrived in good time so we could have a little look around. There was lots to see and do like; donkey riding, stalls to visit, food to try, farm animals to look at, watch llamas race each other, a climbing wall to try, and much more. But the reason why we was there was for the children’s fun run. It was taking part after the adults 5k race had finished, so we stood around and waited. The boys had fun jumping from the log wall onto the bails of hay and they posed for a few photos too

DSC_0487 (1)_opt

it wasn’t long until the children were called to the start line



The children all lined up, As the horn went off the children set off fast. Poor little Joseph fell flat on his face into the dry grass, after only taking a few steps. He didn’t moan though, he just got up, wiped his face and off he went to catch up with the other racers.

As they passed round the corner and go off into the distance I made my way to the finish line, on the other end of the country fair. I stood there and it wasn’t not long before I saw my eldest boy come from beyond the trees and round the corner to the finish line. He finished first with a time of 5:51, he was very happy with it.

Jak coming over the finish line
Jak coming over the finish line

As I cheered on the young girl that came in second, I must admit I was shocked to see my Joseph heading towards the finish line. Not because he isn’t very good at running but because he had the fall at the start.

Run Joseph!
Run Joseph!

I was so proud of my boys, so far 2 out of 3 had finished the race coming in first and third! Joseph ran the fun run in 7:44, very impressive!

As I was congratulating the two eldest boys in their running and giving them a quick refreshment, I heard daddy cheering on our little one. A lady that we know had agreed to run along with him as I had stupidly put on sandals and Daddy was needed to pace the children through the park. I couldn’t believe it, my little three year old was running like a pro! As they neared the finish line, the lady held his hand and they crossed together.



My little superstar and finished the run in 10:03. Daddy and I were so proud of him and his brothers for trying so hard, especially as it was so hot.

Little Oliver must have been shocked himself as he couldn’t even talk, bless him!

All of the children that took part in the fun run received a little medal


Oliver couldn’t stop looking at it, he was really proud of receiving it and kept saying “I can’t believe I’ve got my own medal!”

We walked back to the car, past a few of the stalls and stopped by the Llamas


Joseph particularly enjoyed reading about the animals as he is currently doing a school project on the country Chile, he couldn’t wait to go home and add the information that he had found out into his project.

It was a lovely morning.

One very happy and proud mummy signing off!

Have your children recently run in a children’s race?


Dear So and So letters

My Dear so and so letters this week are not only to other people who I have met but to objects and life in general

Dear Green Park Underground Station

On Sunday, whilst I was travelling through from your station, I took my toddler of 3 years to the toilet. He said that he didn’t want to go, but as a Parent I know that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself on the train and end up wetting himself, so I though it would be best that he went before we boarded the train. I was relieved to see the toilet sign and rushed him quickly in the direction of the toilets. I was utterly disgusted to see this…….


50p for a wee! Seriously! I’ve heard of going to spend a penny but 50 of them! AND of course I only had £1 and the machine doesn’t give change so it cost me double just for my little 3-year-old to go to the toilet. How can you even think of charging that much for someone to use the toilet?

From a not very happy PISSed off Mummy


Dear Son,

I was so proud of you on Sunday when I saw you on the big screen, running in the Westminster Mile. Ok, you didn’t beat last years time and You were a little upset about the time that you got, but just remember that your family are very proud of you and just your sheer determination and courage to run in such a big race is enough to make us very proud of you


You managed to finish with a time of 6:10 and came 22nd out of 43 boys. I look at you and still see the tiny, fragile little baby boy who was handed to me in the hospital bed at a few seconds old. I find it hard to believe that twelve years have passed, and that I nearly have a teenager boy. You make us proud in everything that you do.

Love Mummy


Dear Ironing Pile,

You sit there in the Corner of the kitchen, Mr high and mighty. You feel a little hard done by as no-one has given you any attention for days. The family walk by you, ignoring the look that you are giving out. I’m sick to death of you, the way that you just wait there staring at me, wanting my attention. Well let me tell you, I have a lot more important things in my busy life to deal with than giving you a few hours of my day. How am I going to find the time to fit you in. I’m a busy person you know!

From a worn out Mum


Dear Underground worker at Goodge Street,

Thank you so much for your help!

Whilst walking along the platform after getting off of the Northern Line train, a big gush of wind came along and blew my youngest son’s hat off of his head. I wasn’t quick enough to grab it as I was holding both my sons hands, all we could do was watch it fly onto the tracks. It landed in between the rails. We went up to the ticket office, where we bumped into you on our way through the turnstile. I thought that it would be a good idea to tell you about the hat, not thinking that we had a chance to get it back, but to warn you incase it caused any trouble with the track. You took down my number nad said that you would ring me if they managed to get it back at the end of the day.

I didn’t expect to receive a call an hour later from you telling me that you had managed to pick the hat up with a grabber stick and that it was waiting for me at the station. We picked it up on our way home, all the staff were waiting there to hand it back to my little man.

You really did make a little boy very happy, he thought that he had lost it forever.

Thank you

From a very thankful Mum

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Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart


A Proud Mini Marathon Day

My children make me proud everyday, there is always something that either one of them has done that makes me take a deep breath and well up inside. I am proud of all 3 of my boys. But yesterday was a very special day where the whole family was proud of the eldest boy. We watched him compete in the London Mini Marathon.

It was the second time that he has had this amazing experience. He first ran it last year when he was 11 years old, read about the post here . He is not the best runner but he tries really hard to achieve his best. This year was a struggle for him as he had lost his running mojo and as much as I get telling him to go out training he just kept saying ‘yeah, tomorrow’. It wasn’t until the last three weeks that he actually began to put the time in to his training and then he started to get a little worried. On Saturday he got bit by a gnat/horsefly and straight away he had a bad reaction to it. Unlucky for Jak, the bite was on his ankle. It wasn’t long before it was swollen, inflamed and blistered. I gave him piriton and rubbed cream on the bite but it was too late to stop it from swelling, the poison had already got into the blood stream. By Sunday morning the swelling had gone down a little but it was still blistered.

Sunday morning had arrived, Jak had to be at the coach for 6:45. He was going to be travelling with the rest of the boroughs team. As I waved him goodbye amongst his friends, a tear welled up in my eye. My baby wasn’t a baby anymore but instead a young lad. I am proud of him everyday for who he is and who he has turned out to be. Running in races, achieving goals in school and his acting are just those little extra moments that make me more proud of him (if it’s even possible).

The coach pulled away, the next time I will see him will be running down Birdcage Walk, on towards The Mall to the finish line.

Jak’s race was starting at 9:09. We left at 8 to catch the train into to London, dressed up in layers to keep us warm and armed with umbrellas incase it rained we was ready to get a spot along route.

We found (what we thought to be a perfect place) along Birdcage walk, propped against the railings we waited for the under 13’s to arrive. We watched and cheered on the other boys that was passing, recognising the odd boy from our boroughs team and shouting their name to cheer them on.


The first past us was the under 17 boys in black t-shirts, then it was the under 15 boys in blue t-shirts. Up ahead we spotted the first red t short to come along, it was the under 13 boys. We wasn’t expecting to see Jak within the first lot of boys, so we cheered the boys on and waited a couple of minutes. It is so hard to spot your child as they are all in the same colour t-shirts and about the same height. It wasn’t long before we spotted him. We shouted out his name, but he just kept on running. He looked good. He had a good stride.

I never got to see him pass over the finish line as we had a little trouble trying to cross the road. We had positioned ourselves on the wrong side of the road to the finishing line, and had to wait for a gap in the runners to get across. When we eventually crossed over, Jak was already waiting at the borough’s coach for us to pick him up. Once I had signed to say that I had collected him, we was ready to take him off for a well-earned breakfast.

One other thing that made so proud that day was how his little siblings cheered him on and the look on their little cherub faces as they saw him pass by. My two youngest boys look up to their older brother. As soon as they saw him after the race had finished, they ran up to him and gave him a huge hug.

Proudly showing off his medal
Proudly showing off his medal

Jak is a little upset with his time and was hoping that he would have done better, but to me he was the winner as all I saw out on that big wide road was him. Jak. My big boy. The boy that makes me proud every day.

Well Done Jak!

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A budding young athlete

The sun was shining, the air was crisp and cold and the sky was clear of any rain clouds. It was the boroughs London mini marathon trials for children aged 11-17.

The London Mini Marathon runs on the same day as the London Marathon, on the last 3 miles of the route finishing in the same place, at the end of The Mall.

Each London borough, region and home nation has a team manager who is responsible for selecting a team to take part in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon. Teams are made up of 48 runners per London borough and 36 runners per region / home nation. Boys and girls race in three age categories – Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17. There are six races in total.

My eldest Jak was lucky enough to land a place in last years mini marathon, he had just turned 11 and was beginning to become interested in running. He hadn’t entered any running races before except for the local organised Parkrun. Read about his experience of the day here.

He hasn’t been running as much recently and has pretty much given up on the sport, he attends a training session on a Thursday evening down at our local athletics track but even that is as and when, but his heart doesn’t seem to be in it. I sometimes feel like I am pushing him too much into it, but I have asked him if he enjoys it ans if he wants to give it up. He just tells me that he still enjoys running but just needs something to look forward to, something to work towards, a goal.

Yesterday morning he woke up, got dressed into his running clothes and waited for his Dad to take him down to the park where the borough trials were being held. Registration was at 9:30 and the race was due to start at 11:00. He had been suffering with a sore throat for a few days and woke up feeling a bit husky and with a heavy chest, I gave him some medicine and hoped that it would ease as the morning went on. As the two youngest weren’t very well, I couldn’t go down to support him, but I gave him a big hug as he left the house. He knew if the boys were well enough that I would be there cheering him on.

The first eight children from each age and gender category get through to represent the borough, the race is just under 3 miles. It starts with a 300 metre run around the running track and then off into the park for two laps and then in to the track for a final 100 metre to the finish line. Jak came fourth in his age category with a time of 16:10



He was happy with his time although he did say he could definitely do better.

All of the children that got through were presented with a letter by the Mayor



The training now begins! He is to attend a weekly training session where not only will he be able to improve on his race training but also to get to know his team mates from the boroughs team.

He will be raising money for the Mayor’s Appeal which is Teenager Cancer Trust.

I am hoping now that my son has something to look forward to with his running, that he will fall back in love with the sport.

I will keep you updated with his progress 🙂



C25K with children

Last Tuesday I started my ‘Couch to 5k’ training, since then  I have managed to do about 4 sessions. I am supposed to do three sessions spaced equally over a week, so I have decided to train on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

I haven’t found it easy to fit it in, especially with working and looking after three children. Last week I went out for a jog early in the morning before the children woke up and the other half went to work and on Thursday I managed to get in 20 minute session whilst the children were at athletics club, but on Sunday and today I had to go out with the children.

The boys don’t mind assisting me with my jogging as they are very fit and love to run anyway. They are far better than me and when i stop for a brisk walk they just want to carry on jogging, even my jogging pace is too slow for them.

When my middle and eldest boys found out i was training to run 5k, they couldn’t wait to offer their help.

On Sunday, the boys and I all went out together in the morning, the sun was shining and it was quite pleasant weather. The youngest is only three and I was a bit worried that it would be too much for him. The week 1 session starts with a brisk 5 minute walk followed by 7 repetitions of 60 second run and a 90 second walk, then finishes with another 5 minute walk. He did struggle a little but when it was time to walk i picked him for a little rest. I handed over my phone to the eldest so he could take charge of the app that i had installed on my phone, once it was time to change from a run to a walk the phone would buzz to let us know. This made him feel a little like my personal trainer as he shouted out when to walk and when to jog.

I was too tired to go out early this morning, plus their was a little incident near by at our local shops and it scared me a little to go out in the dark on my own, so I decided to go with the boy again after school.  I was starting to get a little dark as we left the house, the eldest decided to stay at home and I persuaded the youngest to sit in his stroller. We had only got 2 minutes into our warm up walk and he had fallen asleep. The pavements were a little uneven and the stroller has seen better days (I was a little worried that the wheel would fall off at one point) It was bit bumpy but it manged to stay together for the 25 minutes we were out. It actually gave me something to lean against at times.

DSC_1103 DSC_1104

This week sessions start with a brisk 5 minutes walk followed with 6 repetitions of 90 seconds running and 120 seconds walking and a 5 minute warm down walk. I managed to keep up with my son who was always running just ahead of me.

I really enjoyed being out with the boys, we talked as we walked/jogged and it made the time go quite fast.



I love how my children really want to help me achieve my goal, they are very supportive. I can’t wait until summer comes and I will be able to run around the park with them. Not only am I becoming healthier and fitter but my boys are being more active than normal.  It’s got to be better than playing on the Playstation, right? (although I’m not sure they would agree with me on that, lol)

Are you dong the C25K? How do you manage to fit in the sessions?