Transporting to Legoland

Lego encourages creativity and imagination. It’s about building what you see in your mind and not following the instructions.



Legoland Windsor is an awe-inspiring place to visit. A place where everything is made from lego, a place that is in your dreams and where memories are made.

We made a lego transporter that can take you where ever you want to go at any time. The mini lego person is Joseph and he chose the lego transporter to take him to Legoland.

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We have been to Legoland twice, once as a family day out and once as a present for our Lego mad son, Joseph. It was magical to see the excited smile on our children’s face when they entered Legoland. Everything in their dreams had come true. Their favourite part of the day was learning to drive at the Lego City Driving School, they couldn’t believe that they had got their driving licence and even offered to drive us all home. We all enjoyed looking at the amazing lego scenery in Miniland, where models were made from lego bricks. My eldest favourite was seeing the football stadium in a miniature version

Legoland is a great family day out, a day of adventure and fun.


“When I’m sad I play with Lego and it transports me into a new world of happiness and creation. I  can be someone else, I can go to new places and I can create whatever I please. I can make new friends and I can create a whole new world with my imagination. Lego helps me be who I want to be. A day out in Legoland can only be describes as Awesome!”

By Joseph, 8 years old

This is our post to join the bloggers panel at Legoland. We would be totally overwhelmed if picked and promise to be honest and share all news with our followers.


Valentines crafts with Yellow Moon

With valentines just around the corner why not try crafting a little gift for your loved one? Express your love with something that is handmade.

Yellow Moon are the perfect place to look for themed craft sets and supplies. They are an online store that sell pretty much everything you will need to make that perfect gift for that someone special, wether it be your valentine, a parent or just a friend.

Heart Weaving Blanks – pack of 10 – £2.50

DSC_3443_optThe Heart size is 17cm wide, made from card and has pre-punched holes to weave thread through. The set does not come with any thread or pens.

We designed our heart then weaved our coloured thread through the holes. It was a fun activity, that doesn’t have to be just for valentines. It’s a great way to introduce children to weaving and they can weave however they please, making new patterns each time.

heart weave

Write a little message on the back for a different way of giving a card.

Heart Jigsaw Puzzles – Pack of 8 -£2.40


The Puzzle size 14cm x 11cm and is made from 1mm thick card. They are cute little hearts that can be a card that carries a message and a gift too. Design your heart and then place it in an envelope for your secret admirer to put together again.

heart colourWe coloured in each little puzzle piece and wrote a message on it after.

heart hands


heart picture

We also printed off a couple of our favourite pictures and using some glue stuck them onto the heart. We had to cut the pieces out again using a craft knife. I think they turned out pretty good.

Making cards and presents with a personal touch is so much better than buying something from the shops. I think it shows that you put time, thought and effort into something that is personal and made with a loving touch.

With Love Pet Cards – Pack of 8 – £1.99


These cute these cards can be for valentines and Mothers day

The 10cm cards come in 4 assorted pre printed designs – cat, dog, bunny and a mouse. Each pack comes with envelopes. Design your card with bright colours, stick on gems and much more. My youngest enjoyed this activity as he is just getting into colouring in and learning how to stay with in the black lines. It helps with his  fine motor control.

love card

These are lovely little cards for children to give to their friends and family.

When showing you love someone, why not have a little fun doing it!

Take a look at yellow Moon and see if you can find something to help you with your craft ideas.

Thank you for reading. I was provided with some activities to try and share with you as part of being a Yellow Moon Blogger.


A sick day or 100% attendance

Yesterday I received that phone call in work that all parents dread. The moment you hear the words “This is ******** school calling, we have ******** in the school office feeling unwell”!

As a working parent, that doesn’t have family at hand to help out when my children are sick, it means that I have to call in work for the day off to look after my child. And as an employer of a school, I always feel guilty having to have time off and not being there for the children in school. But my main priority is my own children at home. It doesn’t happen that often, maybe once or twice a year and I don’t normally have time off due to sickness. But i still feel like I should be there for my work colleagues and children.

Also, the first thing that comes to mind when your child is sick is that of attendance. Yes, it is drummed into our heads so much by schools that our children need to attend in order to receive those precious certificates that they give out for 100% attendance. I can understand on both parties, the school why it is important for children to attend school every day of the school year and why as a parent we keep them at home. I think that maybe if we, as parents could show a doctor’s note to the school then the child should still get a certificate. It really isn’t a child’s fault that they are ill. In fact they have probably caught a bug from one of those children in school that get 100% attendance.

After receiving the call I rushed over to my son’s school to pick him up. I was told over the phone that he was very sleepy and just not himself. As he walked out of the office, I looked at his face and saw that he did look at little peaky. I carried him home and he fell asleep in my arms. A clear sign of him not being very well. My son is normally a very loud, active child who doesn’t really sit still long enough to get comfortable. When we got home I placed him on the sofa and gave him some medicine, within minutes he was asleep.

I thought that maybe once he had a little rest and when he woke up he would be ok. But I was wrong. He woke with a temperature of 39c and crying in pain. It’s horrible when our little ones are ill. I just want to take his pain for him and hold him tight. His skin was burning up and his heart was beating fast, a clear sign of a fever. I stripped him down to his underwear and put a cold damp cloth onto his forehead. His temperature dropped a little and he was saying he was hungry. After eating only a few grapes, he was sick. I was so glad that i had thought that maybe he could vomit as i has got the bowl out ready. You know as a parent, as soon as our children say they are not well, you grab the bucket just incase.

We had quite an unsettled night as we both slept downstairs on the sofa, we’re lucky our sofa is as big as a single bed and just as comfy. Little one kept crying in the night and was really hot to touch. It was sitting next to a radiator. I kept giving him sips of water and calpol and lots of hugs and reassurance that Mummy was there with him.

He woke feeling hungry. Careful not to fill up his little empty belly too quickly, I gave him half a weetabix. He would normally eat 2. Clever Mummy. As he brought that straight up too.

Since this morning we have had no sickness, but he is drifting in and out sleep and his temperature seems to have dropped with the intake of the medicine.

It’s a sofa day for us 2, watching Netflix and snuggling under his duvet. We still have the sick bucket close by, just in case!

There is no possible way that he would have managed a day at school today. He can hardly move without falling over. He has no energy and just keeps sleeping. And if I had sent him in he would have just been sent home straight away with the school thinking that I am not a very caring Mummy. Also with the school rules of ‘Once your child is sick they need 24 hours away from school after the last vomiting session’ it means that he can not be in any way.

So now he faces the assembly where he has to watch other children being given certificates because they haven’t been sick and vomited and applaud them as he receives nothing.

Unfair. Silly. Discriminating.

Is it an achievement for not falling sick?

I do think that it is important to reward children who are determined in school, contribute to class activities and are making attainments in subjects. Surely there is another way?

What do you think?

Qualifying for the VLM Mini Marathon

Today was the day when lots of local children aged between 11 and 17 took over the local park, running through mud, puddles and shed tears of pain to compete for a place to represent the borough in the Virgin Money London Mini Marathon.

Jak is now 13 and has run in the mini marathon for the past two years. Each year he turns up to the park, along with other young eager runners and puts in his all so that he can qualify for a place in the team.

Registration starts at 9.30 in the morning and the race takes part at 11am.

The children all race together. They start in the running arena. They run three-quarters of the way round before exiting the track and entering the park. They run twice round the pond and then back into the long stretch of the track to the finish line.

Today, just like the past two years, it rained. It wasn’t great conditions for a run in the park but that didn’t stop those children from running their little bots off. I saw dedication. I saw tears of pain and delight as they neared the finish line. I saw the children of our future.

Jak was a little worried this year as more children turned up to the trials than last year, so he knew he had to try his best for that place.

Running isn’t his passion at the moment, it is swimming but he does like to run still and it helps with his fitness.

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The youngest and I watched and cheered all the children on with extra louder cheers for Jak of course. As we saw him pass us by after the first lap of the lake we made our way back into the stadium to wait for him to finish. The first Boy came into the track and we cheered him on, not long after he was followed by a few more children. Then there was a long empty gap, I was sure Jak would be coming through pretty soon. A couple of seconds went by and then we saw Jak heading on to the track. We was sure that he had made it through to the Marathon.

After all the children had finished, we all made our way into the building where we awaited the news of entrants. Did our children make it to the team?

They called out the under 13s girls first, then the boys. No Jak. We waited. Maybe he had a place in the under 15s. Still No Jak. Poor Jak, I could tell by his face that he was confused and upset. As all the children were called up to receive their letters of places, Jak was left standing without an envelope. Everyone started to leave but we was sure that Jak had won a place on the team. So we went over to the event organisers. They had Jak’s number down but the name was down wrong. He had come second in his category, he was now smiling.

He now has a training schedule to keep to. Training sessions once a week with his team down at the track, starting in 2 weeks time.

All children that race have the chance to raise money for the mayors charity, which this year is Sycamore Trust. A charity based in Barking and Dagenham which supports parents, carers and individuals affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders and/or Learning Difficulties.

I am proud of my boy for setting a goal and going for it :-)


What will the future hold….

As I sit down at the dining table, I hear my boys from upstairs, fighting, arguing, playing, shouting and just being plain noisy little terrors. And as I am about to open my mouth and shout up the stairs for them to calm down a bit and be a little quieter. I think how quickly life goes by. I don’t want to be known by my boys as the Mummy who shouted at us a lot. I want them to be boys. In fact. I don’t want them to grow up at all.

I know most of us parents look at our little babies and wish for them to stay tiny forever. My boys are growing up too fast and I just want life to slow down So I can take in every second of their lives. My boys are my babies, no matter their age.

My eldest no longer cuddles me and the ‘I Love you Mum’ is becoming less and less.

My boys drive me mad. I am forever pulling them apart and shouting at them. My days don’t go by without me having to tell them off, there are points in my day that I sit and cry. There are days when I think I just can’t go on anymore. There are days that I just want to walk away from the fighting and tantrums. But these are normal. No ones life as a parent runs smoothly.

And as hard as It is raising three hyper boys who are forever on the go. I look at them and I just don’t want to them to grow up.

I don’t want to let go of them. I don’t want them to leave me.

Oh, I wish for them to have a happy, successful life. Get married. Have children. Be in a their dream job. I just don’t want them to forget, little old me. The Mum who took them to clubs when they were younger. The Mum who played on the floor with them for hours, in their imaginary game. The Mum who sat up all night long watching them breath when they were ill. The Mum who watched them compete and perform with tears of pride in her eyes. The Mum who taught them right from wrong, taught them how to love and who was always there for them.

It’s the well-known quote “A son is a son till he takes a wife, a daughter’s a daughter fort he rest of her life” that scares me. I myself am closer to my Mum than my Dad, although I love my Dad. It’s my Mum whom I call every day and talk to when upset.

What will the future hold?

I just pray to my boys that I will not be one of those Mother in law from hell. I will become their partners friend as much as I am theirs.

I live my days for my boys and like many other parents my weekends are planned around them. My life changed when they came, for the best. I became who I am now. I am who I am because of my boys. I’m scared of what I will become without them around.

What will the future hold? No one knows! Please Boys, Don’t forget Mummy.




There are many of parents out there that would understand what I mean by 1…2…3…! No I’m not learning to read! No I’m not playing hide and seek with you! It’s the adult warning count for getting a child to do the right thing.

I’ve never really had to use the warning with my eldest two children but it’s used daily with my youngest, especially in the morning time. I just can’t get him to move. And he knows how to push the boundaries.

As I am a working Mum, I get the boys up an hour before we have to leave the house. This is enough time to have breakfast, have a wash and get dressed. My youngest is not a morning child, never has been. We have to leave the house at 7:50 in order to get to breakfast club before it closes, So I wake them up at 6:55. I know that this is early and it can be a struggle for anyone to be up that early. The youngest one I have to use extra encouragement, to get him out of bed. This normally consists of me carrying him downstairs on my back or me teasing him with the morning coffee breath (which can’t be nice for anyone to smell, lol). Once downstairs, I let him choose his breakfast, I then go and get his school clothes and when he is ready I get him dressed, A quick as possible as this helps with the struggles. Although, it isn’t normally the breakfast and getting dressed that is the problem . It’s the getting the shoes and coat on that he will just sit down and refuse point blankly in doing so. It’s at this point that I use the 1..2..3 usually along with something like ” I’m going to count to the number 3 and if you haven’t begun to make a move by the time I get to 3 then I will have to come and do it for you and Mummy will be sad” By the time I get to 2 he is beginning to make a change. He knows what the right choice is and he knows that he must do this in order to get a reward. I often tell him that if he makes the right choice then he can choose an activity to do after school.

I always praise his good times, if he is doing something well that he doesn’t normally do I like to tell him how proud I am of him and that I can see that he is growing into a big boy.

Too much negativity isn’t good! I also don’t like to tell him that he is being naughty.

So along with the 1..2..3 warning count I have printed off a reward system for him.


If he gets himself ready in the morning and doesn’t put up a struggle with me when it comes to getting his shoes and coat on then he will receive a sticker that he can wear and he can move his pirate along to the next number. When he reaches to the number 10 then he will get an extra reward, something that is his choice, something that he will want to work towards. This could be baking cupcakes, playing with play dough or a trip to the park.

DSC_3363_optWe have trialed the reward chart this weekend and it has worked so far! We haven’t had any tantrums, no throwing himself onto the floor, no hitting out at us and no screaming! He keeps talking about the chart and when he does something that is good he asks if he can move his pirate along the path. Although, I have noticed that he has miraculously jumped from 2 to 5, I think a certain little boy is moving himself along without being told to. Cheeky.

I found the chart by doing an online search for a downloadable reward chart and printed it off. This particular one is from supernanny. It always helps to make sure that the chart is of an interest to your child. Once printed, I laminated it and stuck it to the door in the kitchen. He also has a smaller version up in his bedroom, hoping that he will see it when he awakes and remind him of his reward.

Do you use behavioural management at home? What works for you?

Thank you for reading :-)