Being kissed by a hundred fish

Ever wanted a foot massage by fish?

Now i love fish but put them anywhere near my feet I slightly freak out, I can’t even walk into the sea and relax because of the fear of having fish swim by me.

We recently had a holiday to Malta and on an evening walk through the busy streets of Bugibba we came across The Fish Lounge. A spa that is all about the fish and your feet.

Everyone gets a personal dedicated spa unit which was specifically designed for this type of treatment with a powerful UVC-filtration system, which filters and sterilizes all the water every 6 minutes. In each unit there are over  hundred Garra Rufa fish swimming around waiting for feet to give a natural pedicure to as they gently suck away unwanted dead skin and clean the pores, leaving your feet feeling much softer, refreshed and healthy.

As soon as your feet enter the unit the little garra rufa fish immediately start sucking away at your dead skin1439626104002Before the fish massage can begin you have your feet washed and checked over for any little marks by a trained member of staff, they are then dried and placed into a pair of disposable over-shoes. You are then walked over to meet the little lovely darlings who are about to kiss your feet.

Now as I am completely not comfortable having fish near my feet I wasn’t very willing to place my feet into the unit. It did take a few attempts, especially after watching the OH face as his feet entered the water. Now he isn’t afraid of anything, but his face and the noise that came from his mouth said otherwise, although he said it didn’t hurt it just tickled.

The member of staff had to push my feet in, and as soon as they was in, the little suckers were like magnets to my feet and wouldn’t leave them be. All I can say, is that they must have been hungry!


I wouldn’t just say it tickles at first, as the fish keep moving around your feet, it can only be described as weird! It didn’t hurt not did i think it tickled. It was more like lots of little mouths doing lots of little strong sucks on your skin, now will I say that it is relaxing!


Although I am smiling in the above picture, take a close look at my hands. That is how they stayed for the whole 15 minutes, tightly clenched together. i may have dug my nails into my palms just take the odd feeling away.

It was funny and it definitely was an experience to talk about, and i would definitely have it done again, just not anytime soon!

Our middle boy, who is 8 wanted to try it out too, so we allowed him to have ago at the end of the holiday.

I must say my feet did feel soft after and the skin felt a little tight the next day, but it was good experience and I am glad i did it.

Have you ever had a foot massage by fish?

Geocaching in Malta

Last week we was away on holiday in Bugibba, Malta. We was lucky to have wifi in our apartment so using the Geocache app on my phone I searched to see of there was one local to where we was staying. To our surprise there was one just on the next road along.


We have found a couple of geocaches back home in England and couldn’t wait to see if we could find the Welcome to Bugibba one.

I gathered the boys around and read out the Geocache description

“Living in Bugibba I came across the thought it needs a Geocache near the Main Square, but also a bit hidden so the cacher gets a closer look into the back roads of the touristy town and can log undisturbed from the tourist-muggles.

Don’t be afraid of the dogs next door, they bark only”

The Hint was ‘Corsair’

We knew from walking around the local streets that Corsair was the Diving centre around the corner, so we headed on over to them.



It was on a short walk away, a few minutes later we was stood in front of the shop and looking up at a big shop sign.

Joseph put his hand behind the sign and felt around, he touched something hard and pulled it out.


Inside the box was a log sheet and few items to exchange something for.


The boys placed in a 10 pence piece and a luggage lock, they took away a little bead and a shell.


Joseph with his treasure

We love to explore new areas and geocaching is a great way of doing that, it’s exciting and thrilling, especially when you get the cache.

We did try to find another Cache that was a little further away but as I had no GPS on my phone it was a little harder and we didn’t succeed in finding it. We will try next time we are there and hopefully we will be adding another find to our geocache list.

If you like exploring, why not download the app and get finding some geocaches :-)


Scooting like a pro

Little man received a scooter for his fourth birthday, a couple of weeks ago. He has wanted one for a while now, especially as his older brothers have them and although they allow him to have a go on theirs, it’s not the same as owning your own one.

We took a trip to our local Halfords and after a good look around and trying out many of the scooters, he found the perfect one that he wanted. Scooting around the shop like a pro, in and out of the other bicycles and people who got in his way. Before we went to the shop he was telling us in the car that it was a green one that he wanted. Their wasn’t any green ones on show, but their was a pink one that he took a fancy to, not because of the colour but because it wa fast.

We bought it, without him knowing, and told him that maybe if he was a good boy, the birthday fairy would bring him to him on the morning of his birthday. We bought him some elbow and knee pads too, just for those little accidents that may occur.

He was over the moon when he unwrapped the big box that was on the living room floor on the morning of his birthday. We had woke him up early especially as we knew he would want to go out and try it out before we went off to school.


Wherever he goes the scooter goes too!

He absolutely loves to scoot, he is fast Lewis Hamilton in a F1 race.

I love the way that he pushes himself along as fast as he can and as soon as he reaches the desired speed he rests the leg at the back of the deck and cruises along.

He is always smiling when he is on his scooter, I think this was one present that will be used over and over again.

We’re going to take him to the skate park soon, so he can enjoy the thrill of going fast over bumps and accomplish new tricks.

Do your children like to scoot?



Sandy toes and salty lips

It’s the summer holidays! As a family we spend most of summer holiday time holidaying in England, and if we get the weather it can be perfect. We have some amazing, beautiful beaches especially down in the south, Cornwall.

We spent last week in Perranporth, Cornwall. We love Cornwall, with its stunning long sandy beaches, great surf, sand dunes and amazing walls along the cliffs. The beach towns are picturesque, it couldn’t get any better than sitting in Newquay Harbour eating an ice cream and watching the waves crash against the shore.

What’s great about the beaches in Cornwall are that many of them have rock pools for the younger children to play in and lots of caves to explore.

We was lucky with the weather, although it was very windy the sun did shine down long enough for us to enjoy the day at the beach


Body boarding

The youngest was pulled along the water by Daddy, he’s small enough to be able to stand up on the body board.


Digging a hole

I absolutely love this photo. It shows energy, fun and adventure.


Hitting the surf

Off he goes into the sea


Hitting the waves

The eldest spent hours out in the water, body boarding. He made friends out on the waves and just enjoyed the sea.



We *heart* Cornwall


Jumping in sand holes

Nothing like digging a huge hole in the sand and jumping into it. The youngest loved doing this the most, the hole was huge.


Ooh no

Falling off of the wave


Sand dune surfing

And if you don’t fancy surfing in the sea and hitting the waves, why not surf the dunes. There are so many sand dunes in Perranporth and among the Haven site Perransands. The boys had so much fun laying down on the body board and sliding down the sand dunes.

We had an amazing week in Cornwall, like we always do. We explored the caves along the beaches, we got salty lips from the sea and surf, we watched the sun set among the dunes and got sand stuck among our toes.

Stay tuned for more photos from our holiday to Perranporth. :-)

Introducing our newest addition to the family

Our new little man arrived yesterday, a new little musketeer to join us all on our family adventures.

He is just perfect! We all instantly fell in love with him. The boys have been waiting all week eagerly for his arrival and yesterday, after school they were greeted by him in the livingroom.


Our new family pet is a Tortoise! We think that he is awesome!

The boys have wanted a pet for a long time, but as we are still living in our small home, we are unable to buy them a dog. I have wanted a Tortoise since Our family Tortoise got pinched out of the garden of our summer chalet about 17 years ago. Being the lucky girl who I am, the boys and Daddy bought him for me for my birthday.

I don’t know much about him as Daddy was very silly and didn’t ask the shop owner many questions, so i went back today but the shop owner wasn’t in and I walked away knowing just the same as I turned up knowing. From doing some research on the internet, we have found out that he may be a Horsefield or Herman Tortoise and he can grow up to 20cm long and live for 70 years.

The boys have decided to do a fact file on him, so that we can all learn a little about him and any visitors to our house can read it too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We brought him out into the garden today and left him on the floor to roam around at his will. We didn’t expect him to move so fast, he’s like a little rocket! He was very lively outside, more so than what he is like inside his tank.

We haven’t quite decided on a name as yet, but thinking maybe Oscar, Leo or Gerry. What do you think?