A Week of Sporting Achievements for the Boy

I bring to you a very proud parent post..

The week started off pretty dire for my son. He had spent the weekend not feeling very well and ended up in bed, missing school on Monday due to throwing up the night before.

He was due to race in the Year 7 Essex Cross Country Championships on the Wednesday; something he been looking forward to doing for a long time. He had spent the last couple of months training hard for it and really wanted to enter. Racing and running has been something that he has got into through his Dad and older brother – both compete at competitive levels.

By Tuesday he was back in school and back at training. The training session was really just to test if his fitness was ok to compete in the race, he seemed to be ok and didn’t complain of feeling ill.

Wednesday came and his Dad picked him up from school at midday to take him off to the cross-country race. He was the only boy who had been entered into the race from his school so it was up to us, his parents, to get him to the event.

He was excited but nervous. He really wanted to do well in this race. Back in November he raced for his school in the borough championships and didn’t do as well as he as expected. In my eyes he done brilliantly, but to him he knew he could have raced a quicker time.

When you look forward to something for so long, the nerves take over, especially when you want to do well.

He lined up on the start line, the only child from his school, ready to move at the sound of the start gun.

Doesn’t he look small at that start line?

Growing up watching and supporting his elder brother competing in races for the borough and County just made him very determined to want to do the same. He had looked forward to following his footsteps and couldn’t wait until he was in Senior school so that he was able to do so.

He ran a superb race, crossing the finish line in 6th place  and securing a place to represent the County in the Inter-Counties Cross Country next month.

Safe to say I had a very happy boy. His persistence paid off and he never gave up. He had his sights on something and grabbed at it with all that he had to give.

On Friday he came home from school sporting a new badge on his blazer. He had called me on his way back and I was a little worried as i had missed his call and he wasn’t answering my returned calls. He came straight over to me saying

“Do you notice anything different?”

Of course I did. I noticed it straight away.

A new badge on his lapel. An Achievement Award Badge rewarded from Jack Petchey Foundation.

There was more. He reached into his bag and pulled out a framed certificate and a letter

He had been awarded Outstanding Achiever after being nominated by another child in his year group at school.

I cried.

Sending your child to a school where they had no friends from their junior school and always wondering if they have made friends or if they have fitted in, is a big worry. So, to read how he was nominated by another child for his running achievements in school but also because he is always engaged and focused in all school activities and school work. His peer also said that he is always willing to help others. This makes me well with such pride.

Just look at his little face in the picture above and see how proud of himself he is!

He has also been rewarded £250 to spend in his school, he needs to choose a department to spend it in. Which, he already knows. Without a doubt it is going to be the P.E department as he wants the school to supply children in athletics a vest to wear instead of wearing their PE shirt.

And if that wasn’t enough of his achievements for the week he topped it all off today by competing for a place in the boroughs team to compete in the London Giving Mini Marathon and securing a place.

My only wish for my boys is to have the very best life, to play hard but equally work as hard to achieve the imaginable. My boys are the greatest thing that ever happened to me, there is nothing more than seeing them smile and hear them laugh. I am super proud of all of them and the young men that they are becoming.

I am one very proud parent



Mum, Are You Proud Of Me?

There is nothing more that makes me proud of any of my three children than just being themselves.

I have three boys aged from 6 to 15 and they are all individuals, exceeding in different areas with talents and interests that are not the same as each other. That’s what makes them individuals.

There are no words that can describe how much each of them mean to me, I was blessed with three amazing young boys, who, without a doubt, I know will grow into three incredible young men. Being a Mum to these boys has given me a purpose in life and has shown me a new sense of being. They are why my heart beats and why blood runs through my veins. They give me energy like no other.

I am proud of all three of them and even though I tell them how much they all make me proud, the other day my middle boy (I actually hate calling him my middle boy, because they say that it’s always the middle child that gets left out and I am always conscious of that) asked me if he made me proud of him.

These 5 words stung my eyes.

There is nothing more that makes me proud of my boys than who they are. But, obviously my son was feeling a little left out.

We had had a couple of hours together doing something that he absolutely enjoys with a passion, we had gone cycling around the country park. He loves nature and the outdoors. So we spent some time, just him and I, cycling through the park looking at tress, listening to the birds and looking out across the lake at the birds swooping down to catch the fish.

He is such a sensitive soul and the most caring boy I know, he may not be outstanding academically but he is full of knowledge.

He can tell you so much about animals and their habitats. He can talk about them for hours.

He knows all about countries, there flags and where about they are in the world.

He can read a book of 600 pages, re-telling the story with passion, remembering every part of it.

He has his own fashion style, he always likes to look smart and likes to wear quirky clothes. He enjoys being different.

He is adventurous, courageous, intuitive, sensitive and loving.

I could go on describing how perfect he is to me, but like I said there really are not enough words.

I told him all this, all of the above and more.

I told him how much he means to me and that it makes me sad that he even had to ask me if he makes me proud.

I tell him and his brothers often how proud I am of them. Even for the little things. Like offering to hold the door open for someone, carrying my bag when they can see me struggling or for their caring nature.

Being proud of them doesn’t mean that they have to achieve something that is extra-ordinary or special. It’s seeing them grow. It’s watching them achieve personal goals. It’s those small moments that are giant steps of success. I give them praise when it matters and talk about the obstacles that they have overcome.

I held my son so tight and looked him in the eye and told him just look at me, with no words. Because no words could describe how proud of him I was, only the look of love and pride in my eyes could. That’s how we stood. In the middle of a country park, faces cupped into each others hands. Staring into each others eyes. (this in itself was an achievement for my son, as he finds it hard to keep eye contact) After a few moments we let go of our contact and cuddled each other. He just smiled at me and said that he saw the love nd adoration I had for him.

I myself, saw a little boy who was struggling to find a place for himself amongst the world around him. I saw a boy who needed Love. I told him whenever he needs that whenever he is feeling sad and alone to just remember the look in my eyes

I hope now he realises that words are not needed to show how proud I am of him.



A Cold and Icy Cross Country Race 21/365

Today was a big day for the eldest. It was a cold morning, the ground was icy bit with adrenaline pumping though his veins I don’t think he felt a bit of the bitter weather. 

Back in November he was entered into the boroughs school cross country race, representing his school, he came 2nd in his year group. He was picked out to represent the borough (a different borough to what we live in) in the Essex Schools Cross Country Race. 

He has enjoyed running for a while, but normally on road or track. Lately he has really got into his fitness and was totally looking forward to racing in such a big race. 

Although when we got there he was a little overwhelmed by it all and was a little anxious of not doing so well in this race. I gave him a big Mummy cuddle, kissed his cheek and told him to just go for it. Mummy will be cheating him on and that I was proud of him.

The year 8/9 boys were called over to the start line. He lined up with the rest of his team. And they were off. He didn’t have such a great start and after the first lap of the smaller field he was in the last 15 boys. Dad said he was pacing himself, clever boy. 

As they exited the starting field, they went off to run through the trees and through another field before entering back into the smaller field. We didn’t see him again until he came near to the finish line. 

We cheated. We shouted. We jumped up and down. 

We tried to count where he came. You see the top 6 boys go through to represent Essex. The top 29 get selected to represent Essex in the south East counties. 

We found him with his team, sitting on the floor getting dressed. He stood up, put his arms around my neck and held me tight. He was shaking. He whispered in my ear “I don’t it Mum. I done it!” He showed me a card that congratulated him for coming 20. Woah! My boy. 

He was shocked. He was scared. He was happy.

I held him and told him he makes me proud every second he exists. 

Next stop Inter County Race 4th February.


Proud Mummy Moment / London Mini marathon


It’s 6:00 am on Sunday morning and my eldest boy Jak is just getting dressed, he’s packing his bag and running around the house looking for his trainers. Dad is getting out the bikes, checking the tyres and making sure that they are ready for a journey.

I’m sitting down on the sofa and as I am watching my 11 year old boy preparing his bag and making sure he has the correct paperwork that he needs I look at him and don’t see a little boy anymore, I see a young man getting ready to live a dream.

You see, Jak has spent the last few months training and preparing himself to run in a race, a race that many young children across the country will be running as well. He has a passion for running (something he must get from his Dad) he loves the adrenaline that pumps through his veins when he is running, he enjoys the pain that it gives him when he is pushing himself to reach further distances.

He isn’t the greatest of runners but its the determination that he has for the sport, it’s not about winning but it’s about the competing for him.

He’s a bit of a Forest Gump, once he starts running he just keeps on going!

Jak has trained hard for this race, especially in the last few weeks. We spent last week away on holiday and he still went out for a run with his Dad just so that he wouldn’t be begin on his training.

Jak was running in the London Mini Marathon.

This was to be his first race and what a race to make a debut at in regards to his amateur sporting career. He has run in local parkrun events with other adults and children but just for fun. He has never run with children of his own age, they have either been much older or younger.

Jak had to meet a coach which was put on by the borough at 6:45, Dad was cycling him to the meet up point and then carrying on into London to met him and the rest of the team there.

As I waved my son off a tear came to my eye, he was heading off to achieve a goal that he has dreamt of for months.

The next time that morning I saw him was when he was running along the streets of London heading down Birdcage walk towards Buckingham Palace, nearing the end of the 3 mile race.


My heart was beating fast, I shouted out
“Go Jak!”
Joseph was jumping up and down, with excitement cheering on his big brother

Jak looked over at us and waved, he was beaming with pride


We headed over to the finish line, to meet him at the designated netting point for the borough, we waited a while and then I spotted him walking along looking slightly dazed eating an apple. I asked him if he was ok as when I noticed him running along I saw that he was running with his arm outwards, he did he was fine but was just taking it all in, he had a pain in his shoulder which was giving him a bit of grief but he was just so overwhelmed with the whole experience.

We collected him form the coach pick up point and I have him the biggest hug possible, I was so proud of him, my boy never seems to amaze me with his ability to just get on with things and enjoy the moment.

We took him for a cooked breakfast in Trafalgar Square, where we sat all talked about his experience, he quickly told us that it was an experience like no other and he would be getting back into training as soon as possible so he could attend the trials next year and hopefully get picked to represent the borough again so he can beat his time.



One very proud Mummy signing out 🙂


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


A Moment of Pleasure A Lifetime Of Love

I am most certainly proud of all three of my boys, every time i look at them i am suddenly bowled over with how much i love and cherish them! I am so very proud of everything that they do and am always giving them encouragement and guidance in what every they do! I never felt such a strong emotion of proudness prior to being a parent, my boys have opened my eyes to a whole new world!

There are those specific moments when i feel highly honored to be there mum, they are such a credit to me and their Dad I sometimes have to pinch myself as i feel like my life’s a dream!

My boys have achieved so much in their short lives so far, they are patient and kind, they are honest and fair, they are respectful and dedicated! They have so much creativity and talent, they strive to meet goals to fulfilled their dreams! They are inspirational and ambitiousness!

They make me smile, they warm my heart, they make me cry, they take my breath away, they are my treasures!

They are my gift, my life and my love!

My eldest has made so proud and he is only 10 years old! There isn’t anything that he can not achieve, he tries his best to succeed in whatever he does and puts his heart and soul into it too.

In the last year my boys have brought tears to my eyes many times, with their words, actions, development and success.

Today my eldest found out he has been voted to represent his school as a school councillor, the moment he told me i held my breath for the fear of hearing the wrong news, he fought hard for his spot putting in a lot of effort and time into his speech so I am so proud that he got it.

In the past year my boys have appeared in adverts; magazines; newspapers; websites, they have learnt to walk, talk, read and write, They have secured spots in theatre productions and have grown into lovely handsome young men!

They have lovely relationships with each other and are very loving boys, they are just perfect!




Our Very Special Christmas Day! A TV Cameo x 2

Christmas day was very special to us this year as we had our little Jak making appearance not once but twice on the television!

On Christmas morning the boys woke up early to find that Santa had came and left a present on the bottom of their beds, they came running into our bedroom with big wide smiles and eyes a sparkling – probably from the lack of sleep they had had the night before – they opened the present and found out that they had received a book each from Santa!

We sent Joseph downstairs to see what Santa had left downstairs, we heard the oohs and the aahs and then he shouted ‘Santa has been and he has left a mess Mum’ we all followed him downstairs to find that santa had left his footprints on the floor and crumbs from eating his mince pie, Joseph was tutting and said that Santa wasn’t nice doing that, we all laughed!

The boys opened a few present’s from their stockings, it was lovely to watch Oliver open his presents this year as last year he was only 5 months old and didn’t know what to do, he loved ripping at the paper and truth be known i think he enjoyed doing that more than playing with his new toys. I spent the morning running around after him picking up his mess lol. After opening a few presents Daddy went into the kitchen to begin making our Christmas morning pancakes, it’s what we have every year! I began to get a move on with the preparation of the dinner, i had prepped the turkey the night before and made the stuffing so all i had to do was the veg and the little extras that go with it. The boys were enjoying opening their present, Joseph was going through his pretty quickly, i knew what he was looking for so out i got the large wrapped box from the back of the tree. Joseph ripped away and found that Santa had brought him exactly what he had asked for a Lego Police Station! He was so happy and Daddy and I spent the rest of the day taking it in turns to fit it together.

The day was going like all the other christmas days had gone before but we was especially excited to be sitting down to watching tv later on in the day. Jak kept checking his watch for the time and as the time got to 7:30 we all sat down to watch ‘Call the Midwife’ Jak had landed a part as an extra back in the summer and had spent 5 days filming for the Christmas Special Episode, it was to be on for 75 minutes so we was sure that we would get to catch a glimpse of him. His role was a cub scout in the Nativity scene! We had spent the past 5 month looking forward to watching him and we wasn’t let down, it was brilliant! The episode was sad and joyous and even better that our little Jak was in it, we watched it along with 7.3 million viewers and saw Chummy place Donkey ears on Jak, we saw him laughing with his friends and singing in the choir. If their ever was a moment where my heart ached with pride it was then!

20121229-134249.jpg 20121229-134307.jpg 20121229-134325.jpg 20121229-134333.jpg

I felt like running outside in the street and shouting That’s my boy! That’s my boy wearing the donkeys ears! My Jak, My gorgeous Jak!

Jak has attended theatre school for 4 years now and loves every minute of the singing, drama and dancing that he does. Acting is something that he wants to get into and has been for years he says his ambition is to be on Eastenders 🙂 I believe that one day he may well make it to the big screen, he is very ambitious with a lovely nature and he tries his best in whatever he does, there is nothing that he doesn’t put his mind to and can’t do!

After watching Call the Midwife we switched over to Channel 4 ready to watch the Rude Tube Christmas Cracker where Jak was going to make a cameo appearance dressed as a Tiny Tim. Rude Tube isn’t something that we would normally watch but as Jak was in it we was definitely going to make an exception. We had to sit through 45 minutes of the top 50 funny christmas clips from YouTube until we got to see Jak walk onto the screen with his crutches in his hands and say his first ever words on Television  – ‘What the one bigger than me?’ Aah bless my little boy! He was then on the end shot with Alex Zain sat around the table wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

20121229-140237.jpg 20121229-140251.jpg 20121229-140309.jpg

It certainly was a very Merry Christmas to us and a very special one indeed, It’s not often when you can say you made an appearance TV twice on Christmas Day and especially as a 10 year old boy!

Photo’s Courtesy of taking screen shots from BBC iPlayer and 4OD.

Hope you like reading about our special christmas day and i hope yours was just as special as ours was 🙂

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307/366 Cheeky smile

This is the face of pure cheekiness, Oliver climbed onto the sofa today without any aid or anything to step on, he done all by himself just by reaching up one leg and pulling himself with his hands.
Once sitting on the sofa he sat back against the cushions, all relaxed and looked at me with the proudest face ever, he then gave me the Cheekiest smile I have ever seen, laughed and climbed back down again.