A weekend of achievements and Personal Bests

Living in a London borough gives the children a very good chance of competing in the London Mini Marathon for their borough. Children that live else where in GB have to be within the top four runners of their region/nation.

Each London borough, region and home nation has a team manager who is responsible for selecting a team to take part in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon, which also doubles as the British Athletics three-mile road championship race. Boys and girls race in 3 age categories and there are 6 races in total.

We are lucky to live in a London Borough and back in February my eldest boy who is 13 years old, attended the trials for a chance to win a place on the boroughs team. For the third year in a row, he managed to get through.

Unlike previous years, he has tried hard with his training. He hasn’t managed to run every evening but attended the training sessions each week that was run by a local running club and went out for local runs after school. Not only has he been running but he has also been attending his swimming sessions at his club three times a week. This has really helped with his stamina. He had more drive this year wanting to achieve and try his hardest.

He was dropped off early Sunday morning, along with his other team mates, to catch the coach into the City. He wasn’t nervous but eager to get running. Not long after dropping him off, we set off ourselves as a family to go and cheer him on.

I was in pain from an op I had the day before but i needed to see him. I needed him to know that I was there supporting and cheering him on.

It wasn’t long before we saw him running past us along the embankment, he was looking strong and doing so well. As we called out his name, he got a burst of energy and it must have spurred him along. He looked over to us and smiled and carried on running.

The boy in red shorts


Dad and little brother went off to collect him from the finish, whilst I found a cafe to sit in and wait for my big hero to come.


He was so proud of himself .


When the results come through he was in complete shock. Couldn’t believe the time that he had got. Said it must have been a fluke. I say that it was determination. I have always told him that if he puts effort and time into something he will acheive.

Jaks time 17:56 Placed 23rd for the borough challenge.

Now, I have 3 boys and they all run. On Saturday saw my middle boy who is 8 years old run in a local 5k parkrun.

He had asked his big brother to take him along to the park to join in with adults and other children to run 5k. His brother ran along his side all the way, they didn’t stop and he managed to pass over the finish line in an amazing 25:47. A personal best for him.


I love to see my boys enjoying the outdoors and feeling the freedom of running.

I love watching them grow with determination and dedication.

Little brother can not wait to follow in his big brothers footsteps and compete in the London Mini Marathon himself. I am sure big brother will be cheering him along all the way.


The day my 11 Yr old met the Mayor

Today was a very special day for my eldest son Jak

Today he met the Mayor and was presented with a certificate and thanked personally for representing the borough in the London Mini Marathon and for volunteering to raise money for Chrons And Colitis.

Two weeks ago Jak received a letter in the post addressed to himself, inviting him along to the Town Hall to meet the mayor and to hand over any money that he had collected for the Mayors charity.

We arrived just in time to be greeted in the foyer, where other children who had competed also, along with Jak, were waiting to be led into the Mayors Chamber, The Mayor addressed the children and thanked them for such an amazing achievement, he explained what the charity was and how the money that they had raised would be helping children, like themselves, and adults within our borough.



Jak was beaming with pride as his name was called out and he made his way to the front of the chamber to be presented with a certificate by the Mayor and Mayoress



Although the marathon has been and gone and is only a small memory for some people, for Jak it is still fresh in his mind and he still can not believe that he ran in such an iconic race.

After having single photos with the Mayor the children were then led out back into the foyer where they posed for a group photo

20140514-202627.jpgUnfortunately not all of the children turned up, but that just meant that there were more biscuits for us lol

Jak felt very important today and so he should, as what he did was something to be very proud of!



Working it out

Last week I bought Oliver a wooden number puzzle with the numbers 1-10 on it for 99p from one if the cheap stores in our local shopping centre. Oliver loves saying his numbers and is always counting, when I say 1 he will say 2 and then I say 3 and he replies with 4 and so on.
When we are at the park he always counts the steps up to the slide and then when he goes down the slide he says 4,3,2,1 and off he goes.

I thought he would like the puzzle but never knew how much until today, I gave him a number and said
“Where does the number 2 go?”
He took it off of me and sat looking at the numbers scanning his eyes over them until he clocked the number 2, he placed it in the right place
“There it go!” He says.
He struggled at first with the numbers 6 and 9 but soon got the hang of turning them around to fit them in
“Turn around, wrong way!” He says.
As soon as all of the numbers are in the correct place he tips it up and starts again, he sat and played with the puzzle for a good hour. Wherever he went he took it with him and told me
“Not working” when he couldn’t find all the pieces.



I love his concentration face when he is trying hard the think, he sticks the top of his tongue out of his mouth, it must work as he got it right every single time.


A Day of Achieving #365

What a day!

Joseph had gymnastic classes today and we knew before we arrived that he would be receiving a badge and a certificate for passing one of his proficiency awards but he was totally shocked and over the moon to find out that he had actually passed two!


When I picked him up after his class had finished his smile couldn’t have been any bigger than what it was, he was beaming from ear to ear and jumping for joy! He was so proud of himself and couldn’t wait to show his big brother.

I loved seeing him that happy.

Well done Joseph!
Mummy is very proud of you!


A Moment of Pleasure A Lifetime Of Love

I am most certainly proud of all three of my boys, every time i look at them i am suddenly bowled over with how much i love and cherish them! I am so very proud of everything that they do and am always giving them encouragement and guidance in what every they do! I never felt such a strong emotion of proudness prior to being a parent, my boys have opened my eyes to a whole new world!

There are those specific moments when i feel highly honored to be there mum, they are such a credit to me and their Dad I sometimes have to pinch myself as i feel like my life’s a dream!

My boys have achieved so much in their short lives so far, they are patient and kind, they are honest and fair, they are respectful and dedicated! They have so much creativity and talent, they strive to meet goals to fulfilled their dreams! They are inspirational and ambitiousness!

They make me smile, they warm my heart, they make me cry, they take my breath away, they are my treasures!

They are my gift, my life and my love!

My eldest has made so proud and he is only 10 years old! There isn’t anything that he can not achieve, he tries his best to succeed in whatever he does and puts his heart and soul into it too.

In the last year my boys have brought tears to my eyes many times, with their words, actions, development and success.

Today my eldest found out he has been voted to represent his school as a school councillor, the moment he told me i held my breath for the fear of hearing the wrong news, he fought hard for his spot putting in a lot of effort and time into his speech so I am so proud that he got it.

In the past year my boys have appeared in adverts; magazines; newspapers; websites, they have learnt to walk, talk, read and write, They have secured spots in theatre productions and have grown into lovely handsome young men!

They have lovely relationships with each other and are very loving boys, they are just perfect!