An Epic Day At Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder

Are you looking for something to get your children out of the house and away from technology?

Let the children loose ready for an adventure on the ultimate obstacle course

Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder is a 1 mile obstacle fun mud run especially designed for children aged between 7 and 12. Mini Mudder gives children a chance to work as a team, get muddy, experience the thrill of adventure and explore their adventurous side. Each Mudder course features 8-10 obstacles that will encourage children to work and support each other.

What makes a Mini Mudder

  • Not scared of getting wet and covered in mud
  • Tough and Strong as some of those obstacles are hard work
  • Working together and helping others
  • Up for an Adventure. Mini Mudder promises to be epic
  • Agility is needed on some of the obstacles
  • Not be a whinger as only babies whine
  • Speed – running between the obstacles
  • Adventurous and ready to explore
  • Challenging – Looking at how to attempt the obstacles
  • Up for anything – Not afraid of getting stuck in

The Mini Mudder course consists of 8-10 obstacles along with lots of mud and water

  • Get tangled in Tumble Weed
  • Sprint up Mini Everest
  • Scale Mount Mud
  • Brave the Tunnel of Terror
  • Teamwork at Got Your Back
  • Conquer the Crazy Climb
  • Plunge into Mud Miles deep pit of thick sludge
  • Let the monkey in you come alive at Hangin’ On, Hangin’ Out
  • Slip through the cracks at Secret Agent Squeeze

Each Mini Mudder event is held alongside Tough Mudder. Each challenge starts on the hour every hour from 9 – 4. We was lucky enough to be invited along to the South London event held at Holmbush Estate.

Dad and the eldest boy have participated in local mud events in previous years so they were looking forward to seeing if lived up to its name sake and if it really was as tough as it offered to be. The youngest two have only ever looked on in awe from the sidelines at such events.

When I told the boys about the Mini Mudder challenge they were ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the adventure to begin. My boys are very competitive, so they found it hard to understand that the event wasn’t a race and that it was just for fun.

We arrived at about 11 and was surprised to see how bloody busy the place was, hundreds and hundreds of mud searching, adrenaline pumping adults all around gearing themselves up for the Tough Mudder Run. The atmosphere was great, everyone was in good spirits including the boys.

After a quick look around we made our way to the mini mudder arena, which wasn’t far from the finishing line to Tough Mudder. Whilst the younger ones were getting ready for their little adventure, Dad and older brother were making their way to the Tough Mudder start line.

Each Mini Mudder wave starts on the hour just after a little fun warm up with the mudder organisers. They are all then walked towards the start line and then let loose on the course.

The boys along with all the other children that took part were quick to get as muddy as they could. I mean who wouldn’t! Children allowed to get in as much mess as they can with their adults consent, that doesn’t happen that often.

It was lovely to see my boys helping each other over the obstacles and giving each other a helping hand when needed. They normally fight and squabble, but for one hour in that day they actually got along. I even witnessed them holding hands at one point. For once there was no sibling rivalry only support and friendship. There was no stopping them, they whizzed around the course in record time, taking on the obstacles like a giant in a playground. They showed determination and took on the challenges set with ease.


A fun day was had by all at Tough and Mini Mudder, Mummy was a little tired watching her boys get very muddy but it was worth it seeing the smiles of achievement on their faces. Each adult and child that competed the course received a headband as a keepsake. The children were rewarded with a Fruit Shoot drink at the end, it was much needed as well.

There were showers to clean yourself up and wash away as much mud as possible but we heard that they were quite cold so decided on changing in one of the toilets into clean clothes and just wiping away the mud with some baby wipes.


They truly did conquer and all that was left to do was wash all of the mud out of their clothes (which took a good soaking in the bath for a couple of days)

If taking part I would advice you to take along spare clothes and shoes, baby wipes, black bag to place dirty clothes in, a towel in case you use the showers and cover you car seats with plastic.

To find out when the next Mini Mudder is available check out their website

We was invited along to participate in the event for the purpose of this post.


Dioctipoid Puzzle Review


I love puzzles and when i was given the opportunity to test and review these puzzles I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. As a young girl i had a rubix cube and used to really enjoy playing about with it, but i must admit i did cheat and i used to peel off the coloured stickers and place them all back into the correct places, tut tut!

I was sent a Dioctipoid 1.0 and a 2.0, the latter being the hardest of the puzzles.

The puzzles are of a sphere shape and come already set up, in a box sitting on its own little stand. The object of the puzzle is to slide the shaped segments around the sphere and soon the pattern that was once there becomes lost and that’s when the puzzle becomes challenging.

Dioctipoid 1.0 has 6 coloured different star shapes, light blue, dark blue, yellow, red, green and purple. Each star is made up of 5 pieces and there are 12 white diamonds of which do not slide.


The Dioctipoid 2.0 has 6 different coloured shapes made up of 7 pieces, unlike the level 1.0 their are no white diamonds.


I like that it comes with its own stand because once you have had a little play you can place it safely back onto the display on your side ready for later on in the day when you fancy another little go with it.

Myself and my son who is 9 years old have been both playing about with it for the past week and still to no avail have we managed to solve the puzzle and get it back to its original shape, and there is definitely no cheating with this one as each shape have NO stickers. The puzzle is made of hard-wearing good quality plastic and the slide is smooth. The colours are lovely and bright and very attractive. It fits just right into your hand, roughly being the size of cricket ball, it’s not heavy and comfortable to hold. My son found it a bit fiddly at first but soon got the hang of it and has really enjoyed trying to solve the puzzle.

It is a great little puzzle to take on long car journeys.

It is very challenging, involves concentration and good stimulation.

The Dioctipoid  is a great brain trainer for children, as we know children’s brains are like sponges and they have the ability to pick up new skills, it is helping them to problem solve which is a skill that they will benefit from when they are older.

This puzzle reinforces critical thinking, fine motor skills, and very challenging.

The Dioctipoid is designed for ages 8+ and can be bought at here for the 1.0 and here for the 2.0, currently being sold at £9.99 which i must add is a sale price.

There is currently a competition running with Dioctipoid where you can enter to win the swiss bank account. All you have to is to solve the puzzle in the shortest amount of time. To find out more about the competition take a look here.

So why dont you take on the challenge and see if you can do better than me!