The funny things they say and do!

I Had made some popcorn for us to munch in whilst watching X factor last weekend. I had a bowl on the table and daddy was sitting on the sofa eating from a smaller bowl. I gave Oliver a popcorn and he took it then ran off over to his daddy and he took one from him, he ran from mummy and daddy taking from both of us, I told him that I had his popcorn not daddy so he took a piece back out of his mouth and put it back into daddy’s bowl yuk! Lol

Whilst sitting in a restaurant eating our food, Joseph decided to shout “I need a POO! I need a POO!”

Joseph and I was discussing him going to the toilet in school
Joseph: “I’m going to stop eating!”
Me: “why would you do that, Joseph?”
Joseph: “because I poo too much mum and if I eat less then I won’t need to do so many poos! I poo all the time in school”
Me: “Joseph, you have to eat you just have a healthy bowel”
Joseph: “what’s a vowel?”
Oh dear! The conversation went on and on!!!

I was taking photos of the boys on my phone whilst waiting for the train and Jak decided to strike a pose


We were in the car on the way to bristol as the journey was going to be about 3 hours we started to play games to pass the time and keep the boys occupied and to ease their boredom. We was playing ‘I went on holiday and I brought home a…..’ It was Joseph’s turn and he had the letter D and he told us he would bring home a dindle! (That’s what he calls his penis!)

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The funny things they say and do

Whilst on our weekend away the other week we was sitting in the campsites club house and the children were all on the dance floor dancing to the disco music, the compere decided to stop the music and go out on to the floor to ask the children if knew any jokes to tell. Joseph piped up with this joke:

3 toads entered a hotel and asked for a room, the man said sorry but we don’t have any left but you are welcome to sleep in the bathroom.
They all said yes and off they went.
The next morning the toads were asked how their night was so the toad who slept in the toilet said “well first it went dark then it started raining and finally a log fell me!?!?” …..

Joseph version had lots of uhmms and errrs and quite a bit of giggles too.
He sounded so cute over the microphone, but I’m not sure anyone understood the joke .

Joseph was sitting at the table waiting for breakfast, when I put his bowl down in front of him he said to Jak
“I’m having cackle pop for breakfast”
Think he meant coco pops…

I was ill this week and laid up in bed so the boys spent some time laying on the bed with me watching TV. Joseph was playing on the iPad so Jak started rubbing my feet and told me he would give me a foot massage to make me feel better. Aaw!!!!

I have been teaching Oliver some names of colours and everytime I say blue he repeats with the word ‘Bum’
Not sure where he has got this from but having two big brothers probably haven’t helped.

What have your children been up to this week? Have they said or done anything that have made you laugh or smile?
Please leave a comment below..

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The funny things they say and do

Children say and do the funniest things ad my boys are no exception. They do make me laugh sometimes with the stories they tell each other or the words they come out with which are most of the time made up and only have meaning to themselves.

The other day Joseph got out of the pool and even though the water was warm it was quite a windy day so as soon as he got to the top of the ladder the wind hit him and made him all cold, he ran to the back door and I wrapped a towel around him. He came indoors and asked me to make him a nice hot chocolate to warm him up and to put the escalator on! Escalator? I think he meant radiator…

I took the boys for a haircut just before they started school, it always takes me forever to get Joseph’s haircut as he likes his curls. At the barbers, whilst we was waiting he was watching the barber shave a mans head, he looked at me all sad and said
” I don’t want my hair cut!”
Me : “Its ok Joseph the man will only trim it up and make it so you can see as your hair is now growing over your eyes”
Joseph: “Can I still keep my fishtail?”
Me: “Fishtail??”
Joseph: “Yes! The bit at the front of my head that looks like a fishes tail”


Can you see what he is talking about? 🙂

We was talking about the boys new teachers that they have in school and Joseph that he didn’t like his new teacher because she is mean, I asked him why he thought that his teacher was mean and he replied that she makes the children in the classroom do work! Could you imagine sending your child to school to do some work! What ever next! Lol

Jak has been doing a few days filming for a BBC Drama and he was talking about what he was earning for doing it, I told him how much and he said it doesn’t matter that it was a small amount as it all counts to his savings for him going To Cambridge University.

We was all waiting at a train station platform when there was a group of men stood nearby waiting for the same train, they were all spruced up and obviously on their way out for a night on the town. When the train pulled up we all got into the same carriage, it was pretty empty with only a few other people on there with us. Joseph sat down and shouted really loudly
“Mum, What’s that smell?”
He was sniffing away and looking around the train at the other people.
I looked at him and told him to be quiet
“What smell Joseph?”
“It’s coming from over there!”
Joseph was pointing at the group of men…
I whispered to Joseph that it was rude to point and tried to change the subject by talking to him about where we was going.
I knew what he was smelling, It was the men’s Aftershave…. Haha!

What have your children been saying or doing this week that has made you chuckle?
Please leave a comment below 🙂

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The funny things they say! It’s for sale and glitter

We visited a farm whilst on holiday in Cornwall last week, the farm had a lovely restaurant attached to it serving up their fresh food, a farm shop, pick your own fruit and a few little farm animals to look at. Our table was booked for 7 o’clock so we had a little walk around the fields, looking at the animals and generally enjoying the evening sun. We got to the field that had the lambs and sheep in, we was all looking at the animals and i was showing Oliver the little lambs when one of them came over to the fence, Joseph got all excited and shouted “Look It’s for sale!” I looked down at the little lamb and saw that it had a tag on its ear, bless Joseph he thought it had a sale tag attached to it.

I had taken the boys out for a little walk to the local shops as they wanted to do some baking at home and we needed some ingredients. On our way back home Jak started to kick a sweet pot that was on the floor, I told him off for kicking it and Joseph piped up and said ” yeah Jak stop kicking the glitter” Jak said i am not kicking glitter Joseph I was kicking a sweet pot. Joseph was adamant and replied “No Jak its glitter” he turned to me “Isn’t it Mum, I’m right aren’t I, It’s glitter” I told him that it wasn’t a glitter pot and that Jak was right it was an old sweet pot. And then the penny dropped I knew what Joseph was trying to say, he was meant to say litter not glitter!

What have you little ones been saying or doing this week that has made you laugh?

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The funny things my boys say and do! Missing poster

Daddy took Joseph to his weekly gymnastics class on sunday morning and they was running a bit late as we all had a lay in. Joseph hadn’t eaten his breakfast so Daddy made him a jam sandwich, Joseph is a very slow eater so when it was time to leave for the class he still had half of his sandwich left. Daddy told him he could take the plate and eat it on the way in the car, which he did. After he had eaten it he passed the plate over to his Dad as there was lots of crumbs on it and Daddy didn’t want them to fall onto the floor of the car, so he emptied them out of the window (I know naughty daddy) anyway the wind caught the plate and blew it right out of his hands and down the street. Joseph was very upset, he is quite a sensitive boy and started sobbing uncontrollably as he started to shout at his dad saying that it was his best plate and how he was never going to see it again and that some other little boy will now have his plate. Daddy tried to calm him down telling him that Mummy would buy him a new one, Joseph went quiet and told his Dad that he was going to make a ‘Missing’ Poster and put it up in the park and hopefully someone will return it to his house. During the previous week we had seen a picture of a dog on a tree in our local park and Joseph wanted to know what it was all about, I told him that the little dog was lost and that the owners wanted him back and was offering a reward to anyone who finds and returns him. Joseph looked at the picture and said that the doggy looked like his friends little dog and that maybe his friends dog wasn’t really their dog but it was the missing dog instead. I explained to him that the Poster says that the dog’s name is Belle and his friends dog was called Charlie so they wasnt the same dog. He came home telling his brothers and Dad about the missing dog called Belle and hasn’t stopped telling everyone about it since so I think that is where he got the idea of putting up a ‘missing poster’ for his dinner plate.

Joseph: Jak! Why is it when Mummy drink’s a Red Bull she doesn’t get wings like they do on the advert on television?

Jak: I don’t Joseph, maybe her wings are special ones that no-one can see.

Joseph: Well if we drink it do you think we will be able to fly?

Jak: Maybe but we will never know because mum says it’s an adults drink and we can’t taste it!

What have your children been up to this week, please leave a comment below i would love to read about them

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Does that mean my hand will brake? Funny things they say!

While playing about with Joseph today, I picked him upside down and noticed that his school shoes were getting a bit grubby

Mummy: Ooh! Joseph I think you need a new pair of school shoes
Joseph: Why mummy?
Mummy: Because they look like they are wearing away at the sole
Joseph: But they still fit me
Mummy: Yes but you can’t walk around with holes in your shoes and they don’t look very smart anymore
Joseph: You know! mummy, shoes don’t last forever!

Tell me about it!

Daddy bought a new car home yesterday and when the boys came home from school they couldn’t wait to explore it. They was enjoying touching buttons, opening up compartments and pretending to drive the car. Oliver was touching the hand brake, Jak was in the drivers seat and Joseph was in the passenger seat looking around
Joseph: What’s that Jak?
Jak: what?
Joseph: That what Oliver is playing with? *pointing at the hand brake*
Jak : That’s the hand brake!
Joseph: What! Will it brake my hand if I touch it then?
*Joseph looks worried*
Jak: NO! LOL it means that you can brake the car with your hand
Joseph: That’s not good, we don’t want to brake the car!
Daddy interrupts and tells him that to stop the car you can use your foot on the pedal and you can pull up the handle with your hand to make sure that the car will not move and that’s why it’s called a hand brake.

It never seams to amaze me with what my boys come out with!
What do your children say or do that make you laugh?

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


I love you all the world

Nanny came to visit yesterday, the boys absolutely adore their nanny and love getting big cuddles from her. They unfortunately do not get to see her often as she does not live local to us, but when they do see her they love spending time with her and fight each other for her attention. As she was leaving to go home she asked Joseph if he wanted to stay at her house for a night in the next school holidays with his older brother Jak. To her surprise he answered ‘No’, she asked him why not and he said he loves his mummy too much to leave her and will only stay at her house if mummy stays as well.

That has got to be the cutest thing I’ve heard him say, well, I thought it was until later on in the evening……

I had told the boys to get ready for bed and sent them upstairs to get their pyjamas on. They both went up to the bedroom but 5 minutes later Joseph cam back down the stairs still wearing his clothes, I asked him why he wasn’t ready for bed! This is how the conversation went:

Mummy: why are you not ready for bed?
Joseph: mummy! You know I love you, don’t you!
Mummy: of coarse I do, and I love you too
Joseph: I love you all the world and back again!
Mummy: that’s a nice thing to say
Daddy: do you love me all the world too?
Joseph: No! I only love you a little bit
Daddy: that’s not nice.
Daddy starts to pretend to cry, I tell Joseph to cheer his dad up and to give him a great big hug, which he does but then he says
Joseph: I do love you dad but I love mum the most because she is cuddly and feeds me.

Joseph turns to me with the cheesiest, cheeky smile ever and then says good night!

Do your little ones say the funniest things?

Share them with me below, I love to read your comments

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The funny things they say / Stupid Frame

I love the innocence of children and enjoy listening to them and the funny things they say, My Son Joseph is typical when it comes to saying the funniest things.

The other day we were all in the kitchen and my 4 year old had accidentally slipped over, i thought he was doing it on purpose because he was very tired and was just playing up so i was just about to tell him to calm down and behave when he said “I should be on Stupid Frame”. I wasn’t sure what he was going on about so i asked him to repeat himself, he just started laughing with my eldest who was in fits of giggles. It took me a minute or so to realise what he actually meant. The previous day we had all been sitting down in the living room watching T.V and guess what the programme was what  we were watching…. “You’ve Been Framed”.

Jak and Joseph, my two boys have recently been filming themselves talking about their favourite games, making up stories and interviewing each other, they call themselves ‘Jak & Joseph TV’.  Anyway Joseph had learnt to ride his bike last weekend without the stabilizers and he was riding around the block on his Bicycle with Daddy and big brother running beside him. Jak, my eldest ran off ahead so he could arrive home before them as he wanted to film his little brother cycling and pulling up outside the house. Jak was waiting outside camera in hand, filming his brother come down the street. Joseph stopped outside the house and Jak started to ask him loads of questions for the film, like what was his name and how old he was. Jospeh was chatting away to the camera as Jak followed him indoors, Joseph sat down on the bottom step to the stairs and started to remove his shoes, he then skipped off doing a little celebration dance shouting “Put Me On YouTube”.

What funny things do your children do or say?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post 🙂


The things they say Linky

A Marriage Proposal

I received a message last week from a friend whose daughter is in the same class as my son.

In the message she told me how she had witnessed a marriage proposal down at the school, no it wasn’t from an adult it was from my four year old who had proposed to her little girl.

Her little girl had received a plastic toy ring from her teacher because she had been given a merit in class that day. After school we was all waiting around out side the junior gates for our eldest children to come out if school. My friends little girl was showing her parents her gift when my son Joseph took the ring off of her and said that he was going to marry her he then placed the ring onto her finger, as he was doing so he told her go keep the ring on forever and when they are older they will be married.

How cute is that!

Do you have a post to share of what your little ones have been saying or been up to this week?

You do!

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Can’t wait to read them

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The things they say Linky

I picked my four year old from school last week and we was bringing home a friend of his to come play at our house for a couple of hours, Joseph was really excited and talking to his little friend about what they could play when they got home. Suddenly Joseph started jumping up and down, getting quite ecstatic and then he said

“Wait until you get to my house i have something really interesting to show you, It’s amazing, you won’t believe it. I have a plant called Aloe that can heal you AND It’s better than SodaCrem!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. He was talking baout the Aloe Vera plant that we had planted just a few days before. LOL.

Do you have any funny posts of conversations you have had with your child or heard them having with others, maybe its something that they do and not what they say or maybe its not a child but an adult who has done something that has made you laugh.

Please link them up here, the linky will be open for 2 days (give you time to write them up) And share your stories with me and others, i would love to read them.

Thank you for reading and participating.

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