Your Companion forever!

I wish i could take away your pain and lock it away forever

I wish i could fill your emptiness and space that has been left with more love and happiness

I wish i could comfort you! I can feel your pain but just have no idea what to do!

I want to be your rock and show you that all will be ok!

The pain and hurt that you are feeling will eventually fade and lesson but the love and memories will shine through and become stronger

Please don’t cry! Please don’t shed any more tears!

Your decision was tough but it was the right one and you did what was best for him, he is no more pain!

You gave him a brilliant life, filled with love and happiness! You walked him everyday, you cooked him special meals!

He was your companion, your best friend, your family, a big part of your life!

Please remember the good times that you had with him, the walks that you went on, the places that you visited, the games that you played

BUT most importantly remember that you are not alone in this sadness, he has left a gap in all of our lives a gap that will never be filled by any other dog. My heart is still warm for him and always will be!

He wasn’t just a dog, he was our life!

He may be gone but memories last forever, he lives on in you and everyone else.



JoJo Maman Bebe Launches Online Outlet

JoJo Outlet

The UK’s leading boutique mother and baby brand, JoJo Maman Bébé, have launch their online outlet site . Adding to their already successful outlet stores in Newport and North London, the online outlet will see old season stock priced with up to 50% off.

As well as discounted fashion lines there will be limited offers on practical products. The stock will be regularly updated with new items from previous collections. Some examples of the amazing discounts on offer are beautiful real leather pink heart baby booties reduced from £14 to £9, for little boys there’s the nautical stripe trousers reduced from £16 to £11. For Mums-to-be there’s the super flattering chiffon evening dress reduced from £49 to £25.  If you’re shopping for your little one, get even more value by buying a size bigger and saving for later.


Laura Tenison MBE, Managing director and Founder of JoJo, expressed her excitement saying “The new JoJo Outlet Site has been launched with customer service in mind. Whilst JoJo will never become a discount brand, we understand that everyone loves a bargain and with our weird weather patterns in the UK, we sometimes need to buy out-of-season clothing.”

She adds “We have consolidated our perfect ‘ends of lines’ with the ‘last chance to buy’ styles and our ‘seasonal offers’ into an easy-to-shop website. Our customers can browse the gorgeous New Collections and then take a peep at the Outlet Site, adding a few little extras to their order with just one checkout process. It’s a win-win situation for JoJo and our loyal customer base alike.”

JoJo was launched 20 years ago as a tiny business with the stock held in a shed belonging to Laura’s parents. While the company has grown year on year and now has 53 stores across the UK, as well as trade sales to more than 100 countries across the world, it continues to be managed with small company values and a huge emphasis on great quality, fantastic customer service and, above all, a loyalty to all involved.

Along with The online outlet you site you can also visit their two outlet stores in London and Wales.

You can find more about the outlet online store here



Easter Crafts With Yellow Moon Review

It’s raining, It’s pouring (or snowing in most cases)

The boys are Yawning!

Spring is here and the Easter holidays is nearly on top of us, at the moment the weather isn’t exactly normal spring weather and with the icy cold wind and snow drifts that we have been having lately my boys have spent little time outside and more time tucked away in their bedrooms. I don’t like them to be in different rooms to me when indoors so I think the best thing for them to do, something that they all do well together is to get the crafts out and start making things.

Yellow Moon is a fabulous website to buy crafts and gifts from, their is something for every occasion and season, stocking a wide range of art and crafts that will keep your children entertained for hours.

We was sent a box of Easter related crafts which have kept the boys busy over the past week

  • Easter Tattoos (pack of 24) £1.99
  • Coloured Easter Bonnet Kits (pack of 3) £2.50
  • Easter Foam Stickers (pack of 120) £2.99
  • Easter Foam Crown Kits (pack of 2)
  • Easter Coloured Baskets (pack of 12) £2.99
  • Personalised Easter Cards (pack of 8) £1.99
  • Sequin Egg Kits (pack of 3) £3.60
  • Easter Glitter Décor Stickers (pack of 36) £1.49
  • Easter Decoration Sewing Kits (pack of 3)

Joseph couldn’t wait to choose a tattoo to place on his arm and was quickly ripping away the packet to choose the picture he wanted, it didn’t bother him that they were easter related with little yellow chicks instead of his normal spiderman ones he was just as excited to be getting a tattoo. Once he had chosen two he put his arms out in front of him waiting impatiently patiently for his tattoo. They were easy to apply and the perfect size for little arms, peel off the plastic backing and place the tattoo sticky side down onto the skin then wet the top of it with a damp cloth, put pressure down onto the wet tattoo and after a few seconds peel away revealing the chosen tattoo.


The Easter coloured baskets come in a pack of 12 in 4 assorted spring time colours, the card is pre cut ready to fold and stick together to make a cute little basket to carry around their Easter treats in. You will need glue for this activity to secure the corners of the basket, the handle slots into the pre cut slot in the basket, ideal for little hands to do. Joseph decorated his little basket with the Easter foam stickers. I don’t think that these baskets don’t really need any decoration as they are bright in colour and have a scalloped edge which makes them look very cute, but for added cuteness the foam stickers were ideal. Joseph found them easy to peel off the self adhesive backing and there is a wide selection of designs including words, chicks and eggs. There are plenty in the pack to pack decorate the baskets and more, they are ideal for card making and other crafts.

20130327-062643.jpgJoseph was very happy with his basket which we filled with coloured tissue paper and went on a egg hunt with.


A personal favourite of mine was the Egg sequin kits, they were easy to make and make brilliant home decoration especially for those that make Easter Egg Trees. Included in the pack is the polystyrene eggs, coloured sequins, safe plastic pins, ribbon and a bow. Each pack has two different coloured sequins so you can do your own design on it or follow the one on the instructions. I done this activity myself and really enjoyed it, I actually felt quite proud of my creation, just goes to show that adults can enjoy crafting too!

20130327-063739.jpgThis activity is quite a grown up one so will suit the older children that no longer want to do the bonnets and crowns. They make gorgeous glittery decorations for the home.

The Personalised Easter Cards are ideal for those children who love to colour in, pre printed In 4 assorted Easter designs with envelopes included they make great gifts for the family, I love receiving personal cards from the children, they tend to stay up on the wall that little bit longer.

20130327-065057.jpgOliver coloured his in pencil and the boys used bright felts, the cards are quite thick so will probably take paint aswell.20130327-065106.jpg

The Easter Bonnets were easy to make although slightly tricky for little hands as they needed to be glued. The bonnet comes in three separate parts, one rim, one top bit and two pieces for the sides all pre cut from strong card, the sides have tabs that you bend over and its these that are glued to the rim and top part of the hat, I secured the tabs with sticky tape as well. Joseph decorated his hats with felts, foam stickers and some of the Glitter décor Stickers.


The Décor stickers are lovely and sparkly, they come in assorted colours and designs, 8 stickers and 3 borders per pack.

The Colourful Easter foam crown kit contains foam crown, pre-cut self-adhesive foam pieces, wiggle-eyes and instructions, comes in two different designs. They are easy and fun to put together so perfect for the younger age group, you can follow the design guide on the instructions leaflet or design your own. There are pre cut slots so it easy to put together just by slotting one end in to the slot.


Yellow Moon is the ideal website if you are looking for any craft activity to do and all products are affordably priced. The kits keep the children entertained and amused for hours.

We was provided with the crafts for the purpose of this review, words and pictures are my own.


Ms Wrights Boys!

Having a family of three boys isn’t easy, I have had many sleep deprived nights, lay-ins have become prehistoric, I don’t get a seconds peace to myself anymore even when sitting on the royal throne the door gets opened by one of the boys asking me to make them a drink or trying to make conversation with me about something they did that day in school.

From the moment I wake up to last second I got to sleep my whole time is taken up by my boys or work, I manage to blog from my phone whilst cooking dinner or on the laptop when Cbeebies is being my childminder.

I no longer have the perfect glossy salon styled hairstyle, in fact it’s completely the opposite I can’t remember the last time I visited a salon and even when I do venture out to the hairdressers I have three boys in tow with me tearing down the salon and trying their best to get my attention.

I used to dress smartly, always wearing a nice pair of shoes, now those shoes are safely tucked away at the back of my wardrobe awaiting to see some daylight. I have unread books on my bookshelf where I have bought them in mind of reading them that day, instead time took over and now they are gathering dust.

Time is something that I don’t have much of but what I do have are lots of cuddles on tap, enough kisses to last me a life time, always someone to talk to, lots of company and a future!

Before my boys I didn’t have much to look forward to, now I have the first date, first tooth, first word, the first haircut, first step, the first day at school, outstanding parents evenings, university, weddings and many more, they have given me future, they give me laughs and plenty of love.

My boys do have their moments, they argue and fight like any other children but they are friends straight after, no one is ever left out as they get on so well together, my heart melts when I see them snuggling up on the sofa together, enjoying each others company. My boys are respectful, polite and friendly, they make me feel very proud to be their mum. I am blessed to have them all in my life , I was a nobody before they were born and now I am a mum!

20130325-203121.jpgEvery second of their lives is a magic moment for me!



Recycle your glass and get crafting!

Why not recycle some of your glass bottles and make your own candle holder or vase!

I made my own candle holder from an empty glass appletizer bottle, the bottle is a lovely shape for holding a candle or even a single flower as it is quite narrow and tall,

I bought some glass paints from hobbycraft and thought of a design to put on it, if you buy a package it will come with a sheet of paper with design ideas already on it

  • First I used some relief paint to draw the outline, you have to be careful as it can come out quite quickly. You don’t want it the lines to be too thick and if you are going to paint inside the shape then you need to leave enough room to colour it in
  • Once the outlines were dry, I chose the paints I wanted to use and started to colour it in, the paints are very oily so be sure not to drop it on to anything valuable.
  • On some of the leaves I sprinkled on some glitter while the paint was still wet, just to give it a sparkling look

Glass painting really is easy and its fun to do

What do you think of my first attempt at glass painting?

20130324-091611.jpg 20130324-091553.jpg 20130324-091539.jpg 20130324-091528.jpg 20130324-091627.jpg


Baby Basics With Mamas & Papas

According to the Nursery Retailer Mamas & Papas new parents are feeling the financial pressure with buying the day to day essentials you need once you have had a new baby, so using their parenting expertise Mamas & Papas have handpicked a list of everyday quality essentials that will be needed for those first few precious months.

As a parent to a 19 month old and 2 older children I can fully understand how concerning it can be to budget for a new baby, I already had most of the essential nursery equipment from my previous children and yet I still worried about how much having a new baby was going to set us back.

Most Soon to be new parents spend years saving up their money in order to have a baby, it can be stressful and worrying thinking about how much money you will need. Mamas & Papas have derived a list to help you prepare for your new arrival with the baby essentials consisting of 21 items for sleeping, feeding, clothing and moving all for just £717!

Unbelievable! I know just what I thought!

One of my prams that I bought cost £700 and the cot set us back £150 so how on earth could I possible buy all of the essentials for just over £700. I couldn’t see it possible until I looked at the lost myself and I was pleasantly surprised with their list. They had covered the most important items with a pram, cot and car seat, the clothing is the basic what you will need so you will have to rely on the gifts you will receive for the fancy outfits.


 Aton.Car Seat – Black Jack £120

Pram / Pushchair Luna £159

Changing Mat Bedtime Hugs £14

Bouncer Bubble Bouncer £19.95


Cot Bibi £105

Mattress Basic Foam Mattress 200 £35

Sheet 2 Cot/Bed Fitted Sheets (70x142cm) Cream £19

Blanket Cellular Cot/Bed Blanket Cream £12

Monitor Motorola Digital Baby Monitor MBP11 £35

Sleep Bag Bedtime Hugs Dreampod 0-6 Months £18


All In One 3 Pack All In One White £14

Baby Socks 5 Pack Essential Socks White £10

Scratch Mitts Essentials 2 Pack Mitts Cream £4

Hats Essentials 2 Pack Hats Cream £8

Cardigans Knitted Star Cardigan – Welcome to the World £24

Pramsuit Essentials Velour Spot Pramsuit Cream £32

Bodysuits 5 Pack Sleeveless Bodysuits £10

Booties Fur Booties £8


Steriliser Equipment Tommee Tippee – Closer to Nature – Electric Steriliser Kit £50

Muslin Squares Muslin Squares White £12

Bibs 3 Pack Bibs £8

Total £717

I think Mamas & Papas have covered all the essential items that will be needed for the first few months with good quality products at affordable prices, although I would have liked to see a baby bath on there too! It’s not everything that will be needed but its definitely a very good start!

Find out more about the Baby Basic List here

What do you think of the list? Would you stick to this list to save money or is there anything you think that they have missed off?



The Sunshine Vitamin

Children need Vitamin D to help their bones develop properly, grow and stay strong. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium which helps us to build strong teeth and bones. A deficiency in Vitamin D at an early age can lead to a child developing rickets (a bone deformity), delayed motor skills, aches and pains and future bone fractures.

We get about 80% of our Vitamin D recommendation from the suns Ultra Violet (UVB) rays, when the sunshines on our skin our bodies make the Vitamin D, although if the sun is low lying or it is a cloudy, foggy day then our bodies will struggle to make the Vitamin so we need source it from other materials either by suppliments as an adult or from a food source.

Regardless of age a child’s Vitamin D daily requirement is 10 micrograms/400iu

Good Sources of Vitamin D:

  • Oily fish like Salmon and Tuna
  • Egg Yolk
  • Orange Juice
  • Fortified Milk (Formula)
  • Breakfast Cereal
  • Meat
  • Fortified Margarine

How we get our Vitamin D:

Get Active: 10-15 minutes of play a day outside, receiving sun exposure on your arms and legs should be enough for your Vitamin D requirement, remember to apply sunscreen on really hot days. 2-3 days a week during the summer months (April-October) should be enough to get the sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

Eat Healthy: Eating a balanced diet which is rich in dairy and fish

Formula Milk: Infant formula milk is already fortified with Vitamin D and if your child is drinking about a pint (500ml) a day then they will be receiving enough of their daily Vitamin D without having to supplement their diet.

Oliver my 19 month old boy still drinks two bottles of 6oz growing up milk a day, one in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening just before bed, so I ensure he gets the rest of his recommended dosage by giving him a balanced diet. We eat fish twice a week, once on a Friday and another day it will be tuna with pasta, which Oliver prefers to eat over chicken, he drinks lots of orange juice and loves his breakfast cereal so I make sure that it is one that is fortified with Vitamin D. Oliver is a very active boy who is full of energy and is always running and climbing I want to make sure that he stays strong and healthy so he doesn’t at an older age have weak bones. Oliver loves to be in the great outdoors and the weather is nice he will spend most of his time digging playing in the garden, if the suns rays are strong I do take precaution and rub suncream onto his skin, although in order for our bodies to get the sufficient amount of vitamin D from the rays the exposure needs to be without sunscreen.

How would you recommend that we receive our Vitamin D requirement?


Trendy Tuesday Cuteness Alert


This post contains über stylish cuteness!

The boys have been pestering me for some new hats, not that they don’t have enough already! I could open up a hat shop with the amount that they have between them. Oliver probably has one for every month he has been born and he is 19 months old.

It’s not easy customising boys clothes as it is for girls, there are so many pretty things out there for girls but when it comes to boys clothes and accesories you are limited to what you can buy which is probably why i started buying hats for them, a hat can change the whole look of an outfit.

I love H&M for buying the boys clothes from but they also sell brilliant hats and everytime we are out shopping the boys always want to pop into the store to buy one, yesterday whilst passing the shop the boys asked if they could look at the hats, so we popped in for a ganders.

Joseph found a gorgeous grey trilby hat with pictures of cars on it and I fell in love with a checked shirt that come with a dickie-bow.



See, I told you it was cute!

He couldn’t wait to get home to try on his new clothes, literally, so he dragged me into the nearest toilet do he could get changed.

What do you think of his new outfit?


A nice find on a miserable day!

Today hasn’t been a very good day, we spent all morning out in the wet miserable weather all because I fear getting into a car and driving us all a few miles down the road!

Jak had a football tournament to attend and we had to be there for 10:40 so we set off at 9:30 which should have been plenty of enough time to get to our destination but as we got to the train station (we was going 3 stops) I noticed that the station was closed for works so I decided that we would have to catch a bus half way and walk the other half, there was a light rain but it wasn’t too bad. As we got off of the bus I noticed a pathway heading off into a park in the direction that we was going, I looked on my maps app on the phone and it looked like the address we was going to was at the other end of the park.


So me thinking I was being clever told the boys “look boys! A cut through!” So off we went!

20130316-211941.jpgI had never been into this park before as it the otherside of town to where we live but the path looked long so I was sure it was going to take us either directly to the football fields or pretty much near by to it, Oh How I was wrong! So wrong!

We was walking along side a lake but as it was raining and it seemed to getting heavier there was another lake being formed on the fields beside us and then the path came to an end! There was no way we was going to get over the marshy land to where we wanted to get to, We was being teased by my bad mistake, we could hear children shouting and playing and we could see the main road but with a buggy and a 5 year old in tow it was going to be impossible to get over to them.

It was now 10:45 so I gave up in trying to get there, defeated and soaking wet we decided to turn back and head back home, on our way back through the park we saw what looked like an air raid shelter, it was pretty in a mysterious type of way but such a shame that it was full up with empty lager cans and rubbish! There was an hexagon shaped concrete slab ontop of the ground which was raised up and at the side was a stone stairway going down to doorway which had a steel bar door, the door was open and it looked like it went off into a room of some sort. It may well be a pillbox but im not sure!

20130316-211951.jpgI really wanted to have a bit of explore but we was all so cold and wet and to be honest I was a bit scared as to what I might have found down there! Knowing my area it could have been anything!

I have decided to take the boys back in better weather as the park was an ideal place to go for a lovely bike ride with a perfect wide flat path so hopefully I will get to explore it then    🙂