Project 52 week 1

Project 52 is the same as 365 but sharing the weeks photos in a week and not every day. Its a way of keeping a diary of memories. My first two days of 365/photo a day can be found on my previous two posts.

03/01/14 The eldest received an art set for Christmas which he hasn’t put down, he draws all day long. He is into drawing Goku (I have no idea who this is! But he enjoys doing it)


04/01/14 The two youngest and I went to watch a pantomime, Dick Whittington at a local theatre, the tickets were presents for the boys from their Godparents. It was Oliver’s first ever pantomime and he loved it, he sat still all the way through and joined in with the ‘he’s behind you’ and ‘wakey wakey’.


05/01/14 The boys played out in the garden today in their play house, they pretended to be pirates, so I painted their faces



Organise 2/365

It’s day two of my photo a day challenge and today is Organise. I’m not a very organised person, I don’t keep a diary, I’m always late for meet ups an my house is a mess, but i doI make the occasional list!

So today the 2nd of January the boys and I organised the livingroom, we put up new curtains and moved some of the furniture about (just some small storage boxes, nothing too drastic) the tree came down and the decorations have been stored away in the loft. We organised some of their toys into boxes and now my living room looks rather neat and tidy.

So here’s to organising some more order into the home 🙂


Goodbye christmas!


A photo a day #365 #goal

As the clock struck 12 last night I made a vow, the same that I make every year and that is to try my best to make the following year a Happy one. I never make resolutions as I know I would never get to keep them but I do know that I will be able to fill my families life with memories that hopefully will be happy ones. I will give them love and protection, I will be their teacher, their carer and their friend. I will fill their days with smiles and their nights with sweet dreams.

Here it first photo of the year, my goal, a Happy New Year



Following a Path and balancing

Oliver loves to walk and at any opportunity given he will use his two little legs to walk/run around.
He is mad about following paths, markings on floors and walls, if there is something to follow he will do.
He doesn’t really like to sit down in his buggy and when he is sitting down its either because he is asleep or eating, the moment the buggy is stabilised he is trying to climb out.

Today Oliver climbed out of the buggy while we was on the bus so I let him walk back home from the bus stop, he found a small little wall to follow and was in his element, laughing out loud, shouting ‘mummy mummy’
He is a very confident, independent little boy who wants to do everything for himself, so he isn’t happy when I try to hold his hand whilst balancing on the walls.


I told him “Just because your dressed as Superman, it doesn’t mean that you have powers” he just replies “yes” and carries on walking along the wall.


Day 7 Where was I Today? #FMSphotoaday #365

This weekend has been a scorcher, yesterday we put up the pool but it takes days to fill so today we got up early and headed down to Dover.
After driving for 75 minutes we had arrived at our destination, Dover Castle!

The castle is beautiful and on weekends they have actors dressed up in characters, the views over to Dover Port were fantastic and everyone that worked there was so friendly.


Joseph met a real knight, a real King, a real Princess and real castle workers! You should have seen his face when the King arrived, my little boy got down on his knees and bowed away at him and when he told Joseph that he could fight for him as he had come prepared with a shield and a sword, I have never seen such and excited face before.

After a few hours of walking around and taking in the history of the castle we drove over to Folkestone to check out the town and to hopefully have a little splash in the sea.


Day 5 #FMSphotoaday LOVE

Love is easy for me to portray in a photograph as I would normally just take a picture of all 3 of my boys, but as Jak isn’t around until Sunday (he’s away) it just doesn’t feel right, taking a photo of Joseph with Oliver and not Jak!

But this picture is just too cute to share


Joseph is blowing me kisses!