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All three of my boys are signed up to a child modelling agency called Scallywags. They have been signed up for just over a year now and absolutely love doing it. I will be using this page to update some of their recent work.

Scallywags represent babies, kids, teens and families for advertising, photographic, lifestyle, fashion and television work 

Jak is my eldest at 10 years old, he has been attending theatre school since he was 6 years old, where he studies for 3 hours a week in classes of drama, singing and dance. Dance isn’t one of his favourite subjects but he really enjoys the drama part. He is a very clever boy who loves to read, he is on his school council and is a member of the Lunchtime squad at his school. He enjoys football, long distance running, swimming and chess. His work includes

  • Closer Magazine for an article with supernanny
  • Stills advert for Nickelodeon promoting Rory the Racing Car
  • Online Tesco’s clothing
  • Comic Relief does The Apprentice, where he appeared on the advert for a toy
  • Call The Midwife Christmas Special as a cub, Series 2 Episode 2 and 5 as a cub and Derek 2012/2013
  • Rude Tube Christmas Cracker 2012 as an edwardian boy on a sketch with Alex Zane
  • Recently just secured a part in a WestEnd show Death In Venice, performing in the Colisseum and Amsterdam
  • Jaks Dream short film


Joseph is 5 years old he loves gymnastics and his fashion, always dressing up in his clothes and putting together his own outfits. He loves to play, he attends gymnastic classes once a week and is a good little swimmer. He is a very caring and loving boy. His work includes

  • Face For Argos 2012 finalist on the catwalk at the Ideal Home Show
  • Tesco Christmas Advert as back up
  • Virgin Money shoot for website
  • Stills for Priddy Books
  • Thomas The Tank Engine Tv advert
  • Early Learning Centre Advert on Nickelodeon
  • Stills for Debenham’s On line website
  • Travel Channel
  • McCains Chips Advert


Oliver is the youngest of the three boys, he is 20 months old and a right little charmer. He has bright blue eyes with lovely blonde hair and has the cheekiest grin ever! Oliver has only had one job so far but it was a very big one, he managed to charm the guys over at Cow & Gate and secured a job on their TV advert

  • Cow & Gate TV advtertisement  with the children playing music in a studio.


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The Boys are under contract with Scallywags who can be contacted at

0207 739 8820 Lauren/Jessica


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