The things they say and do! You Jork!

The boys play quite well together but sometimes they do have their little rifts and disagreements which are normally over Jak not wanting to play the game that Joseph is suggesting.

The other day they were arguing because Jak had had enough of playing outside and wanted to come indoors and do something different, he went to walk away and Joseph shouted

“You JORK!”

Jak laughed at him which just made Joseph even more cross

“I think that you have your words mixed up Joseph, It’s not JORK, It’s Dork!”

Although I don’t agree with the boys calling each other names, I couldn’t help but giggle this one time. I think he got a bit muddled up with Jerk and Dork!


“Does Oliver not Love me Mum?”

“Why do you ask that, Joseph?”

“Because he screams at me all the time whenever I am near him!”


The other evening after bathing Oliver I got him dressed into his pyjamas (which were new) he noticed that they were a pair that he had never worn before, he smiled and got really excited by doing a little dance. I took him downstairs to his dad where he turned around in front of him, pointing to his pyjamas saying “Jarmies Jarmies Dad” Small things eh!


Joseph came out of school last Friday with a little gift that he had made in class, it was a beautiful little heart shaped keyring with a picture of himself on it and on the other side was a drawing of someone with blonde hair (Daddy has black hair)

“Who is your drawing of Joseph?”

“Well we was asked to draw someone we loved so i drew you!”

“Aaw, that is lovely Joseph, I love it! But it’s daddy’s day soon didn’t you want to make him one?”

“No, that’s ok we can just buy him something from the shop!”


What have you children been up to lately? Have they said anything that has made you smile or laugh?




The funny things they say and do!

I’ve not posted out a funny things they say and do for a while, not because the boys haven’t done anything funny but simply because i have just not had the spare time to write it down. This week i am off work and although we have been busy with Christmas and sickness i managed to jot down a few things that they have done.

Joseph was arguing with his older brother, i asked them what was going on, Joseph got all upset and said “Jak was confusing me to do it!” I think he meant that his big brother was teasing him!

We was driving to Grandads house for dinner and he lives about 45 minutes away from us

Joseph: Where are we going?

Me: To visit granddad he is cooking us a dinner

Joseph: Well it can’t be little granddad as he lives in another country! (We was driving to the other granddad)

Me: Granddad doesn’t live in another country Joseph, he just lives far far away in another County!

Joseph: But granddad speaks in another language and sometimes i can’t understand him!

Me: granddad is from Yorkshire honey and mummy was born there too, but i just don’t talk with the same accent as Grandad anymore!

Joseph: That’s because you taught yourself english!

We was all eating dinner at Grandad’s house with the little ones at the other end of the kitchen on their own little table. After finishing our food we was having a little chat with some laughter and i looked over to the boys table, i saw jak stood there and walked off so i thought they had all left their table and gone in to the living room to play games. After a few minutes of talking with the other adults at the table it all went silent and we heard a little voice pipe up…

“I don’t like being all on my own!”

I stood up and looked over to the little table and there was Joseph sat hidden behind a large glass still eating his ice cream all on his own… Poor little thing! lol

Christmas morning we was all opening our presents and the boys spent more time in daddy’s big empty box playing cars…


Have your children done or said anything funny? why not leave a comment below and share with me 🙂


One to embarrass him with when he’s older

This is the most funniest pic I have taken of my boys ever!
We were shopping in Cosco and I noticed a rather large Disney Cinderella Doll. I told Joseph to stand next to it and pose as if he was cuddling her, he was being silly with his big brother as Jak was telling him to kiss her. Whilst I got the phone out to take a pic of him and his new friend, I told him to hold on to her as she may topple over.

Well look where he held on to!!!!



The funny things they say and do!

I Had made some popcorn for us to munch in whilst watching X factor last weekend. I had a bowl on the table and daddy was sitting on the sofa eating from a smaller bowl. I gave Oliver a popcorn and he took it then ran off over to his daddy and he took one from him, he ran from mummy and daddy taking from both of us, I told him that I had his popcorn not daddy so he took a piece back out of his mouth and put it back into daddy’s bowl yuk! Lol

Whilst sitting in a restaurant eating our food, Joseph decided to shout “I need a POO! I need a POO!”

Joseph and I was discussing him going to the toilet in school
Joseph: “I’m going to stop eating!”
Me: “why would you do that, Joseph?”
Joseph: “because I poo too much mum and if I eat less then I won’t need to do so many poos! I poo all the time in school”
Me: “Joseph, you have to eat you just have a healthy bowel”
Joseph: “what’s a vowel?”
Oh dear! The conversation went on and on!!!

I was taking photos of the boys on my phone whilst waiting for the train and Jak decided to strike a pose


We were in the car on the way to bristol as the journey was going to be about 3 hours we started to play games to pass the time and keep the boys occupied and to ease their boredom. We was playing ‘I went on holiday and I brought home a…..’ It was Joseph’s turn and he had the letter D and he told us he would bring home a dindle! (That’s what he calls his penis!)

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The funny things they say and do

Whilst on our weekend away the other week we was sitting in the campsites club house and the children were all on the dance floor dancing to the disco music, the compere decided to stop the music and go out on to the floor to ask the children if knew any jokes to tell. Joseph piped up with this joke:

3 toads entered a hotel and asked for a room, the man said sorry but we don’t have any left but you are welcome to sleep in the bathroom.
They all said yes and off they went.
The next morning the toads were asked how their night was so the toad who slept in the toilet said “well first it went dark then it started raining and finally a log fell me!?!?” …..

Joseph version had lots of uhmms and errrs and quite a bit of giggles too.
He sounded so cute over the microphone, but I’m not sure anyone understood the joke .

Joseph was sitting at the table waiting for breakfast, when I put his bowl down in front of him he said to Jak
“I’m having cackle pop for breakfast”
Think he meant coco pops…

I was ill this week and laid up in bed so the boys spent some time laying on the bed with me watching TV. Joseph was playing on the iPad so Jak started rubbing my feet and told me he would give me a foot massage to make me feel better. Aaw!!!!

I have been teaching Oliver some names of colours and everytime I say blue he repeats with the word ‘Bum’
Not sure where he has got this from but having two big brothers probably haven’t helped.

What have your children been up to this week? Have they said or done anything that have made you laugh or smile?
Please leave a comment below..

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The funny things they say and do

Children say and do the funniest things ad my boys are no exception. They do make me laugh sometimes with the stories they tell each other or the words they come out with which are most of the time made up and only have meaning to themselves.

The other day Joseph got out of the pool and even though the water was warm it was quite a windy day so as soon as he got to the top of the ladder the wind hit him and made him all cold, he ran to the back door and I wrapped a towel around him. He came indoors and asked me to make him a nice hot chocolate to warm him up and to put the escalator on! Escalator? I think he meant radiator…

I took the boys for a haircut just before they started school, it always takes me forever to get Joseph’s haircut as he likes his curls. At the barbers, whilst we was waiting he was watching the barber shave a mans head, he looked at me all sad and said
” I don’t want my hair cut!”
Me : “Its ok Joseph the man will only trim it up and make it so you can see as your hair is now growing over your eyes”
Joseph: “Can I still keep my fishtail?”
Me: “Fishtail??”
Joseph: “Yes! The bit at the front of my head that looks like a fishes tail”


Can you see what he is talking about? 🙂

We was talking about the boys new teachers that they have in school and Joseph that he didn’t like his new teacher because she is mean, I asked him why he thought that his teacher was mean and he replied that she makes the children in the classroom do work! Could you imagine sending your child to school to do some work! What ever next! Lol

Jak has been doing a few days filming for a BBC Drama and he was talking about what he was earning for doing it, I told him how much and he said it doesn’t matter that it was a small amount as it all counts to his savings for him going To Cambridge University.

We was all waiting at a train station platform when there was a group of men stood nearby waiting for the same train, they were all spruced up and obviously on their way out for a night on the town. When the train pulled up we all got into the same carriage, it was pretty empty with only a few other people on there with us. Joseph sat down and shouted really loudly
“Mum, What’s that smell?”
He was sniffing away and looking around the train at the other people.
I looked at him and told him to be quiet
“What smell Joseph?”
“It’s coming from over there!”
Joseph was pointing at the group of men…
I whispered to Joseph that it was rude to point and tried to change the subject by talking to him about where we was going.
I knew what he was smelling, It was the men’s Aftershave…. Haha!

What have your children been saying or doing this week that has made you chuckle?
Please leave a comment below 🙂

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The funny things they say! It’s for sale and glitter

We visited a farm whilst on holiday in Cornwall last week, the farm had a lovely restaurant attached to it serving up their fresh food, a farm shop, pick your own fruit and a few little farm animals to look at. Our table was booked for 7 o’clock so we had a little walk around the fields, looking at the animals and generally enjoying the evening sun. We got to the field that had the lambs and sheep in, we was all looking at the animals and i was showing Oliver the little lambs when one of them came over to the fence, Joseph got all excited and shouted “Look It’s for sale!” I looked down at the little lamb and saw that it had a tag on its ear, bless Joseph he thought it had a sale tag attached to it.

I had taken the boys out for a little walk to the local shops as they wanted to do some baking at home and we needed some ingredients. On our way back home Jak started to kick a sweet pot that was on the floor, I told him off for kicking it and Joseph piped up and said ” yeah Jak stop kicking the glitter” Jak said i am not kicking glitter Joseph I was kicking a sweet pot. Joseph was adamant and replied “No Jak its glitter” he turned to me “Isn’t it Mum, I’m right aren’t I, It’s glitter” I told him that it wasn’t a glitter pot and that Jak was right it was an old sweet pot. And then the penny dropped I knew what Joseph was trying to say, he was meant to say litter not glitter!

What have you little ones been saying or doing this week that has made you laugh?

Thank you for reading my post 🙂