How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers Review and giveaway

Catch a falling star and put in your pocket, Never let it fade away,

Catch a falling star and put in your pocket, Save it for a rainy day.

Could you catch a falling star?

We was recently sent a 10th anniversary edition of Oliver Jeffers How to catch a falling star in a presentation box, enclosed was not only one but two copies of the hard back book and also a selection of items that we could use to celebrate the 10th edition being published.


Enclosed within the presentation box was a set of printed activity sheets for the children to colour in, a maze to complete, spot the difference, join the dots, make puppets and hanging mobiles. These sheets are drawn with the same illustrations as the book so that children will be able to relate to the character and story whilst enjoying the activities.

We sat down to read the book and discussed about the title, I asked the children if it would be possible to catch, they replied with Yes but only if you had the imagination to do so!

The story of the book came about when the Author Oliver Jeffers was sitting on the pier of a fish market, counting the starfish around the poles. He caught the reflection of an early evening star in the water below him, which immediately made him think of a Brer Rabbit story. The moon in the mill pond, and there on the spot, Oliver made a single drawing of someone trying to catch a star in his sketchbook. As he thought of different ways of attempting to catch a star, his collection of drawings began to grow, and beofre long he realised he had the bones of a picture book.

The story is about a little boy who loved stars and every night he watched the stars from his bedroom window and wished that he had one of his very own


The illustrations are bright and colourful and the story is one that can make children really believe. My boys loved the story, especially listening to the story using the puppets. Each page only has a couple of sentences so the story is easy to read and follow for the younger children.




Using the puppets that we made from the activity sheet, Oliver enjoys following the story he has memorised most of the story by looking at the pictures and he goes through the book playing with the puppets and saying the story. Oliver is now fascinated with stars and wants to watch them at night from the window just like the boy in the story.

Not only have my boys enjoyed the story but they have also enjoyed filling out the activity sheets and making things to go along with the book


You can print out the very same activity sheets to have of your own by clicking on the link below:

How To Catch A Star Activity Sheets

How to catch a star is a lovely story book that can be read again and again and enjoyed by all ages.

10th Anniversary of Oliver Jeffers’ How to Catch a Star

Hardback gift edition

Out on 27 March 2014

For ages 2 to 7 years

£12.99 available from Amazon

If you would like to win your own hard back copy of the book, please fill in the rafflecopter form below

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Win a Tommee Tippee Animal Antics Sports Bottle 12+

Tommee Tippee have launched a new collection of decorated cups to make drink time even more fun! The Animal Antics range consists of nine new characters each with a unique skill from podium balancing to tightrope walking!

The range of cups from the UK mums’ number one choice, tommee tippeee, is carefully designed to help baby develop drinking skills without the spills. The cups have the same patented non-spill easiflow valve for easy drinking and unique soft-flex spouts to protect gums. The Animal Antics cups are part of the tommee tippee explora range, which caters from 4 months to 3 years and includes cups, spoons, tableware and bibs.

The new characters are available across 6 cup types including 4m+ 1st transition cup, 7m+ beaker, 12m+ Sporty and 12m+Sports Bottle.

20131120-064400.jpgThe characters are:

NAME: Rory  TALENT: Podium Balancing  ABOUT: Rory has been balancing his whole life and takes pride is his performance. Rory likes to make lots of noise during his act, displaying his strength by roaring fiercely and shaking his mane. Rory.

NAME: The Tempo’s  TALENT: Singing   ABOUT: The Tempo’s are a bird and hippo musical double act. These two have been singing together for many years with birdies sweet voice complementing hippo’s dulcet tone to provide jazzy songs for the crowds to enjoy. The Tempo's.

NAME: Theodore  TALENT: Ball dancer   ABOUT: Theodore is the Master of Ceremonies and has the very prestigious task of introducing all of the acts. He is also a very talented dancer using a special star ball as part of his act and he always finishes with a loud and clear ‘TA DAH!’. Theodore.

NAME: Sarah  TALENT: Podium Balancing   ABOUT: Like Rory, Sarah is an expert balancer. She can take a run up and push herself up to jump and land gracefully on top of her podium. She is known for her elegance when performing and when the crowd applauds her she enjoys clapping her fins together. Sarah.

NAME: Ellie  TALENT: Tightrope walking   ABOUT: Ellie is the star of the show and the act the audience loves to see. When Ellie performs, she shows daring acrobatics as she tip toes across a tightrope that is suspended at a great height. Ellie.

NAME: Chuckles  TALENT: Juggling Unicycle   ABOUT: Chuckles is particularly clever as he is able to ride expertly on his unicycle and juggle at the same time. But because Chuckles enjoys having a good laugh he is always playing jokes that make him laugh so much he can fall off his unicycle. Chuckles.

NAME: Jazz  TALENT: Juggling   ABOUT: Because Jazz is a Panda, he has amazing climbing abilities and this has helped him become a great juggling artist. He is able to juggle more quickly than Chuckles and he also likes to juggle along to The Tempo’s lively music.Jazz.

NAME: Lulu  TALENT: Jumping hoops   ABOUT: Lulu is one of the great stars of the Animal Magic show. She is able to run fast and jump very high through hoops and is known for her lovely hair and costumes that she makes herself.Lulu.

NAME: The Tumblers  TALENT: Tumbling   ABOUT: The Tumbling family have been busy performing their remarkable pyramid for many years. The ants are able to build on top of each other to reach lofty heights then one by one they jump and flip and are caught by their fellow team-mates to safely land.The Tumblers.

We was sent two cups, one to review and one to giveaway to one of our readers. Oliver quickly chose the cup that he wanted, Theodore, the talented dancing dog. The cups are fun to look at, bright in colour and made to a high quality. Oliver loves his new cup and feels all grown up with it, just like his older brothers. His little hand fits just right around the bottle and after using it for a few weeks now I can definitely say that it is Spill Proof, we have had no spills from the spout and Oliver finds it easy to open and close it. It has witheld the odd drop to the floor and is easy to wash out using a bottle cleaner. He enjoys looking at the little character on the side and points to it saying ‘Doggy’. As the cups capacity is only 300ml it doesn’t get too heavy for the little ones when they are holding it.


The tommee tippee® explora® Animal Antics cups are available at Asda priced £4.49 for the First Transition Cup, and £3.99 for all other cups, from 21st October 2013. They are dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe and BPA-free. To find out more and download your colouring sheets for your chance to be in our 2014 Animal Antics calendar, please visit

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Scooby Doo Adventures DVD Review and giveaway

All new scooby doo Puppet movie!

Get ready to experience the worlds famous scooby doo  and the crew like never before , in an original movie with a brand new puppet format . Zoinks!

Scooby doo! Adventures The Mystery Map DVD sees new-look Scooby and the gang embark on a mad, pizza-fuelled dash to find pirate Gnarlybeards hidden treasure. Confronting more than a few chilling obstacles along the way, watch as the slobbering hound and his band of crime busting puppet pals sniff out clues , only to have the map stolen by the frightening phantom parrot! RUH-ROH!

The gang must track down the mysterious, frightening Phantom Parrot who has the map to pirate Gnarlybeards hidden treasure. Scooby sniffs out the map’s clues, which lead him right to the spooky pirate ship, but once on board , what will Gnarlybeard be willing to do to protect his booty?

Scooby doo Where Are You?!



The following is written by Jak, 11 years old:

“Last week i watched ‘Scooby Doo Adventures: The Mystery Map’ with my best friend, Josh ( We had a sleep over 😉 ).  The DVD is suitable for ages 2-12 and is 45min long. We found the movie very funny and unique. This video has the authentic feel of the muppets and the animated series of the crime fighting, myth bustin’, and pizza eating gang.”

The film is one to watch with the whole family, the animations are great. The boys sat and watched as part of a sleepover and all i heard were giggles all the way through. As the film is only 43 minutes long it is ideal for the younger children especially if they find it hard to sit still for long periods of time.

As a child i loved watching the Muppets and Scooby Doo so i think that it is brilliant that the both of them have been combined to produce this fun filled family film that can be watched again and again. The DVD would make a fabulous Christmas stocking/present!

The new format DVD, Scooby doo! Adventures: ‘The mystery Map‘, is available from 21st October 2013.

We was sent a copy for the purpose of this review and was generously given another one to giveaway

If you would like to win a copy of the DVD then please do the following:

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My Buggy Buddy Lock Giveaway

Do you ever leave your buggy outside and worry about it’s safety?

Well there is a solution and that’s called the Buggy Buddy Lock, you can lock your bags, your buggy, even your bike to a railing/gate giving you the extra piece of mind that your belongings are that little bit safer.


I bought myself one of these locks when my Oliver was a newborn as i had to leave the buggy outside the health centers when i visited his health visitor for his weekly checks, I didn’t like the idea of leaving my expensive buggy outside with no security. The lock is small and lightweight enough to carry in your changing bag and even will fit into your handbag! I left mine attached to the buggy so i knew where it was at all times. We have even used the Buddy Lock to secure my sons bike to a railing when we was on holiday as we forgot the chain lock.


The Buddy Lock is simple to use, it has a combination lock that you set up on the first time with a new 3 digit code. Half of the lock is covered with soft foam to prevent scratches on your buggy.

I have one of these locks to giveaway to you, all you have to do is the following:

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The giveaway will end on 8th June at midnight. I will be using to pick a winner.

I am supplying the Buddy Lock myself as a giveaway as i think it is a great little accessory to any buggy 🙂




The Hairy Dieters Cookbook Giveaway

I would like to thank all of my followers, friends and fellow bloggers for reading our blog, I really do appreciate it and as a thank you I would like to give something back to you all by running a giveaway.

I bought a Cook book for myself last week and thought that this would make a fabulous giveaway for my blog so out of my own pocket I have bought one for one of my lovely followers to win. The book is ‘The Hairy Dieters’ and it is filled to the brim with some gorgeous and tasty recipes. I did not buy it because I want to lose weight I bought it for the delicious recipes that it holds and on Sunday I cooked there Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken recipe, my family loves a good roast and this recipe went down just as well as any other roast we have had, in fact the OH said it tasted better than any restaurant he has ever ate a roast in and that it was his favourite by far. The chicken was succulent and the taste of lemon really came through in the chicken. The Thyme is placed under the skin so it is against the breast you do this by sliding your fingers under the skin carefully separating it from the flesh, the lemon is squeezed all over the skin and rubbed in and for extra lemony flavour I added some slices along with the thyme under the skin. I love this roast chicken recipe and will be definitely doing it again. The hairy bikers say that the skin is where the calories are so they advise not to eat it.


The Hairy Dieters cookbook is full of hearty family meals, Pies, lunches, snacks and pudding and cakes. The Hairy Bikers Si King and Dave Myers are self confessed food lovers and between them have lost almost 6 stone by coming up with tasty recipes that are low in calories and big on flavour. Following their tips and advice in the book can help you bake your cake, eat it and lose weight too.

20130128-144205.jpgTo be in with a chance of winning a copy of this book please can you do the following:

  • Leave a comment below telling me your favourite recipe that you like to cook/bake.
  • Please tweet “I want to Love Food with @angoewright78 by winning The Hairy Dieters Cookbook
  • Please like my facebook by clicking on the FB widget on the right hand side of this post or my twitter page

Please comments below to let me know you have done so with your twitter ID or email ad so if you are a winner I can contact you.

  • The competition will end on 11 the February at midnight 2013
  • I will draw a winner by using
  • My decision is final


I would just like to add that I have provided the cookbook out of my own money and it has NOT been given to me.

UPDATE 12/2/13
Winner is Mellissa Williams
Who was the 11th person to enter the competition



CBeebies Sid Sloane ‘Sids Show’ Family Ticket Giveaway

Competition Closed
Winner @RedRoseMummy

View SidShow.jpg in slide show

Oscar Stardust Productions Presents the Tour of


Join Sid from CBeebies Live On Stage

CBeebies longest-serving presenter Sid Sloane is due to make the jump from screen to stage this autumn, when he embarks on a nationwide tour of his brand-new, fun-filled show which promises to knock audiences’ socks off! Receiving its official Premiere in Brighton on 30 October, the extensive tour will encompass over 30 venues across England and Wales.

Follow Sid as he sets out on an heroic quest to find out where in the world his favourite socks and shoes have gone… share in with the fun as Sid adventures to the bottom of the ocean, through the depths of the jungle and floating into outer space. Meet an array of funny characters and discover plenty of surprises along the way! This interactive 55 minute long show is crammed with games, songs, poems and magic guaranteed to put a smile on little faces.

Written by Rachel Barnett and directed by Dominique Gerrard, SID’s SHOW is a LIVE family-friendly adventure (suitable for ages 3+).

This new live-show comes on the cusp of launching a new televised children’s series, ‘Let’s Play’, to be presented by Sid. The series inspires pre-schoolers to discover the world through creative role-play and dressing-up. Due to air on CBeebies later this year, ‘Let’s Play’ will be co-presented by newcomer Rebecca Keatley.

Sid Sloane

SID’s SHOW will tour well into 2013. For further information about the show visit:

Tour Dates/2012

3 November Skegness – The Embassy
10 November Redhill – Harlequin
2 December Winchester – Discovery centre


2 February Fareham – Ferneham hall
3 February Catford – The Broadway
9 February Truro – The hall for cornwall
11 February Cardiff – St David’s Hall
15 February Bolton – The Albert Halls
16 February Barrow-in-Furness – Forum
17 February Lytham-St Annes – Lowther Pavilion
18 February Clitheroe- The Grand
19 February Ellesmere Port- Civic hall
20 February Tamworth – Assembly rooms
21 February Worthing – The Pavilion
22 February Burgess Hill – The Martlets hall
24 February Stevenage – Gordon Craig
2 March Basildon – The Mirren Studio
10 March Basingstoke – The Anvil
17 March Camberley – Camberley theatre
23 March Bishops Stortford- Rhodes Arts
30 March Embassy ball’ (Bunns Leisure)
6 April Warrington – The Parr Hall
7 April Shrewsbury – Theatre Seven
13 April Grays – Thameside theatre
21 April Clacton – Westcliff Theatre
27 April Solihull – Arts complex
28 April Weston-s-Mare Playhouse
5 May Tunbridge Wells
29 June Lichfield- The Garrick theatre
30 June Burnley- The mechanics theatre

The show is ideal for families with children aged between 3 and 7 years old.

I have been given One family ticket to give away on the blog comprising of either: 2 Adults & 2 Children or 1 Adult & 3 Children to any of the single performance on the UK Tour as seen above.

To be in with a chance of winning the tickets please do the following:

  • Answer the following question and leave the answer in the comment box below

‘Where will Sid’s adventures take you?

  • Like Sid Sloane on Facebook and leave a comment below to let me know you have done so
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  • Competition terms:

    This competition is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland aged 18 years or over, except for those associated with the production company, their families or anyone else associated with this competition.

    You must do all of the above to be in with a chance of winning, please leave an email or twitter name so i can contact you if you are the winner.

    The competition will run for 2 weeks and will end on 3rd november at Midnight. The winner will be contacted the following day and your details will be passed on to the PR.

    The winner may be required to take part in publicity

    All prizes are non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives. The prize is subject to availablity.

    Events may occur that render the competition itself or the awarding of the prizes impossible due to reasons beyond the control of the Promoter, and accordingly the Promoter may at its absolute discretion vary or amend the promotion and the entrant agrees that no liability shall attach to the Promoter as a result thereof.

    Mumofthreeboys is responsible for the advertising and the adjudication of the competition, All other facilities connected with the provision of the prize are the responsibility of the Promoter.

    The winner will be drawn using Random Number Generator and my decision is final.

    Good Luck To you all 🙂


    iStylista online personal stylist review and giveaway

    *Competition now closed. Well done everyone, hope you enjoy your guide*

    iStylista Style Goddess style guide

    Ever wanted you own personal shopper, do you need help on how to style yourself to your body shape, do you need the do’s and dont’s of what items of clothing should be in your wardrobe.

    Istylista helps us to learn the secrets of how to style ourselves confidently by wearing the most flattering styles of clothing to suit our body shapes and make us look years younger by wearing colours that compliment your natural colouring. was launched in May 2009 as the online personal stylist, using the expertise of its founder Chantelle Znideric, professional personal stylist to the rich and famous. The website gives you the opportunity to shop for the latest designer clothes with confidence and convenience that comes with having your own personal stylist.

    To receive my own style guide i had to complete a questionnaire, which was easy to complete. I was asked a series of questions like my body shape, entering my upper and lower dress sizes, face shape and eye, hair and skin colour, i did get stuck on my body shape but the guide helped as once clicked on it will give you a more detailed write up to help you decide on what you are. I always thought i was a rectangle shape but after reading the descriptions of the body shapes i actually realised i was a pear shape. It doesn’t matter if once you have submitted all of your measurements and shapes and realise after when reading through your personal style that you have inputted the wrong information you can just go back to istylista website and log in, go to ‘My changing room’ and here you get to edit your details.

    The questionnaire also asks about your lifestyle ie; housewife, worker or a yummy mummy and any additional style advises where you may seek more advice on them troublesome areas, for me it was my bust area and having a short and thin frame.

    Once finished i could download my style guide, which was 26 pages long and shop online with the chance of buying some clothes that are suggested for me to match my body specifications. The guide also told me what sort of haircut suits the shape of my face. I found iStylista to be an interesting way of finding out more about what suits me and the report was very descriptive and comprehensive, leaving nothing out, it even suggest jewellery to wear.

    The style goddess contents are :

    – Your body shape classification

    – 10 essential body shape styling tips

    – Your key clothing shapes

    – Your best fabrics and patterns

    – 3 styling tips to enhance your troublesome body parts

    – Your best neutral colour palette

    – Your best additional colour palette

    – Colour styling tricks and tips

    – Your ideal lifestyle capsule wardrobe and style secrets

    On having a short thin frame i was advised to wear the same colours and tones from head to toe so that it would lengthen my overall frame and add instant height and my ‘what not to wear’ advice was to avoid wearing very short skirts, trousers with a turn-up and ankle straps on shoes, as these styles will only shorten my appearance, this is obviously where i have been going wrong as i do like to wear trousers with a turn up.

    My most flattering colours are those that have a cool blue undertone to them, neutral colours will complement my skin tone. I was quite disappointed to read that I should avoid wearing black, as it’s too cold and harsh for my skin tone as it drain’s my overall complexion making it appear grey, pasty and tired looking. Makes sense really, but most of my wardrobe is made up of black clothes but i am advised not to throw them away but to just team them up more flattering additional colours worn nearer your face and keep black to a minimum to achieve a chic look.

    As much as i love Gok Wan i am so glad that now i no longer need to apply to ‘How to look good naked’ to get my own personal stylist.

    To find out more about iStylista visit there website or follow them on twitter @iStylista

    I have 10 Personalised Style Goddess Guides to give away, priced at £30 each. If you can not wait for the competition to end i can offer you all a 40% discount code, all you have to do is insert this code R4E6-3YD4-VR at the end of finishing the questionnaire.

    How to win:

    Compulsary Action

    You must leave an email or twitter address on your comment so i can contact you if you win.

    1. Subscribe to my blog via email, comment below to tell me you have done so.

    2. Tweet on twitter “I want to win my own personalised iStylista guide with @angoewright78 and @iStylista


    post on your facebook page “I want to win my own personalised iStylista guide with mumofthreeboys” leave a seperate comment to tell me you have done so

    Additional Entries

    3. Leave a comment below telling me why you need a personal stylist

    4. Like my Facebook Page seen to the right of this page

    Competition closes on the 1st April 2012 at midnight, winners will be picked out of a hat and my decision is final.

    Thank you for reading and participating in mumofthreeboys first fabulous giveaway