Working it out

Last week I bought Oliver a wooden number puzzle with the numbers 1-10 on it for 99p from one if the cheap stores in our local shopping centre. Oliver loves saying his numbers and is always counting, when I say 1 he will say 2 and then I say 3 and he replies with 4 and so on.
When we are at the park he always counts the steps up to the slide and then when he goes down the slide he says 4,3,2,1 and off he goes.

I thought he would like the puzzle but never knew how much until today, I gave him a number and said
“Where does the number 2 go?”
He took it off of me and sat looking at the numbers scanning his eyes over them until he clocked the number 2, he placed it in the right place
“There it go!” He says.
He struggled at first with the numbers 6 and 9 but soon got the hang of turning them around to fit them in
“Turn around, wrong way!” He says.
As soon as all of the numbers are in the correct place he tips it up and starts again, he sat and played with the puzzle for a good hour. Wherever he went he took it with him and told me
“Not working” when he couldn’t find all the pieces.



I love his concentration face when he is trying hard the think, he sticks the top of his tongue out of his mouth, it must work as he got it right every single time.


Goodnight my little 1 year old

As I pear over the top of your cot and look down at your cute little angelic face, I hold your chubby little hand and whisper
“Goodnight my little one year old”
Tonight will be last ever night you will go to sleep as a one year old, For tomorrow (at 11:10 to be precise) you will 2 years old!


Every second I spend with you, I smile, I adore every bone in your body and I love to be close to you.

You are my past, my present and my future

This year you have learnt to walk, run, climb, talk, feed yourself, count, sing songs, draw, play alongside your big brothers and go to bed by yourself.

So as I lean over into your cot, I gently kiss your forehead and say
“Goodnight little man”
My last time to you as a one year old!

I love you Oliver

Happy birthday