Hello Sunshine

Could it be true? Could it possibly be summer?

Yesterday the sun shone, the chill in the air seems to have packed up and gone on holiday. The clouds disappeared leaving clear blue skies and enabled the sun rays to shine down on us.


I may be acting too quickly, but I’ve packed up the gloves, scarves and wooly hats into a bag and placed them into the back of the cupboard. Winter coats have been replaced with lighter spring coats and the shorts and t-shirts are back in the wardrobes.

I’m hoping that we can say goodbye to layering up in our clothes to keep warm and hello to light cotton layers.

On cold days, mornings are the worse in this household. It can take us up to 15 minutes gathering together our scarves and gloves before we leave the house.

Now that the sun has made an appearance for two consecutive days, I am beginning to look forward to long summer days and cool evenings. I am hoping to spend more days after work out with the boys at the local park and weekends on day trips out or lazy days in the garden.

I’m looking forward to

  • Eating ice-cream outside and eating it quickly before it melts all over
  • Visiting the beach and running along the sand, feeling the water the cold water run over my toes
  • Going on hikes across the countryside and finding some more geocaches to add to our finds
  • Evening trips into London, the City. Walking along the Southbank or drinking tea in Covent Garden
  • Exploring the woods and eating a picnic in the middle of the trees
  • Going on our summer holiday to Malta. Can’t wait for some family time
  • Running along the grass in a country park with no socks or shoes on
  • Finding some lavender in a Forest and breathing in the wonderful smell that surrounds us
  • Eating Al Fresco in the garden
  • BBQ’s
  • Camping out in the garden or at a camp site
  • Glamping
  • Finding a stream to walk across. Have poo stick races
  • Hiking up Mount Snowdon. This is something we haven’t done a while because we have been waiting until our youngest was old enough to attempt the walk. The views are stunning and is one of my favourite places to go
  • Filling the house with flowers, bringing the outside indoors
  • Watching the boys play outside in the garden in the early evenings.
  • Go fruit picking at an orchard
  • Make fruit jam
  • Swim in the sea
  • Build a sand castle and decorate it with shells and pebbles
  • Roast marshmallows over a fire
  • Drink prosecco in the afternoon sun
  • Wear summer dresses (throw away the tights)

Sunshine makes everyone smile, everyone needs a bit of sun in their life. It makes us feel more alive and fresh. The need to get and go wherever takes your fancy. Yes, all of the above can be done in the autumn or winter months but they feel all the more enjoyable when the sun shines.

What are you looking forward to?


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A weekend of achievements and Personal Bests

Living in a London borough gives the children a very good chance of competing in the London Mini Marathon for their borough. Children that live else where in GB have to be within the top four runners of their region/nation.

Each London borough, region and home nation has a team manager who is responsible for selecting a team to take part in the Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon, which also doubles as the British Athletics three-mile road championship race. Boys and girls race in 3 age categories and there are 6 races in total.

We are lucky to live in a London Borough and back in February my eldest boy who is 13 years old, attended the trials for a chance to win a place on the boroughs team. For the third year in a row, he managed to get through.

Unlike previous years, he has tried hard with his training. He hasn’t managed to run every evening but attended the training sessions each week that was run by a local running club and went out for local runs after school. Not only has he been running but he has also been attending his swimming sessions at his club three times a week. This has really helped with his stamina. He had more drive this year wanting to achieve and try his hardest.

He was dropped off early Sunday morning, along with his other team mates, to catch the coach into the City. He wasn’t nervous but eager to get running. Not long after dropping him off, we set off ourselves as a family to go and cheer him on.

I was in pain from an op I had the day before but i needed to see him. I needed him to know that I was there supporting and cheering him on.

It wasn’t long before we saw him running past us along the embankment, he was looking strong and doing so well. As we called out his name, he got a burst of energy and it must have spurred him along. He looked over to us and smiled and carried on running.


The boy in red shorts


Dad and little brother went off to collect him from the finish, whilst I found a cafe to sit in and wait for my big hero to come.


He was so proud of himself .


When the results come through he was in complete shock. Couldn’t believe the time that he had got. Said it must have been a fluke. I say that it was determination. I have always told him that if he puts effort and time into something he will acheive.

Jaks time 17:56 Placed 23rd for the borough challenge.

Now, I have 3 boys and they all run. On Saturday saw my middle boy who is 8 years old run in a local 5k parkrun.

He had asked his big brother to take him along to the park to join in with adults and other children to run 5k. His brother ran along his side all the way, they didn’t stop and he managed to pass over the finish line in an amazing 25:47. A personal best for him.


I love to see my boys enjoying the outdoors and feeling the freedom of running.

I love watching them grow with determination and dedication.

Little brother can not wait to follow in his big brothers footsteps and compete in the London Mini Marathon himself. I am sure big brother will be cheering him along all the way.

A little absence

Firstly I would like to apologise to the blog followers for my recent absence of posts and unfortunately they may become less and less. I am going through a busy time at the moment with a few health issues.

I’m not quite ready to declare what it is as I am still coming to terms with it myself and don’t even have the answers. I’m not even sure If I will share my journey on here yet as the blog as always been about the boys and their journeys.

I promise I will be back soon

Angela x

Also I now have a new contact email for everyone to contact me on mumof3musketeers@outlook.com

Our little break at Combe Haven

Holidays in a caravan are not for everyone, especially ones that are on all action camp sites, but our family love them. There is always something to keep everyone entertained from early in the morning or until late at night.

During the Easter holidays we travelled down to Combe Haven, St Leonards on Sea and spent 4 days in a caravan. It wasn’t a luxury van but was adequate for us and our needs. It was spotless, cleaned to a high standard and situated in a great part of the park.

Combe Haven holiday site is set on a hill, a very steep hill at that. The entertainment complex is at the top of the hill and our caravan was at the bottom, perfect for the boys to play around on their scooters and very close to an open space park for us to explore. There is a Nature reserve and access to the river reed bed, which is lovely to walk along and spot any wildlife. If you want all action, there is an indoor and outdoor pool, indoor climbing wall, golf course, roller skating rink, adventure park and activities all day long that is run by the Haven Mates. Plus lots of evening entertainment and shows to watch.

We are more of an outdoor family than an indoor one, so we don’t spend too much time out of an evening. We did pop into the Live Lounge one evening for the boys to meet the Haven Characters and have a little dance, but we mostly sat in our caravan playing games. The boys most of their time outside playing on their scooter or kicking a ball to each other. It was just nice to see them all get along and enjoy each others company.


Our van was a standard superior, which we found to be clean and tidy and very comfortable. We had heating in all bedrooms and bathroom. There was plenty of storage spaces and good size wardrobes in the bedrooms.

The first thing the boys did when we arrived was play Caravan hide and seek. With them being small they can get away with hiding in the smallest of places. I’m surprised at how many places they can find, they played for about an hour. Giggling away and having lots of fun.

A favourite place of the boys at this site is the outdoor play area, I just sat back in the sunshine and watched them play, using their imagination and being creative. Chasing each other around and defending their forts.

DSC_4111-opt DSC_4044-opt

They could play in this park all day.

Although we love the park, there are a few things that we dislike (not to day that others would like it) We are not gamblers and do not like that you have to go past the amusements to get into the live lounge, this just encourages adults and children to spend more money. The live lounge opens at 5pm for bingo sales with eyes down at 5.30 followed by Go Tots and entertainment for the younger ones at 6pm. There is also another bingo session later on in the evening for the family. Thats 1 hour for the little ones to dance and have fun. I personally think that the early evening should be dedicated to the younger ones and then parents (if wanted to) could get them to bed at a decent time.

We do however love that it is situated on a hill and that there is lots of nature around for the children to explore. We have always found the park to be clean and picturesque


The boys also love the disco roller blading, this is an extra cost but so much fun. The session lasts for 45 minutes and is fun for all ages. It is a particular favourite of our eldest boy, I mean who wouldn’t enjoy skating around a hall to some tunes?

Combe Haven holiday site is about 2.5 miles away from Hastings. You could drive which takes about 10 minutes, but we walked along the seafront and it took us 45 minutes. Once you cross over the railway, there is a pathway that is safe for the chidlren to ride a bike along or just run along and be free next to the beach.


It’s our 4th visit to the park and I am sure we will be back again next Easter.

Take a look at our short video clip

How to make an Owl Costume

Looking for an outfit for a fancy dress party, school curriculum day or world book day?

Take a look at this easy to do Owl Costume.

I made this last year for Curriculum day in School. Our theme was Harry Potter. I didn’t want to go as Hermione or Harry Potter, I wanted something a little original. So I came up with Hedwig the Owl.


Once all of the feathers had been cut out it was easy to put together. I promise.

You will need:

  • 2 mtr thick white felt
  • 2 A4 piece of grey felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • White cotton thread and needle


  • Measure the length of your arm, from the middle of the nape of your neck to your wrist.
  • Using a metre of the white felt, cut out two wing shapes.

wing 1

The measurement along the top being the measurement of your arm. The measurement down is the measurement of the length of your back from the nape of the neck

  • Draw out a scalloped shape on a piece of card as a template for the feathers

wing 2

  • Draw around the feather template on to the remainder of the white felt, you will need roughly about 200 feathers depending on the size of the wing. Keep some of the white felt to one side to make some straps. Draw around the template on the grey felt, until gone.
  • Cut them all out.
  • Starting from the bottom of the wing, begin to glue the feathers on. Glue along the top of the feather. Overlapping as you go on.

wing 3

  • Place a grey feather oddly in amongst the whites ones.
  • Repeat for the other wing.
  • Slightly overlap the two wings at the top and stitch together but Only at the top. The wings should be able to open up.
  • Cut out two long straps for your shoulder and two for the wrist.
  • Place the wings along your arms to measure where the shoulder and wrist strap should go. Looping the strap material, stitch them into place.


  • Straighten up the edges by folding any feather that is sticking out over to the back of the fabric and gluing into place.

For extra security pin the top of the wings onto the shoulders of your t-shirt or vest

I finished my outfit off with making a little a-line skirt from some white fluffy fabric

owl skirt

owl skirt2

I drew out the template of a skirt in the fluffy material. I stitched the fluffy fabric onto the back of some white felt to give it some added stability. Next I stitched the front of the skirt to the back.

I didn’t need to add in a zip as the material was quite stretchy, so it easy to get on and off.

I wore this costume all day, whilst at work. It was comfortable and I was able to get on with my role as a class TA with ease.

This costume will work for Owl Babies, The Owl who was afraid of the dark, Owl Howl and many more.