A New Year A New 366

I didn’t quite keep on top of my 366 posts last year but it’s something that i definitely enjoyed doing. I caught Jak looking through the blog yesterday laughing at the pictures and remembering his life through the last year.

So here is my first 366 post of the year


The boys visited Nanny for a New Years dinner, Nanny doesn’t live near us, it’s about a 45 minutes drive away. Nanny cooked a lovely dinner and the boys enjoyed all the cuddles they received.


A week in pictures


Oliver smiling whilst in his buggy at his big brothers

Joseph’s reindeer picture made from leaves that he collected

Joseph received super speller from his school for getting all of his spellings right

Joseph dressed up as Ash from Pokemon, using his baseball cap that he got from Coombemill for our post on country kids

Oliver not very well as he is cutting some more back teeth


A kiss for Pudsey

As its children in need today Joseph has spent all evening cuddling up to my Teddy Pudsey. It was bought for me when I was in hospital by the boys to make me feel better.
Paul thought the eye patch was covering Pudsey’s ear which is where I had an operation.



#366 Bargain Flowers

On our drive back from Isle of Wight on Friday we stopped over at a motorway stopover, one of those Extra ones.
We’ve been to one of the big ones before, it was huge! With the normal McDonald’s, burger king and whSmiths but they also had a Greggs and a Marks and Spencer’s. I had a little look around and found a bouquet of flowers presented in a box with a ribbon round it, the were beautiful and caught my eye straight away. I was thinking about treating myself when I noticed that they were reduced to £3 down from £13!!
Well, I had to have them at that price!


Beautiful aren’t they!



Today’s photo of the day has got to be of Joseph doing his homework spellings.
When I picked him up last week on Friday afternoon from school he was jumping for joy, he had practised all week long with his spellings and he had got them all right 🙂 he was beaming from ear to ear with the biggest ‘proud of himself’ grin. He was chuffed to pieces with his super speller certificate, which is now on show on the kitchen cupboard for us to see every day.

This week he has really tried hard too with his spellings and his hand writing, I can see a huge improvement in his writing and his spellings, he has become more interested in his homework and wants to learn how to do his spellings. At first he struggled to keep his writing in the small boxes on the grid but with practice he now fits them all in there.



#366 hi ho silver lining!

Oliver loves his rocking horse that nanny bought him, he mounts it all by himself and rocks to and fro. He knows that when you press the was that it plays music and that it makes the neigh sound, he even imitates the sound himself and sounds so cute.