Disney Pixars Cars 3 Franchise review

We love a bit of Disney in our household, especially after our recent visit to EuroDisney. The boys have a newfound love for it and are enjoying it even more. They are spending more of an interest in Disney films and the characters; from the old ones to the new.

Disney isn’t just all about tiaras and marrying princes there are also many of the old classics like Lion King, Bambi and Pinocchio – also not forgetting the high-speed, blazing fast racers of Cars.

One of the latest Disney films to be released on 14th July, 2017 is Cars 3. The legendary Lightening Mcqueen strikes again and finds himself out of the game when a next gen- racer Jackson Storm hits the Piston Cup. Hoping to get back in the game, Lightening seeks the help of a young technician Cruz Ramirez.

Disney have announced an exciting new product collection that will bring the high-speed action of the highly anticipated Disney•Pixar film Cars 3 to households nationwide.

The boys already have the previous DVDs of Cars and a few of the franchises to play with. So they were all revved up when they were sent some of the latest products to review.


Jackson Storm Remote Control Car RRP £17.99 (disney store)

Lightening McQueen Speed Launcher By LEGO Juniors RRP £7.99 (disney store)

Cars 3 Drinks Bottle RRP £6.99 (disney store)

Cars 3 Book of the Film By Parragon RRP £5.99 (asda)

Lightening McQueen LEGO Launcher – The youngest couldn’t wait to get stuck in and as his older brother – who absolutely loves LEGO – was away he took the chance to start with the speed launcher. He doesn’t normally show an interest, as much as his brother, for Lego but he was really excited to build the car. The sets are ideal for children aged 5-7


It was easy to build – just as the box says with simple to follow instructions. He started with the car first and then on to the launcher.


The instructions are picture related, so he found them easy to follow and keep up with. Each page showing you what pieces were needed for that particular part.

Whats great about this set is that it is a usable toy after it is built. The wheels turn and the launcher actually works. It doesn’t launch the car very far but it is still fun to build and play with. It also gives the children a sense of achievement and pride, having built something by themselves. He would normally take sets apart once he had built them but this one has stayed by his bedside and is being used every day. He was very proud of himself for putting it together.


Jackson Storm Remote Control Car – Get the feel of what it’s like to race in the Piston Cup with this remote control car. It may be small but it is very powerful. The car is a designed in detail with some impressive artwork and comes with a steering-wheel controller. The controller is easy to use; it drives forward and backwards, steers left and right. It is the perfect size for little hands and simple to use

20170622_070613The actual size of the Car  is L15 x H5 x W7cm approx.

Any child that loves Cars would fall in love with this little beauty. It is rear wheel driven and very responsive. It is turned on by using the middle button on the centre of the wheel control. We found that If it is not used for a while it tends to turn it self off and all you have to do is press the button again to get it working.

The design is sleek and very eye-catching, It is a solid and sturdy car. We took it to the garden to see how well it would drive over the patio (excuse the weeds)

The boys have had so much fun with this car. I do believe that there are more to collect, so you could hold your own Piston Cup and see who could be the winner.

Cars 3 Drinks Bottle – These drinks bottles are ideal for little racers to keep hydrated, with detailed artwork of Lightening McQueen and Jackson Storm, they are bright to look at and perfect for pack lunches. They have a rubber tyre detail around the bottom of the bottle giving little hands that extra grip when drinking from the bottle, but also keeps them sturdy when placed on to the table.


The lid also has the tyre detail with a button to open it. Once the lid flips open it has a flexible straw hidden within.

The bottle holds 12oz and is only designed for cold drinks only. They are easy to come apart to wash and store well in the cupboard. The size of the bottle also makes them perfect to fit into lunch bags.

I found that with the fun designs the boys were asking for their bottles to be filled up more than normal, they make drinking cool!

Cars 3 Book of the Film – This 144 page paper-back book with an 8 page full colour insert is excellent for any budding reader. Once you have watched the film you can relive it again and again in this book.

‘When the legendary Lightening Mcqueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves by a new generation of blazing racers, he needs to get back in the game, and FAST! Can #95 prove that he isn’t out of the game yet? The next Piston Cup will test the heart of a champion on racing’s biggest stage!’

With seven Piston Cups wins under his belt and an undying passion for motor sport, can Mcqueen ride carry on riding high with the new generation of blazing racers?

There are many new characters in this new book, including Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez.

I have been trying to encourage my youngest away from books that have more picture than text and this book certainly meets that criteria. Apart from the 8 page full colour insert there are no more illustrations throughout the book. This means that he can concentrate on the story without being distracted by the pictures. Although the illustrations that are in the book are very colourful and good, which does help with the imagination.


He is really enjoying reading the book and it is keeping him engaged.


The book is ideal for young readers who are developing their reading skills.

These Cars 3 products have helped the children carry on with their newfound love of Disney. We are carrying on the magic at home.

We was sent these products for the purpose of this review


The horrors of Lego 16/365 

Black, blue, yellow and red,

Watch out where you tred.

Under the table, under the chair,

Lego pieces are everywhere.

Stand on one and you’ll let out a yell,

Be careful! Once I fell.

In the dark and in daylight,

The little bricks will put up a fight

Bruises, scratches and bumps will be there,

Lego pieces are everywhere.

Sharp bricks scattered across the floor,

From the front to the back door.

Watch out! Over there

Lego pieces are everywhere.


Transporting to Legoland

Lego encourages creativity and imagination. It’s about building what you see in your mind and not following the instructions.



Legoland Windsor is an awe-inspiring place to visit. A place where everything is made from lego, a place that is in your dreams and where memories are made.

We made a lego transporter that can take you where ever you want to go at any time. The mini lego person is Joseph and he chose the lego transporter to take him to Legoland.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have been to Legoland twice, once as a family day out and once as a present for our Lego mad son, Joseph. It was magical to see the excited smile on our children’s face when they entered Legoland. Everything in their dreams had come true. Their favourite part of the day was learning to drive at the Lego City Driving School, they couldn’t believe that they had got their driving licence and even offered to drive us all home. We all enjoyed looking at the amazing lego scenery in Miniland, where models were made from lego bricks. My eldest favourite was seeing the football stadium in a miniature version

Legoland is a great family day out, a day of adventure and fun.


“When I’m sad I play with Lego and it transports me into a new world of happiness and creation. I  can be someone else, I can go to new places and I can create whatever I please. I can make new friends and I can create a whole new world with my imagination. Lego helps me be who I want to be. A day out in Legoland can only be describes as Awesome!”

By Joseph, 8 years old

This is our post to join the bloggers panel at Legoland. We would be totally overwhelmed if picked and promise to be honest and share all news with our followers.


LEGO DC with Justice league: Attack of the Legion of Doom Review

The Justice League are back, including superheroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many more of your favourites, and are preparing to take on an evil group spearheaded by villainous genius Lex Luthor, who is obsessed with world domination, in JUSTICE LEAGUE: ATTACK OF THE LEGION OF DOOM

lego doom


Lex Luthor is not happy – crime is on the run as the newly formed Justice League are working hard to keep the citizens of Metropolis safe. He creates his own team with a gang of skilled scoundrels, including the wrathful Black Manta and Sinestro, and so the Legion of Doom is born. The evil galactic tyrant enlists Lex Luthor, and his formidable Legion of Doom, to launch a daring plan to attack top-secret government site, Area 52, and take over the world!  If the plan succeeds, the Legion of Doom will have access to some of the word’s deadliest weaponry and advanced alien technology. Is success for the daring villain finally within reach, or is crime destined to suffer yet another humiliating defeat by the Justice League?

Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and the rest of the team are the fearless super-heroes that Metropolis needs. It’s up to the Justice League to defeat the world’s greatest super villains and save the planet – but have they finally met their match in the Legion of Doom?

My son absolutely loves LEGO, what child doesn’t? It encourages their creativity, imagination helps their fine motor skills through construction, designing and making what ever they fancy. It’s their world and their ideas. Not only does my so own an immense amount of small pieces of bricks in different colours and sizes,  he also has likes to watch the movies and play the games.

We was recently sent a copy of LEGO Justice League: Attack of the legend of doom to review. My son was on cloud nine when it arrived in the post, straight away it was placed into the machine to watch. It must have been replayed about 3 times on that first day! Here’s what he thought of it:

What is the movie about? It’s all about the Dc bad guys who have formed together to form the Legion of Doom. Their conquest is to rule the Earth by using Martian man hunter. The Justice League stop them because Martian man hunter finds out that the Legion of Doom are bad

Who is your favourite character? The Flash

Why? He is funny and makes me laugh. He is super fast and I would like to be just like him

Who is your least favourite character and why? Darkside because he is the ruler of all bad

Where is it set? e and in Space

What is your best scene? It would probably be when my favourite character Flash takes Green Lanterns coffee and changes it into a banana without him noticing, because he is really fast. It was funny when Green Lantern tried to drink the Banana.

If you could become one of the character, which one would it be and why? Definitely Flash as he is really fast and I like to run, so if I was fast like him then I would win all of the running races that I enter.

What is the message in this movie? Trusting your instincts and working together as a team

Would you recommend this movie to a friend? Yes I would. I think that my friends would really enjoy watching this movie because it is action packed and funny.

Overall the film is cute and the characters are humorous.

RRP: £5.99

Running Time: 74 mins

We was a sent a copy of the DVD to review, words and opinions are of my 8 year old son 🙂





Lego Mini Figure Storage- A sewing project

Are you constantly walking around the house stepping on little pieces of Lego?

It’s like my house is booby-trapped with Lego! I find myself tip toeing cautiously around my boys bedroom, taking care of where i tread. I fear that maybe my boys have planned between them on where to leave the Lego pieces so that their Mum doesn’t enter their bedroom to tidy it up!

These tiny pieces of plastic brick shaped toys can not only be found on the boys bedroom floor but they seemed to have escaped out into landing and down the stairs, in fact there isn’t a place in the house that these tiny little feet scaring critters will go. The worst is in the middle of night, when all of the lights are out and I awake to a crying toddler. As i jump out of bed and race to his bedroom to comfort him, I find myself cursing under breath (in order not to wake the rest of the house up) as my foot comes into contact with a tiny little brick. It maybe tiny but hell does it hurt! I fall into the bedroom and hop over to a NOW sleeping toddler.

I had to think of somewhere for my boys to store their mini figures/Lego creation, either that or I constantly wear shoes in my home, even to bed!

I put my thinking cap on and came up with this


A folding Lego storage holder.

It is made from red cotton and yellow felt. The red cotton was used for the whole of the storage holder and the yellow felt was used for the LEGO letters. It was my son’s idea to have LEGO written downwards and he asked for all of the pockets. He wanted to be able to fold it up and carry it.

Material needed:

Red Cotton roughly 1m , 150cm wide (cost £3.99 ebay)

Yellow Felt roughly 1m, 150cm wide (not all needed cost £4.49 ebay)

Red cotton thread

Yellow cotton thread

Tape measure

Sewing machine

wooden pole 5mm thick roughly 50 cm in length



  • Cut out the LEGO letters. I roughly drew them on with a pencil and then cut them out, size roughly 21cmx33cm
  • Open out the red cotton and lay it flat on the floor/table. Place the letters down one side of the red fabric. Leave about 6cm along the top, bottom and edge side so that there is enough room to stitch and hem. Stitch in place.
  • Cut away any remaining red material from the bottom as this will be used for the pockets. Cut into long strips, 10cm in width I used about 8.



PicMonkey Collage words


  • Edge each strip both sides by folding over the edges twice, 5mm each time. Pin in place and stitch

DSC_1157_opt (1)

  • Once you have edged all of the strips You will need to place them on to the red cotton alongside the LEGO letters, so that they are running across the material.


  • Try to measure out all of the pockets so that they are the same, 10 cm. Each box pleat is about 2cm.



  • Once the pockets are all pinned down on the red cotton, you will need to stitch in between each pocket



  • Once they are stitched in place then you will need to stitch the strip of pockets down. Start top left and follow it around the edge, use the foot edge for guidance and try to sink stitch along the bottom.



  • If you want a handle you will need to stitch it in place now. Stitch a long strip like you did with the pocket strips. attach it in place at the top above the letters.
  • Fold the material in half so that the pockets are touching the LEGO letters.
  • The sides need to be stitched together, the whole item should be inside out.  Remember to leave the top edge unstitched! Once finished turn inside out again so that it is the right way. You should have the LEGO letters on side and the pockets behind.
  • The top edge will need to be strengthened, I used a wooden pole. I stitched across lengthways along the edge of the letter L, making a pocket for the pole.

DSC_1264 (1)_opt

  • Now stitch the top together, making sure that the handle is facing out and upwards. Make sure that the edges are poking inwards giving a neat finish.


lego back lego finish front

My son wanted to be able to fold it up and carry it around so we attached some velcro to it, not sure if it will work as some of the Lego could possibly fall out. He hasn’t tried it yet as it is still hanging up in his bedroom for all to see.

I have thouroughly enjoyed this sewing project and I f you would like to make one yourself please share with me your finished product.

You can find me on Twitter and facebook

Thank you for reading 🙂


Make your own Lego Brick Party Bags

Are your children Lego fans?

Are you looking for an original but cheap party bag?

Well check out these little bad boys!


They were cheap to make and didn’t take long at all.

You will need:

-A variety of mixed coloured paper bags

-The same colour card/foam

-Glue/sticky foam dots


I bought the paper bags from Ebay costing me £1.93 for each pack, the blue came in a pack of 12 and the assorted bags came in a pack of 10.

Matching up the coloured card to the paper bags, I cut out circles of different sizes and then stuck them into place on the paper bags to look like a lego brick. I used coloured foam on some of them and used a glue foam dot which gave it a 3D look.


Once finished I filled them up some lego goodies

A Lego Necklace

A personalised lego sticker

Some sweets

A personalised Lego Chocolate bar

A mini lego man soap

Most of the above were bought from EBay at competitive prices, the lego necklace was made at home.

I bought some cotton necklace cords in assorted colours and then I glued a small lego piece onto the necklace, be careful when using the extra strong glue!

20140710-221329.jpgThe Children loved these little necklaces

Why not give them a go yourself 🙂


Lego Movie Trailer

To all you Lego fans out there, I have some exciting news!

The LEGO Movie opens in cinemas on 14th February 2014 and is story of Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. Emmet (Chris Pratt) is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which he is hopelessly and hilariously under-prepared.


Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Nick Offerman and Alison Brie join Chris Pratt to form the cast of the first-ever full length theatrical LEGO movie, the greatest movie ever assembled, which is set to hit cinemas in 14th February 2014.

Watch the trailer for the new movie


This is not a sponsored post! I am sharing the information as it is something that my boys are interested in


Building Lego 68/365

My house has pieces of Lego lying all over every piece of floor in the house thanks to a certain little boy called Joseph!

He loves to build new creations and then the little one takes them apart!

For Christmas Joseph received a Lego police station which I spent most of the festive day putting together whilst cooking dinner, running from living room to kitchen and back again, Joseph has taken the station apart twice now and I refuse point blankly to build it again! I like to build Lego pieces I find it quite therapeutic but I draw the line at building the same thing three times lol.

Today he disappeared into his bedroom where he was very quiet, after about an hour he came downstairs to show me why he had built with his Lego.


He says its a Star Wars ship and he is very proud of his little creation as so am I!


26/365 Toddler Reading

Oliver’s choice of bedtime reading tonight is flicking through his big brothers book of Lego characters.


He can flick through the book page by page for ages, just sitting there looking at the bright pictures occasionally stopping to point at something that has caught his eye. He talks away to himself, sometimes giggling but continuously turning the pages and when he reaches the end of the book he just starts again.


DIY Children’s Lego/Junk Picture Frame

We have done this type of frame before using all of my son’s broken pieces of toys and the odd bit of sparkle from the odd broken jewellery and coins. You can do it with anything really. It can be a shell frame done with shells found at the seaside, would make a great memorabilia of a holiday you have been on, A favourite toy frame using bits of broken toys that your child can not bring to throw away, Beads and sparkle frame again using old and unused bits of jewellery, beads and chains.

I am going to show you a frame we made from old bits of Lego, we have boxes of the stuff and if your child loves Lego like mine, they will love this craft activity.

You will need:

  • 1 Picture Frame, make sure that the frame is wide in order to fit all of the bits onto it
  • Masking Tape
  • 1 Tube of ‘I Can’t believe it’s not nails’
  • 1 gun to use with the above tube
  • Broken, unused, old pieces of Lego (or any other items you are going to use)


Firstly gather together all of the pieces of toys that you want to appear onto the frame, this is good to do with your child, as they can choose what they want to get rid of. You won’t believe how happy they will be to pass over any of their toys especially if they are like my boy who removes things from the rubbish bin after i have thrown them away, he is such a hoarder.

Now place masking tape onto the glass or you can just remove the middle if you prefer, this is only to protect it from the glue.

Place the glue into the gun and squeeze it all out generously all over the frame, covering it completely.

Now place the pieces of Lego onto the frame wherever you want them. Start with the big items first and then try to squeeze the smaller ones into the gaps, try to make sure that all of the glue is covered with the items that you are putting on the frame. This is where doing a bits and bobs frame is good as you can place tiny minute things into the gaps like small beads or chain links.

The end product

A Mirror we made from junk pieces of toys, spray painted blue with a dusting of gold on it.

As you can see from the above photo you could also make a mirror. All of the toys were found at the bottom of the toy box, The Ben 10 figure was a favourite of my sons but unfortunately his head had snapped off but he wouldn’t let me throw it away, so we stuck it on to the frame and guess what you can still press the button on his belly and it still makes all the sounds. This frame features, figures, cars, coins, chains, beads, lego, foam shapes and action men accessories.

Why don’t you give it a go and see what personalised frames you could make.

Thank you for reading my post 🙂